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Founder and partner at MFIE Capital, an independent organization providing investing methodologies and screener tools for investors around the world. Our mission is to make investing fun and rewarding, and encourage people to take an active approach to investing their hard-earned cash. We provide software and support to help investors achieve market beating returns. Find our screeners on and our portfolio management software on
  • Description: Independent financial planner/advisor. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: Bonds, Stocks - long, Stocks - short
MFIE Capital ValueScreeners provides the best value investing stock screeners to find undervalued stocks. It comes with many screeners based on contrarian quantitative investing strategies such as Piotroski's F-Score, O'Shaughnessy 's Tiny Titans, ERP5 and Dividend Yield and others. It screens all major markets in Europe, ...More
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Quantitative Value Investing In Europe: What Works for Achieving Alpha In comparison with the USA there have been relatively few studies conducted on what works in investing in the European stock markets. In this paper, Phillip and Tim present the outcome of a study into quantitative value investing models in Europe. They studied the performance of different single and multiple ...More