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  • Netflix, AT&T And The Net Neutrality Scam [View article]
    Since I own shares in Comcast I should be happy with their monopoly. My goodness, did I use the monopoly word! Fortunately for Comcast the Democrats control the FCC and Comcast and NBC have been quite kind to their liberal agenda. What no one is addressing is the overall screwing the average person faces as these Mega companies begin to control everything from what you view and even for what you pay when you attend sporting events. Eventually the cost of media, and being a sports fan, will become too prohibitive and people will begin to drop out. When that happens let's hope the public libraries are still open so we can get our entertainment for free.
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  • The Wal-Mart Economy [View article]
    $15/hr to a Walmart employee! Please! Who are you kidding? Then everyone else should demand more so the person at $22/hr should go to $30/hr, etc. The only fair thing to do, right? Meanwhile, with interest rates pegged artificially low because of the Fed, the Inflation caused by rapidly rising salaries, something you avoid in your argument, would kill the US economy because of its 17.2T debt, unless they continue to control interest rates. As a country we spend too much or tax too little. That argument should be changed to spend moderately and tax moderately.

    Your argument regarding stock buybacks is a two way issue, much like the "chicken versus egg" argument. Company sits with a ton of money in a climate that is not good for expansion, aka Obama's policies. Their fiduciary responsibility to their stockholders is to maximize return on investment, not go off on some social experiment. The only an investor can make money safely in today's market is via dividends and buybacks so I am all in favor of a company buying back stock to raise my dividend.

    Unless there is an overall change in the political attitudes in this country, we are doomed to a growth rates of 1-2% and a form of deflation. Basic needs will be provided by the government and most of the people will live one step above poverty with a shrinking upper class unable or unwilling to provide the necessary money to fund the structure.
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  • Retirement Strategy: When Should We Sell Stocks From Our Portfolio? [View article]
    Great advice. Many years ago my dad suggested a similar strategy - 1) Buy good companies that pays dividends and keep it as long as they stays good paying dividends, and (2) Don't sell unless you really need the money. I have followed it for over thirty years. My current portfolio, which has grown dramatically thanks to investors driving up the price of a share to get high dividends, returns 3.5% which I reinvest since I do not need the money. It was quite pleasing to see dad's advice repeated in your article. Thank you for sharing your simple two rule plan.
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  • The Guardian of London has posted a copy of a "top secret" court order instructing Verizon (VZ) to provide the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) with records of all calls made within the U.S. or originating in the U.S., through July 19, 2013. The accompanying article says the order went into effect on April 25 affecting millions of Verizon customers. In the exclusive article, the Guardian says that it is likely, though unknown, that other U.S. carriers are also affected. [View news story]
    Verizon controls most land lines going into DC. Seems like they are trying to shut down leaks, especially IRS stuff, Benghazi or the next great potential leak so the media will back down. This is not related to terrorism, heck, Obama says we won the war on terror. They just want to know which government workers are talking to which reporters. Russia identified the last major terrorist for us and the brain thrust did nothing about him. There was no need to do the entire east coast unless you want to control your own government workers in DC.
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