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  • Gold, silver, copper? Catalyst Copper?
    I took a day off (~ Wednesday, February 23, 2011), a great day, I think. Why?

    A) I've bought some gold, physical, of course! Please do not laugh too loud about me that I've been sleeping so many years and started buying at record high prices around $1,400 per ounce. Better late than never, you know? Well, I've been buying SILVER before :-). BTW, I don't consider silver cheap anymore, so have turned my attention to gold, my guts feelings told me to do so, u see? It's as simple as that! Folks, yesterday, by an accident I've saw the chart of the gold/silver ratio somewhere in the internet and I couldn't believe my eyes and I'm sure you can't imagine either ... but gold is currently at the cheapest level since 1998 compared to silver, not to paper, of course. Is it really true that I've had that much luck with my timing? OMG!

    (source: executive bulletin via

    B) I've decided 2 crash JP Morgan Chase! That's are probably the most ugly silver market riggers on planet earth, so why not teach them a lesson? Just kidding, you know I don't believe in all that 'evil' manipulation stuff, don't you? Of course, there is a lot of manipulation in the 'paper' world of bonds + currencies and some manipulation also in other financial markets like gold / silver / equities / commodities, but that's the way the markets work for years, so lets accept that, my dear ;o). Anyway, I've bought 1 oz physical silver coin in order to support folks who are trying to crash the silver short sellers like JPM + HSBC via buying physical silver and/or choosing delivery on their March silver futures instead of cash settlements => go silver go!


    C) Copper? Catalyst Copper! Next investor lunch event in the nice Käfer's restaurant today. What about few impressions? Here we go:

    • junior explorer company with a promising copper project in central Mexico
    • NI 43-101 compliant independent resource estimate already existent, low grades 0.5% Cu => open pit mine planned, very good infrastructure (roads, railroad, nearby port, power + water supply), good relationship to local government + local communities
    • partnership with Teck Cominco which allows Teck to get 60% of the project
    • nice presentation by the CEO John W. Greenslade who in his matter of fact manner not only presented Catalyst, but also told a lot about copper, Mexico, doing business with Chinese / Koreans / Mexicans, drug wars in northern Mexico, mining business in high-grade Cu regions like Congo + Zambia, ...
    • copper, copper, copper + some gold, silver & molybdenum as by-products
    • same procedure as always with Euroscandic's picks: I'm already invested since few weeks because I try to avoid the road show effect + applied for Catalyst's newsletter + going to follow the developments + decide later if I will increase my 'pilot buy' position in the future => this investment stuff is so easy!
    • down 10% today => why?
    • any risks? Well, there will be some financing needed (dilution of existing share/ownership structure) in order to cover the expenses to bring the mine into production and maybe also some difficulties down the road .... and yes, the start of the production + cash flow is not going to happen before 2013. BTW, who knows the price of copper by 2013?
    • ...
    D) Of course, I've talked also to my investor buddies => #jarobuys:
    • South Boulder ~ potash in Eritrea ~ much to expensive I think and probably even more promotion + potash boom driven instead of company's fundamental development (~ e.g. the recent take-over wave in Saskatchewan ~ Potash Corp. + Potash One + BHP Billiton + K+S). Me, stupid idiot, why didn't I buy few shares in November when I've read the company's presentation sheet in the catalogue of precious metals + mining fair? At that time was the price approximately AUD 0.75 ... The price today i.e. only two and half months later? AUD 4.80 ...
    • Allana Potash ~ potash in Ethiopia ~ the same story as above ~ much to expensive thus bought only a very small position ~ well, at least I could enhance my food division 
    • Belvedere Resources ~ nickel in Finland ~ increased my existing line
    E) Well, I just came home after a long walk through Munich's parks along the Isar river and bought rice + natural gas via my trading account. Rice is down a lot, but at least gas didn't collapse 2day. Go commodities go!

    Good luck, my lovely new investments, good luck! 

    Disclaimer: I'm currently long gold, silver, Catalyst Copper, Allana Potash, South Boulder, rice, natural gas, Belvedere Resources, K+S, BHP Billiton.
    Feb 27 5:05 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Siemens? Green sustainability => Green profitability!
    Next year is over, my AGM season just started last Tuesday again ;o)

    Employees' children's competition ~ life in the future.


