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  • Gevo: Misconceptions Create A Cheap Stock [View article]
    They were auto-sales.
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  • Google Reader users better start looking for alternatives: citing declining usage, Google (GOOG) is shutting down the online RSS reader in 3 months. 6 less well-known products are also getting axed in the search giant's latest bout of housecleaning. Reader is arguably the most popular product to be shuttered since Larry Page began his efforts to narrow Google's product focus in 2011. Has the company finally gone too far? [View news story]
    I don't understand how knowing exactly what news people read can be a bad business for Google. I'm very sad that Google Reader is being axed...
    Mar 13 11:56 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple And 5 Pervasive 'iMyths' [View article]
    I. I disagree with the notion and agree with yours, albeit because of a different reason. Apple is making a quality product for a niche market. People who want quality products are a niche. The mass market wants cheap crap, and that is the most important factor in the buying decision, the cheap part. Apple will not compete on that level, they will however continue to define the bar for the quality segment. The Galaxy S III might be the best phone in the Android camp, however it can't compete with the iPhone on any level except dimension. That's the simple truth. The only phone that I've seen in the Android camp that actually competes is the brand new HTC One that was shown days ago and has no release date yet. I think Apple has the lead - by far - in this segment and competitors will be able to slowly catch up but it's honestly nothing to be worried about. The mass market sector however they have lost and the fact that the iPhone did so well in terms of mass market in the beginning was an anomaly, not the norm. It happened because the competitors had NOTHING at all to compete with. It was clear that it would be only a matter of time before the market is flooded with cheap crap and Apple won't be a factor anymore.

    II. You are comparing OS X from what you know about it on a Mac to something that would run on random hardware and expect that it will have a better experience than Windows, yet you have no idea how much of exactly that experience is based on the fact that Apple know everything about the hardware it runs on. I dare say the majority of Windows problems that have earned it the reputation of being slow, sluggish, prone to crashes and generally unreliable stems from the fact that it runs on everything - the same would happen with OS X in that case.

    III. Apple isn't interested in selling software, it is interested in selling complete products. Software is a part of the product. Nothing about that will or should change. Apple has always been that way and they will continue on that path, unless Cook is a sellout which I don't believe.

    IV. Those companies didn't die because they weren't dominant enough but simply because their products began to suck. There was nothing new to them anymore, and they couldn't even please the hardcore fan base that they had. I'm tired of this economics school bullshit. You aren't successful because you 'dominate' but because you create things that people want. In most of the Android manufacturers that means cheap crap, in Apples case it means what they think is a quality product. People might or might not agree with what Apple creates. If Apple stops creating meaningful updates to their products and stops inventing and developing new ideas, then they will eventually die. Not because they were less aggressive. In fact being aggressive is frowned upon by now, Apple has lost a lot of reputation due to the 'agressive' trials, and a lot of the customer base that left Apple over it moved to Android because of ideological disagreement.

    V. Again the same topic. Apple created quality products, that is their market - their market isn't the mass. Both the iPod and the beginning of the iPhone were very successful because the competitors had UTTERLY and COMPLETELY failed, not because Apple had changed their goal. The Mac lost against the PC because the PC was a cheap mass market product while the Mac never was. That is the fundamental difference here, and it is one that many people nowadays seem to not understand. Apple isn't a company that had the goal of being a market leader, they had and still have the goal to make quality products. Quality is always a niche compared to mass market. That's how it is, and that's how it always will be, unless we reach a point where quality becomes so cheap that there is no difference between mass market and quality anymore. But I don't see that happening anytime soon.
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  • Apple And 5 Pervasive 'iMyths' [View article]
    You probably mean Mac OS, not iOS.
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  • Zynga: The Prodigal Son Returns [View article]
    Great article!!
    Feb 23 07:59 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment