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  • rongsc
    See you later Sun, taking profit on $SUNE, $RGSE, $SPWR, HOLD on $FSLR and $SLTD. Watching market and do homework
    Jan 14, 10:16 AM
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    • rongsc: Thank you $SPWR $13.00+ to $31.25 in < 1 year. Shedding 75% holding.
      Jan 14, 10:18 AM
    • Dakota4x4: Nice gains on $SPWR.....maybe I should have held on to all my $RGSE, still trending up. Solar is so volatile. Good luck rongsc :)
      Jan 15, 8:49 AM
    • rongsc: what i have learned from 2013 Q1, take adv of the run up before ER.
      Jan 15, 9:58 AM
    • rongsc: 2014 may be the year of small solar companies. everyone is looking for a good turn around story. look out for RSOL and SUNE
      Jan 15, 9:59 AM
    • Dakota4x4: What is your target price for $FSLR? Looks interesting. Thanks.
      Jan 15, 12:51 PM
    • rongsc: depends on the term. Short term wise, it needs to break thru 52. then 54. For the year? I am hoping a steady slow $60.
      Jan 15, 1:36 PM
    • rongsc: Investors are not liking the lack of utility projects rolling in2015. FSLR has the habit of including projects into ER/guidance early.
      Jan 15, 1:37 PM
    • Dakota4x4: It hit $52 today! I'm looking short term. Thanks for the reply :)
      Jan 15, 11:39 PM
    • rongsc: $FSLR has been fighting $52 floor for a quite a few trading days now... with no short term catalyst in sight, i would be careful.
      Jan 16, 10:08 AM