    There's everything fine at Siemens, you know? The best $$ year ever in their 160 years history (€ 4.1 billion net profit), dividend increased by +70% which represents 40% pay-off 4 the owners and is going to be between 30-50% from net profits in the years ahead, €28 billion sales in green technologies which is 1/3 of all sales and is going to be €40 billion soon, profitable growth in all company's divisions, even the number of employees increased (more than 400,000 world wide) and the food was fine as well ;-)


    Great speech by the Austrian CEO Peter Löscher, green, green, greener, current ecological footprint of homo sapiens is 1.3 which means we use 30% more natural resources as our poor planet earth re-produces in a year which is sad ;-(. I had the impression that for Siemens is the ecology more important than the growth & economy which is fine because we have only this one planet, so should not destroy it, you see? Of course is Siemens going to provide technologies for resources-saving solutions esp. for mega cities (water, electric power, light, transportation, medicals, facility management, etc). What do you mean, should I tell them that nuclear power plants aren't sustainable next year?

    Electric car by Siemens.


    Want you see few more pictures? Well, please move to picasa.


    BTW, you still remember the last year's event?

    Disclaimer: I'm currently long Siemens. 

    Jan 30 5:52 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Northland Resources? Iron ore!

    There was the next investor lunch event @ Käfer's in Munich last week. Well, almost my whole family used to work at steel factory in Kosice / Eastern Slovakia (me as well for few weeks as student 20+ years ago! I was the 'never sleeps' hot iron measurer behind the railway scale in overnight shifts in my fathers smelting furnace department ~ its right after the fresh iron comes out of the oven => hot like hell!), thus iron ore, iron + steel often have been discussed at family table. Although the factory is owned by U.S. Steel now and only my younger brother still works there, my interest for steel business is still alive, you know? Of course, I've welcomed the chance to attend the presentation (don't worry if you haven't been there, the chairman Anders Hvide repeats the most important issues in the short video @ Northland's website (news from January 26, 2011). Well, I'm too tired now and a little bit sick on top, so lets just notice few issues before ill forget them forever :-):

    • iron ore exploration in Sweden + Finland
    • high quality + high content iron ore (69% Fe) => high premium above average iron ore price expected
    • start of production of the Swedish mine in 2013, mine life 19 years, capex repaid in 4-5 years (or sooner?)
    • shipping planned via port Narvik/Norway to Europe & China
    • well financed up to start of production => no additional financing and/or share dilution needed
    • same investment procedure as always: lets buy few shares + apply for company's newsletter + follow the developments + decide later whether to increase the initial investment or not. BTW, my pilot buy few weeks ago at invitation in order to avoid the road show premium is still slightly positive despite the so weak general market for resource companies, that's a good sign, isn't it?
    • I've bought also few shares of Carpathian gold. Why? These Euroscandic / Fortuna Capital guys who present all that resource companies in Munich believe its a fair priced opportunity, so lets give it a try as well :-). Well, there is not a single loser in my portfolio out of their recommendations i think and there are already approximately10-15 'Euroscandic' companies out there! It is fine if you have someone who pre-selects the really promising companies for you, you see? BTW, what's the story behind Carpathian gold? Very simple! Mr. Market prices only their Brazilian operations, their huge Rumanian property isn't regarded at all! What if the political/environmental/etc. issues work out well for Carpathian in Romania? That will be a many-bagger then, isn't it? Carpathian gold for Carpathian German like me? That sounds great, my dear!

    Any risks out there? Yes, of course, every explorer company is somehow risky. Let's mention just the IMHO most important one: the price of iron ore from 2013 on :-)

    How does my iron ore division look like now?

    • Vale
    • Rio Tinto
    • Bhp Billiton
    • Cardero Resources
    • Alderon Resources
    • Cuervo Resources
    • Sherwin Iron
    • Matsa Resources
    • Globex Mining
    • Xstrata
    • Talon Metals
    • Northland Resources ~ welcome on board, my dear iron play!

    Go iron go!

    Disclaimer: I'm currently long all mining companies mentioned in this Instablog.

    Jan 30 5:25 PM | Link | Comment!
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