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Quietly managing wealth. Our firm has been providing independent advise for more than 28 years. The transition for baby boomers from wealth accumulation to wealth retention and income generation is the next wave to overwhelm the markets. Debt and equity assets that provide a significant degree of income with safety and a modicum of risk will dominate the investment classes for the next two decades.

Bonds of interest include: BP, CS, RBS, Credit Suisse.

Stocks with no/low debt to equity: WWVY, MSB, GAIN, GBDC, SLRC, , etc. At any one time there are several dozen firms with strong moats, low debt, significant FCF, >50K+ daily trading volumes and a history of sustaining and increasing dividends.
  • Description: Journalist. Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: Bonds, Dividend stock ideas & income, Retirement savings
Retirement Journal A straightforward combination of stocks and bonds can produce as much as a 7% distribution during retirement. Investment grade corporate bonds with yields of 5% - 6% trading at or below par with 3-9 year duration. Dividend paying stocks of firms with classic moats, strong Free Cash Flow, little or no debt and ...More
The 7% Solution As children during the fifties, we were taught by our parents, often subconsciously, four fiscal lessons: live frugally; save something of every paycheck; avoid debt; tithe to the community. The majority of us who have followed these precepts throughout our working lives feel reasonably well prepared for our ...More
Low/No debt firms: MSB, SLRC, GAIN, GBDC, ALTV Jan 16, 2012