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  • 3D Systems May Be Bottoming  [View article]

    Did you read the SA transcript of the investor and analyst transcript published on May 19, 2015? You may want to as my read of it was that there was a lot of very positive news so your thesis of a bottom may be very true.
    May 21, 2015. 02:40 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Value In ExOne Ahead Of 2014 Earnings  [View article]
    Great article. Really nice to see some positive commentary about Xone. The interesting proposition with Xone is their ability to eliminate foundries from the production equation. That proposition combined with their new large-build, production printer positions them for explosive growth. The next 12-18 months should tell the tale. We will get a bit more on the concall.
    Mar 12, 2015. 05:31 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 3D Systems: Equity Analysts Have Not Learned The Lessons Of 2014  [View article]
    Bunk - pure bunk. HP will be lucky to have one type of printer. Do you know which type? Probably not. Do you know whether it will compete with any of the different types of printers that DDD or SSYS sells? Probably not. Did you ask any prospective purchasers of printers whether they were holding off buying a printer until HP releases theirs. Probably not. Did you know that DDD's problems in metal printing were keeping up with demand and that once they are able to that 30% organic growth could happen? Probably not. Ditto - medical which had triple digit growth. Probably not. So how short are you?

    Life is short...go do something productive with yours.
    Mar 10, 2015. 08:22 PM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 3D Systems: It's Now Or Never  [View article]
    Thanks for your article. In large part I agree with your assessment. There is one point you and so many analysts keep making about the impact of HP in this sector. Yes they have deep pockets and yes they could probably buy all of the 3d printing companies if they want to but they haven't so far and they only make one type of 3d printer when there are probably more than a dozen from fuse deposition, laser sintering, EBM - the list goes on. So they have one printer and it might take small slice of the market from DDD and SSYS, but certainly the sky won't be falling anytime soon. Moreover, they have no expertise in materials and have zero support network and certainly couldn't use their copier or pc people. If I were Boeing or Ford I would be hard-pressed to consider HP as alternative in light of their long term stellar relationships with so many of the 3d printing companies. If HP is a threat it is a very distant one. Could they throw money at it and close the gap - probably but as I understand it they are bleeding from other misadventures. Could they close the gap technically on their own - doubtful and would likely face a patent minefield. Sure wish the authors and the analysts would come to grips with this and stop asserting that HP's entry into the market is the end of 3d printing. If anything it validates the viability of 3d printing.
    Feb 24, 2015. 12:49 AM | 25 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 3D Systems lawsuit dismissed; chairman buys more shares  [View news story]
    With 30 years as an in-counsel, the issue is not whether it was dismissed, but whether it was dismissed as a result of a settlement and, more importantly, if there was a settlement what were the terms e.g., did Formlabs buy a license from DDD in return for the dismissal - wonder how much they paid?. And, of course, if there was a settlement the suit would be dismissed with prejudice as the use of the term prejudice essentially means it can not be re-filed in another court which is what Formlabs would have insisted upon in the settlement. And to be fair, the suit could have been dismissed by the court because the court found that DDD did not make a sufficient case for infringement. No one (other than the parties) knows how this went down so reading anything into the dismissal without the facts is reckless at best (which as we know is a kind description for most analysts). What we do know for a fact is that DDD's chairman is buying their stock and while there are a lot of reasons why insiders sell, there is only one reason that they buy.
    Dec 2, 2014. 10:43 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • ExOne Is Set To Grow  [View article]
    Absolute garbage. Poorly researched. Missed all their strengths. Go off and learn how to read a 10K. Then maybe listen to their end of Q call. You just might learn something. Can't believe SA publishes this garbage. No wonder Yahoo Finance won't have anything to do with them. Me too.
    Sep 11, 2014. 01:27 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why I Will Start Social Security At Age 62  [View article]
    Hi Robert:

    I have a regular IRA and have seen the comments mentioning moving small amounts over time to a Roth IRA. Do you have any info or links that explain how to do this?

    Thanks for the great article. I'm taking it at 62. Too many die early. I'd love to know the stats on age taken and how much collected. I think we would all be shocked.

    Aug 28, 2014. 04:18 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 3D Systems: 3-D Printing And Graphene, The Next Big Thing?  [View article]
    "New materials could put pressure on profitability" Are you nuts? When someone 3D prints electronic circuitry with Graphene their sales will boom. How you can say that these new material will put pressure on profitability is absurd. Go find something else to do with your time.
    Jul 23, 2014. 05:57 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 3D Systems: Another Miss Or Warning Could Be Lethal  [View article]
    Andreas...you are a punctured zeppelin
    Apr 25, 2014. 06:52 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 3D Systems: Another Miss Or Warning Could Be Lethal  [View article]
    Bravo...I hope everyone has had a look at the Motley Fool post regarding the US lagging in investment in 3D printing. If this isn't the next industrial revolution then why are governments and universities around the world investing hundreds of millions of dollars in it? This year and next year are years of traction. Every 3D printing company is sacrificing EPS for R&D investment to capture as many verticals as possible. R&D investment and the decisions and wisdom behind it don't bear fruit in one quarter but over years. I am long in 3D - proudly too so Andreas...as we say in Oz...get stuffed
    Apr 25, 2014. 06:49 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What Seeking Alpha Is Doing To Prevent Paid Stock Promotion  [View article]
    Couldn't agree more sirrealone. I hope DOJ and the SEC are watching what is happening in this space as any SA author found to be on the take from a hedge fund that bashes a stock to manipulate the price ought to be prosecuted for fraud and stock manipulation. SA management should call in the DOJ and SEC when they find this kind of conduct. Otherwise, they too will be guilty of conspiracy to defraud. When the false article is published the damage is done. Taking it down, commenting on it or disputing it is futile. Eli et al need to refer the authors for prosecution.
    Mar 30, 2014. 10:54 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What Seeking Alpha Is Doing To Prevent Paid Stock Promotion  [View article]
    Ecapo...I couldn't agree more. The 3D sector has had 4 months of SA- initiated bashing of DDD, SSYS, XONE, ONVO, VJET and AMAVF on almost a daily basis. ELI....if you are listening you should have a good look at the SA authors who have written about these companies for the past 3 months as the DOJ and the SEC might also be having a look for stock manipulation and fraud...They probably will be as the sector is down 40% in 3 months. Lets hope you don't have any SA authors and editors involved as the word conspiracy does come to my legal mind.

    And Eli...if you are still listening...if I were you and found out that one of your authors is on the take from a hedge fund or anyone else I'd be turning them over to the DOJ and SEC for prosecution right after I banned them from SA.

    And if the CEOs or GCs of any of these companies are listening....I'd be filing suit for fraud, misrepresentation and defamation against any SA author that has attempted to manipulate a stock....I am sure Eli will provide full contact information.
    Mar 30, 2014. 12:02 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 3D Systems: 4-D Printing A Threat To Long-Term Margins?  [View article]
    This is the dumbest article I've read. How can this loon possibly extrapolate that the cost of 4D materials will drive down margins - absolutely nuts.
    Feb 27, 2014. 05:12 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 3D Systems: At A Short-Term Crossroad  [View article]
    I think all of the analysts and commentators are missing a very important factoid - namely that ALL of the 3D pure play companies are sacrificing revenue and EPS to invest in R&D and to expand their marketing and channels penetration. The question that NONE of these analysts and commentators are asking or evaluating is whether this growth strategy will work and if it does - when. 2014 is the year of traction and the question is who will get it and who wont. My guess is all will, with some more than others but the point to be made is no one has a crystal ball and only a fool would bet against 3D printing.

    A number of analysts of recently said that 3D printing is at its inflection point. Others have tried to characterize the growth curve as in the "hype" phase while too many others have bemoaned their stratospheric valuations. They are all missing the point. The point is quite simply, that no one has determined or can determine the addressable size of the 3D market. There is not a day that goes by that a new vertical is reported to have found a new way to use 3D printing. The keystone for the growth of 3D printing can be found in the verticals and who captures them.

    The following analogy might be helpful. Imagine a river and a flood plain along its banks with steep canyon walls on either side. Now imagine it in cross section. For the past 20 years the river has been rising - the growth of 3D printing. The river - 3D printing has reached its inflection point - flood stage and is now overflowing its banks onto the flood plane and its growth - read height has stopped (read investment in R&D and sales) as the water flows outward across the flood plane which is covered in trees - each tree is a vertical market.

    Every pure play 3D company is trying to cover as much of the flood plane as quickly as possible and latch on to as many trees - verticals as it can. Once the flood expands to the canyon walls on either side of the river the river will rise again.

    So lets see, if the brilliant analysts and commentators can 1) identify all the verticals to be had, 2) which of the 3d pure plays will climb the most trees, 3) which will be the most profitable trees to climb, and 4) what the metrics should be to measure these things. On this last point, it is my view current metrics are of little use when the rate of mass adoption is exponential and the addressable market is infinite.

    So to those analysts and commentators and, of course the shorts I can say that you are all witnessing the next industrial revolution. Do it wisely because all of us retail investors are watching you closely and will have little time for those of you with your heads in the sand (read applying old metrics) or those that are screaming from the roof tops that the sky is falling (overvalued). The longs will profitably smile as this next industrial revolution unfolds.
    Feb 24, 2014. 05:24 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Today's Market: Is The 3D Printing Bull Market Dead?  [View article]
    There is a lot of the sky is falling commentary resulting from Xone's missed sales and Stratasys's decision to spend more heavily on R&D and marketing. In the case of Xone it is all about revenue recognition - they can't recognize the revenue until the printers are accepted by the customer. Here, the customers did not complete acceptance testing by the end of the Q and those sales will, presumably occur in Q1. The folks at Xone need to make contractual provisions for this situation with things like 30 day deemed acceptance provisions or tie pricing discounts to acceptance within the Q. All this @##$ about over priced and bubbles is absurd. The company raised $90M via the IPO and is executing their growth strategy. Maybe the analysts should zero in on the CEO's statement that they haven't lost a single order or the revenue recognition rules of the AICPA instead of just looking at numbers and formulas.
    Jan 15, 2014. 04:33 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment