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  • The Top 7 Dividend Aristocrats From 1989 To 2014 [View article]
    Thanks, great links! One question though, is GPC. On your first link however there seems to be some incorrect data, unless I do not understand the chart correctly. It shows that GPC was an aristocrat until 2002 and then again starting in 2012. But according to, they never fell off the list.
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  • The Top 7 Dividend Aristocrats From 1989 To 2014 [View article]
    I'd be interested to see the list of the companies that were added to the list of divident aristocrat in that same period. Everything ends one day, so some day none of these companies that are on the list still since 1989 will be on the list. Which ones are the ones replacing them?
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  • This Undervalued High-Dividend Stock Is Beating The Market And Has 6 Straight Dividend Hikes [View article]
    Moreover the price of a stock, or a group of stock is not really a useful benchmark. It is meaningless, at least when looking at performance over less than 5-10 years. Mr Market is not rational, and hence, how could it be a relevant benchmark? How about book value per share? Revenue growth? Earnings growth?
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  • Mark Zuckerberg, The Warren Buffett Of Technology? [View article]

    That is what I meant about the one thing he was able to do right, and that is to scale. In fact, I manage an Apps team and have scaling issues coming up as we grow our usage (TV Apps with cloud servers). I'll tell you however that while it requires skills, I wouldn't say that this scaling shows any genius from Zuckerberg, he most likely is very remote from all this now and has left this to web server architects and infrastructure professionals, who have built redundant server farms. This in my view is serious professional engineering. No revolution, no breakthrough and not even the best in that league, because google beats them at this game by a huge margin. Google is always fast. Facebook has reasonable response time in my opinion.
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  • Mark Zuckerberg, The Warren Buffett Of Technology? [View article]
    Felix, are you a technology expert? I cannot imagine many technology experts that would say that Zuckerberg is the Warren Buffet of technology! Tell me how Facebook is a wonder of technology? What in Facebook is amazing genius technology?
    You also say: "Zuckerberg is one of the greatest product managers in history". Here too I have to wonder how much you know about product management. A product manager is one that tries to make his product the best possible. Well Facebook ain't that. Unless by product you mean to spend the least amount possible on technology, just enough to have a good amount of users, so you can sell THEM as a product. But even in that case I disagree. To attract users, a product manager would want to have the best social platform possible. Facebook is so far from it. Photos management is still one of the worst compared to other options on the web. Same for email or chat. No skype like capabilitiy. No conference calls. Events management and calendar are terrible. Well, I'll stop here.

    Here is my opinion: take all his money away and leave him with $100k and Zuckerberg will not get close to have the kind of success he has with FB. To me that's what a Warren Buffett or Steve Jobs are. You take everything away and they would slowly but surely do it again. They both did it again and again. Zuckerberg has done nothing else than iterate on an idea and quick out any other contributors. Yes, one thing he did was to scale up enough to take advantage of being at the right place and the right time.
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  • It's 1997, Not 1999 [View article]
    Moreover if you look at the market to feel good about owning part of a company, you are not a shareholder that BRK is interested in having.
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  • Magellan Midstream Partners: The Best MLP In America Is Trading At A Discount [View article]
    rdp1, I am assuming you probably hold quite a bit. I was wondering about your K-1 and if your UBTI ever gets close to $1,000, and if you have had to file taxes in any state where you were not resident? Thanks.
    Mar 14 01:46 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Magellan Midstream Partners: The Best MLP In America Is Trading At A Discount [View article]
    MMP has always been near its high. Other than in 2008, it pretty much always keeps going higher with temporary dips but even the dips are higher than the 50 day moving average in general. One day it will not be the case anymore, but I am glad I bought at the high of 2009..
    Mar 12 08:20 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Omega Healthcare's Risk In Government-Based Income Overstated? [View article]
    Thanks for sharing this interview with us Brad. I like the question you asked about the dividend cut in 2000, but Mr. Pickett didn't really answer it. I am not sure what they learned, and could they have done something different to avoid a dividend cut. Anyway, long OHI since 2011.
    Feb 28 04:16 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Facts Are In - MLPs Work Great In IRAs [View article]
    So I know that this post is one year old but I have one more question that is not addressed in this post. I read that UBTI would have to be paid in each state the MLP is doing business in (see below). So my concern here is not to have to pay taxes on money I earned, but to have to file and pay taxes in 22 different states (which it seems is not an unusual number for MLPs).

    <As a partner in an MLP (or any other partnership), you are considered to be "earning" taxable income in any state where the MLP is earning income and are responsible for any state tax owed on that income. However, unless you hold a very large position in the MLP, there is a good chance that you will not owe tax and may not have to file. Once an MLP's net income is divided up among all the states in which it operates, and then is further divided among tens of thousands of investors, the amount of income allocable to any one investor for any one state will be very small. To assist you in determining whether you may have state tax obligations related to a particular MLP, this website provides a table showing the states in which each MLP operates and a link to information on each state's tax and filing thresholds.>
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  • You Won't Have Broadband Competition Without Regulation [View article]
    Felix, I fully agree with you. Broadband, TV and phone prices are much lower in France, and the services are more advanced too.

    DrP79, yes of course that could be an option, but the barrier of entry to lay down new pipes is very high and in many places impractical and not necessary. Why have two pipes when one is large enough to be shared? One company is specialized (and hence costs effective) in laying pipe and managing pipes, and many other will specialize in specific services and be costs effective and innovative at it. Whereas now, none of the current cable companies are effective or innovative. I work in this field and these companies are mostly bureaucracies.
    Feb 22 09:34 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Enterprise Products Partners Set To Grow [View article]
    Do you prefer EPD over MMP?
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  • No Margin Of Safety In FedEx, But What About A FedEx Landlord? [View article]
    The lack of growth is a concern for me also, because also their book value per share has decreased. So they are not returning more to shareholders, but what they are keeping so far has been used with poor return on investment at best. Moreover they provide no explanations for this situation and their long-term views. I own some, would like to add but overall, I have a hard time trusting the mgmt team. Hopefully I am wrong.
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  • McDonald's Can't Grow [View article]
    Only with those that underpay their staff to the extent of MCD. But today you can get a good burger at many restaurants for $9. Now I don't know if their staff is also receiving federal aid, but I would think not, because they receive tips. I suspect that today a lot of people go to MCD not because they are fast food but because they are cheap food. When their burger will be as expensive as Old Chicago's (or close), then I would think that many customers will stop going to MCD and go there.
    Jan 24 08:38 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • McDonald's Can't Grow [View article]
    I actually think it's the opposite that will happen. At some point we can't keep subsidizing people that have a full time employment working at McDonalds and income inequality reduction pressure will cause these people's income to go up so they are not subsidized by the government anymore. When that happens, MCD will have significantly higher costs and the main reason for going to MCD compared to the healthier and higher quality competition will melt away. I am a current shareholder and I see this as the biggest threat to MCD. Their other weakness is the healthiness of their processed food, but that they can fix, still leverage their brand and execution excellence to stay competitive. But the biggest threat is that they are in fact subsidized in the USA.
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