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  • 4% Yielding Electric Utilities: A Cash Flow Analysis For The Income Investor  [View article]
    Yes, NV_Gary, PPL spun off Talen Energy. The first day of public trading, I sold my shares in Talen. I invested the cash back into PPL.
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  • My Top Gas Utilities Stocks For 2016  [View article]
    STR was bought out today by Dominion Resources (D)...Time to look for a new possible takeover candidate. Thanks for the article Stan.
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  • Why Are Utility Black Hills Investors Seeing Red?  [View article]
    BKH announced a 3.7% dividend increase to .42 cents, payable on 03-01-16, with an X-div date of 02-11-16.. Solid div increase, but stock price a little rich.
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  • Hormel: Dividend Investors Beware  [View article]
    Recent acquisitions, Brian: If I remember correctly, Unilever sold Skippy after its recall for salmonella. Applegate Farms had been privately owned since its inception and the owner suffered a stroke. He wanted to sell it to a company with large scale but he would remain active within the Applegate division. That was the deal that was struck. Situational circumstances made it possible for Hormel to break into the growing organic food sector. In both purchases, there was the motivation for Hormel. Skippy has a major presence in China which Hormel was looking to expand their product line in. Situational circumstances again, at the right price brought Skippy under the Hormel umbrella.

    Making a small investment into Hormel at a lower pe ratio and re-investing the dividends will pay off big, long term! Long HRL since 1996.
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  • My 2016 Portfolio Business Plan  [View article]
    Yeah Steve, he probably does, but I threw it out there as the idea came to me and I just expressed myself.
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  • My 2016 Portfolio Business Plan  [View article]
    Bob, I have another idea...You said: <<<We have established for each Grandchild a college investment savings account. I hope to have talks with each as they grow older about the account and how it works to help support their future.>>>

    How about writing an outline for this conversation about the account and how it works to help support their future. That way, if something happens to you, your wife or children will be able to improvise or fulfill your ideas for the grandchild college investment savings account.
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  • My 2016 Portfolio Business Plan  [View article]
    Bob, I love your improved Wells Family Business Plan. I present a shareholder quandary for you to possibly incorporate into your plan: Medtronic Inc, which you own shares, buys Covidien plc, which is tax established in Ireland to take advantage of the lower tax rate. Medtronic does a tax inversion by establishing tax residence in Ireland. Medtronic plc tells the shareholders who hold their shares through the transfer agent, there are 3 choices: a) sell your shares to avoid tax implications b) pay $150 for 5 years to cover the taxes c) transfer your shares to stock broker account to avoid paying $150 fee. Please see the link: I am going with C...I have to download this 'Dividend Withholding Tax Form' bring it to my Scottrade broker to handle it. This way I can still capture the growth expected by Medtronic Plc and avoid the tax headaches.

    By covering this topic in your business plan you and/or family will have a better idea on how to handle a future unexpected tax inversion that Medtronic shareholders have to handle. The company just had their 1st qtr dividend which brought my shares to the next whole number with fractional shares in the teens. The whole shares will be transferred to Scottrade and the .198 fractional shares will be sold. I have owned Medtronic since 1999 and have reinvested the dividends back into the company stock.
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  • These Stocks Are Proven Over Time: 3M Co.  [View article]
    You are so welcome! The Board of Directors established Jan. 26, 2016, as the record date for stockholders who would be entitled to receive the split shares. One additional share of common stock will be issued to stockholders around Feb. 9, 2016, for each share of common stock they hold on the record date. Using the Jan 26th date, if you purchase shares of HRL, please remember to include 3 days for the trade to settle for you to be a shareholder by 26th of January! This way you can double your share count quickly. I realize it is a rich p/e, but in the long run of reinvesting dividends and growth in Asia and in healthy foods (think Applegate) this stock is a trusted champion!
    The name of the form at Scottrade to transfer shares to the transfer agent is called, 'Direct Registration System Request-Outgoing' I typed it directly from the form.
    Jan 16, 2016. 01:44 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Miracle Of Compounding: Are You Taking Advantage?  [View article]
    Thanks David for another fantastic clearly articulated article on the magic of compounding dividends! Thanks to this concept and stock splits, my small investment in Hormel Foods, HRL, is wroth over 10 times of my investment dollars! I am up a lot in JCI and RAI both of which was aided by the gift of stock splits and re-invested dividends back into the company! Long HRL 20 years, JCI 19 years, and RAI 20 years.
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  • The Miracle Of Compounding: Are You Taking Advantage?  [View article]
    Go Blue, in one of my trips I went to Dearborn, Michigan. The Henry Ford Museum is rated one of the best museums in the world. I loved my time inside its walls! All those beautiful cars, bicycles, etc!
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  • The Miracle Of Compounding: Are You Taking Advantage?  [View article]
    RicJensen, sounds like you owned JNJ shares while CEO William Weldon was in charge, who was the successor to Mr Larsen. Here is some Wikipedia info on him here, In my opinion JNJ is a golden hold forever stock. I used those 'stuck in $60's years' to buy more shares at suppressed prices. During those years I attended shareholder meetings every year. Present Chairman & CEO Alex Gorsky is a former Army Ranger who I thought would put a positive tweak into the company, which he has! I believe he will be at the helm for a long time, so if the shares do come back down into your buy zone, I recommend buying and re-investing dividends to build your own 8th wonder! Long JNJ and re-investing dividends since 1996!
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  • These Stocks Are Proven Over Time: 3M Co.  [View article]
    Yes aida2003, it was 'The Money Paper' with Vita Nelson-here is the link, That is exactly how I got started back in 1996 and was so lucky to buy Hormel! This is how to buy one share and transfer it to the transfer agent, Wells Fargo: Buy 1 or more shares of stock from a discount stock broker of your choice, I use Scottrade. Ask the agent for a form to transfer out your shares to the transfer agent. You complete the form. Either drop it off, or fax it in to the stock broker agent. After 3 business days your shares of Hormel are transferred to Wells Fargo. There are no fees aida2003, other than the $7.00 fee to buy the share or shares. No fees to transfer the stock. I have dripped Hormel all these years and the compounding of shares is unbelievable to me! After you transfer your shares to Wells Fargo, you can buy more shares either online through Wells Fargo shareowner services or mail in coupon and your check. I prefer to do it online now. Any troubles, shoot me a PM
    Jan 14, 2016. 01:44 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • DGI For The DYI: 2015 Recap  [View article]
    Surinder, I do not have any information on FLO. I really like the old traditional investment values that I have come to know in HRL... My actual investment dollars is so small but it is worth so much due to small investments in the early years, compounding effect by reinvesting the dividend and its 3rd upcoming 2 for 1 stock split.
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  • DGI For The DYI: 2015 Recap  [View article]
    I see you own Flowers Foods. How is that working for you? Is there a personal attachment there? If I suggested swapping FLO for HRL to really put a turbo charge into your consumer staples category would you do it, say after its next 2 for 1 stock split in Feb 2016?
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  • DGI For The DYI: 2015 Recap  [View article]
    Thanks Eric for your 2015 portfolio review. When will you be investing for the month of Jan? How do you like the downturn in oil stocks now? You could always combine Jan purchase with Feb to make one large investment...I only own a few shares of OXY, taking a bath in COP, still above water with XOM.
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