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  • CF To 2017: Why PVCT Can Afford To Complete Phase III Trials Without Further Dilution.  [View instapost]

    PVCT's recent public offering is a surprise to me and is going to result in about 20% dilution inclusive of warrants. What is your take? They seemed to suggest in their last conference call no additional new offerings would be needed for awhile. Makes me think the release of their upcoming (July 3) PHASE 1 on liver cancer may not look very impressive and/or their partnership deals in Asia are not working out. Just speculating, but long and not happy.
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  • Comments On Data Presented By Northwest Biotherapeutics On DCVax Direct At ASCO  [View instapost]
    Excellent presentation and read! Thank you, Smith.
    Jun 8, 2015. 11:16 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Exclusive Interview With Tonix Pharmaceuticals CEO And CFO  [View instapost]
    Joe, I hold about 2500 shares with ETrade & more in Fidelity. I have not noticed any changes. Did ETrade prevent you from selling? Very nice update and video on TNXP. Thanks.
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  • Accelerate Diagnostics - A Misleading Story Ripe For Decline  [View article]
    NIH article says “awarded a five year, $5 million grant …. to develop a fast and reliable test to detect common bacteria directly from blood”. This suggests NIH is giving ADXD 5 years to develop a reliable non-blood culture test. From a quick look at ADXD's web site, I did not find any clinical or other data supporting they already have developed a reliable non-blood culture test. If they have, I would appreciate a reference. TTOO, a potentially lethal competitor, already has FDA approval for a quick and reliable non-blood culture test for sepsis and is working to apply their technology to other infections.
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  • Inovio Is Firing On Nearly All Cylinders  [View article]
    J Russ, nice summary article of INO and its products. I found it helpful. SCLP, thanks for bringing up the fact that Genexine is a competing synthetic DNA vaccine company using electroporation that may have a superior product. Genexine's 78% complete response in its Phase 1 (n=9) for HPV-associated cervical pre-cancers is outstanding! INO's Phase 2 (n = 143) for HPV-associated cervical pre-cancers was 40%.. Due to the small number of patients and lack of a placebo group for Genexine's Phase 1, its 78% complete response, however, should likely be considered more anecdotal data (not statistically significant) at this point. Hope they do as well in Phase 2, but many companies that do well in Phase 1 (e.g. IMUC), do not perform as well in Phase 2. That said, I need to keep an eye out on Genexine and may lighten up on my INO's holdings.
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  • T2 Biosystems' Lyme Disease Deal With Canon Is Bullish For Both Companies  [View article]
    Nice article! It helps me understand better the potential of their Lyme disease collaboration. A few months ago you mentioned liking WGBS. Any technology overlaps or potential competition between WGBS's next generation sequencing (NGS) of DNA/RNA on the single-cell level and TTOO's detection technology for individual bacteria and viruses? I suspect not, but am not studied enough to say and both appear involved in quick diagnostics at the cellular level. Thanks.
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  • The Provectus PV-10 Dilemma  [View article]
    What you say generally in your 2 preceding comments about OS for melanoma, liver, etc. sound reasonable to me, but is just speculation without hard data. It could be true, but might not. Hopefully, their Ph 3 for melanoma and Ph 2 for liver will support your theory. It is puzzling to me, however, why PVCT has not released updated survival data on their Ph 2 for melanoma and Ph 1 for liver. One would think that if it was positive that they would. I contacted their PR person today and got back a reference ( to some recent releases that I have not yet thoroughly read, but which do not appear initially to help in the OS issue. I think most readers agree that PVCT should be viewed as a risky and speculative stock and not a sure thing.
    Jan 23, 2015. 12:23 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Provectus PV-10 Dilemma  [View article]
    I am long PVCT, but agree OS (overall survival) and PFS (progressive free survival) are extremely important. It seems odd PVCT has apparently not provided better information on these elements. Eastport, you say the OS (52-week collection period) in Phase 2 was astounding at about 90% for Stage 3 & 40% for Stage 4. Do you have a source to confirm this? American Cancer Society's web site ( shows from date of diagnosis about a 24% to 68% observed survival rate of 10 years for stage 3 and a 10%-15% survival rate of 10 years for stage 4. PVCT's patients at their start of treatment with PV-10 had been diagnosed with the disease about 3.5 years (median). This ACS data is not directly comparable to PVCT PH 2 data, but is the best I have. To me, it is unclear how good PVCT''s Ph 2 survival data is. Are there any studies that indicates if “complete response” is a good predictor for “overall survival”?
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  • Adamis Pharmaceuticals: A Specialty Pharma Ready For The Next Level  [View article]
    Thanks for the update and well written article. Nice to hear about Castor's comments and enthusiasm. Did he mention anything about the pricing of the recent public offering? If the EPI pre-filled syringes are significantly cheaper than the auto-injectors, we will likely buy them. We keep an auto-injector around for security, but never, thankfully, have had to use one. They are expensive and expire after about a year. Hoping it is a good year for ADMP.
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  • The Emergence Of PV-10, And Provectus Biopharmaceuticals  [View article]
    Dominic, nice to see your thoughts about PVCT published in Seeking Alpha. I have found your blog and that of Trust Intelligence very informative and helpful. No one knows if PV 10 will be successful, but there is reasonable data suggesting it might. This year could be big for the company. The absolute disbelievers here trashing PVCT remind me of people who adamantly claim there is little credible evidence for significant man-made climate change. Yeah, it's too bad it's hard to find any research scientists who agree with them. Long presently on PVCT . My best to you and any company that can help defeat cancer.
    Jan 21, 2015. 09:03 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Athersys Could Benefit Immensely From Japan Reimbursement On Stroke  [View article]
    There was suppose to be a more detailed assessment of the Ph 2, UC trial, 16-week data made by Pfizer and ATHX after the initial release of the 8-wk data in April 2014. I have not seen any mentioned of it since April. Has anyone else heard anything? I believe 25% of patients were going to get a second dose at 8 weeks and get re-evaluated at 16 weeks. It would not change the failed results of the PH 2 trial as its official end point was at 8 weeks, but it could provide some additional insight. It seems strange to me it has not been released (?) and I have heard no one inquiring about it.
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  • Methanex: Pullback Creates Attractive Entry Point  [View article]
    I am long MEOH and appreciate the update. Great analysis. Oil and energy have really been hit hard lately. Do you think oil prices are likely to bounce back in 2015? We are pretty near your floor of $65-$80 estimated in your "What happened to Peak Oil" article. Thanks, Sam
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  • T2 Biosystems: Soon To Be The New Leader In Candida Related Sepsis Diagnosis  [View article]
    Nicely written article. Appreciate the update. TTOO should be a winner over the next year. Thanks, Sam
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  • NeoStem's NBS10 And Data That Matters To Regulators  [View article]
    Steven, Great article! Like your others, well written and excellently researched. I hold moderate long positions in NBS and CYTX. They have recently not been great holds. I have a couple of questions.

    1) CYTX is also doing a Ph 2 for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) using stem cells. Their method seems to me likely to be simpler, cheaper, and faster as they extract stem cells from a person's fat that is processed within hours on equipment they plan to sell to medical practitioners. Though not quite as far along in their Ph 2, could they not be serious competition to NBS in AMI?

    2) Baxter is doing a PH 3 in AMI using stems cells similar to and provided by NBS and will reportedly use NBS as their provider if commercialization occurs. Is there, however, any agreement that would prevent Baxter from taking over and doing their own manufacturing or using another manufacturer than NBS if they so desired? I would not think it unusual for a large company to initially sub out the manufacturing in the experimental stage, but decide to do it themselves or do some competitive shopping/bargaining once it is proven and needs to be performed on a large scale. NBS obviously has special and technological advantages, but it would probably not be insurmountable for others to compete.

    Best regards.
    Nov 21, 2014. 09:58 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Teva To Price Alexza's New Drug Adasuve At $145 Per Dose In The U.S.  [View article]
    ATL, P Man & others,

    Any thoughts on its current valuation and future price action. Sales have been somewhat slower than I expected. 39,257 units were shipped in 3rd qtr. Pricing them at say $140/unit equals $5.5 million in potential sale value. As of of 3rd qtr they have about $35 million cash and are burning $10+ million/qtr. In conference call, company said would likely have to raise additional funds at least by 4th qtr of 2015. Their sharp price drop this last six months has surprised me. I think company still has very good potential, but if they have to do a substantial equity raise next year at a price/sh less than $2-$3/sh, I should probably just sell and take my losses.
    Nov 5, 2014. 09:11 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment