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  • Finding Satisfaction With Your Investments [View article]
    Read two out of the three...will have to pick up "The Single Best Investment Ever"
    Jan 15, 2012. 05:34 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How The Dividend Champions' Dividends Hedged Investors From The Ravages Of The Lost Decade [View article]
    Norman and Mr Carnevale,

    Thank you for your responses.....As a younger investor, I've only been buying stocks since around Mar '09, which was prettty near the bottom. So I've become accustomed (and spoiled) to blue chips yielding in the 3-4% range. But as I look back, I can't really see myself purchasing over valued, low yield stocks. I realize hindsight is 20/20, but I honestly don't know what sort of investor I would be had I been investing in that time period. I guess my only real point is that it's a good time to be a DG investor, because I don't know if the strategy would have worked as well back then.
    Nov 5, 2011. 01:52 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How The Dividend Champions' Dividends Hedged Investors From The Ravages Of The Lost Decade [View article]
    I've often wondered about the same point that Clay King brings up, namely, what sort of stocks did DG investors purchase when yields on stocks such as JNJ, PG, etc were around 1%. Any comments from DG investors from that time period would be welcomed.....By the way, another great article Mr Carnevale!
    Nov 5, 2011. 09:37 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Selecting 3 Appealing Dividend Stocks [View article]
    "Those come first. IMO, WMT will not increase dividends for years by raising its payout ratio. It will increase dividends for years by increasing its profits for years. If it kept increasing its dividend for years solely by expanding its payout ratio, it would soon become a candidate for Dividends in Danger."


    I understand your point, and agree its preferable to merely expanding the payout ratio, but I think it will be a combination of EPS increases and expansion of the payout ratio in the coming years. Take MCD for example, the recent dividend increases the past 5 years have mostly come from expansion of the payout ratio, which has far outpaced growth in EPS, although that has been growing as well. I wished I had invested in MCD back then. My only point was that WMT still has plenty of wiggle room to keep those large dividend increases coming with such a small payout ratio. My preference, however, is that they keep those large payout increases coming with an equally large increase in EPS.
    Oct 6, 2011. 07:30 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dividends In Danger? Frontier, CenturyLink, Conoco Phillips, 3 Others Continue To Attract Comments [View article]
    I've been convinced that the div for FTR and CTL are probably safe in the short term, based on the numerous discussions regarding the cash flow payout ratio, but I still feel like the rural telcom industry is in a slow and steady decline. I don't see these two companies being around in 25 years....Could be wrong, but I'd much rather invest my money in telcoms such as T/VZ that have long term, sustainable payout ratios and increasing EPS.
    Oct 3, 2011. 09:22 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • McDonald's Nears 52-Week Low: How Overpriced Chicken And Millennials Are To Blame [View article]
    Peapaw, sometimes it is hard to express sarcasm on the internet. I think we are likely in agreement in the (un)healthiness of a chipotle burrito vs a big mac.
    Dec 20, 2014. 11:14 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • NASDAQ Dividend Achievers: Deere & Company [View article]
    My buy zone on DE is around $80. I'm looking to sell some $80 puts, either LEAPS or fairly far out exp date, the next time the we get a good pullback in the name.
    Dec 20, 2014. 10:31 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Mattel Vs Hasbro: Which Toy Titan Will Fatten Your Wallet? [View article]
    Two years ago, HAS was the dog. The situation has reversed. Now is the time to accumulate MAT. It has yield support at these levels.
    Dec 15, 2014. 09:22 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Apple Watch And Its $11 Billion Impact On Earnings In One Year [View article]
    same thing people and analysts said about the iPad.
    Dec 9, 2014. 02:05 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Apple Watch And Its $11 Billion Impact On Earnings In One Year [View article]
    I think the killer feature will be the integration into home automation. No one has talked about this much. That and telling time.
    Dec 9, 2014. 02:03 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Gilead Is The Most Exciting Growth Opportunity In 2014 [View article]
    GILD is the only stock I own that doesn't pay a dividend, but I bought with the expectation of one being instituted in the next year or so, along with significant capital gains as the solvadi story continues to play out for a good total return.
    Aug 16, 2014. 11:08 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Q3 Bonanza: The Real Story May Be Not Quite So Bullish [View article]
    Is this Michael Blair the person he is reporting to be? I did a quick search of "Michael Blair" and "automotive" and one of the first few links was a 2002 article from The Wall Street Transcript. Low and Behold, the picture they use is the same picture he is using for his SA profile. Why would someone use a picture from 2002 on a new profile the created in early 2013 when he started posting blogs to this site? It's entirely possible he is who he says he is, but it is also entirely possible he is not. Buyer beware...Here is the link for those interested:
    Jul 27, 2014. 11:00 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Johnson & Johnson: Great Product Portfolio But Not Cheap [View article]
    I'm probably in the minority here, but I hope they don't split the businesses apart, as I prefer the current diverse structure of JNJ.
    Dec 29, 2013. 10:17 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dividend Growth Investors Should Avoid Intel [View article]
    Must say I keep coming back to this article for the AE and RS exchange. I believe AE wins this one, as RS's "I know because I know" rants are much less convincing than AE's viewpoint. Now I remember why I stopped clicking on RS's articles long ago....
    Dec 29, 2013. 09:42 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Lower Feed Costs And Prop 2 Will Benefit Cal-Maine Foods [View article]
    Always appreciate the rare article on CALM here on SA
    Nov 11, 2013. 03:50 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment