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Writer and analyst engaged in assisting in strategic speculation, using tactical and technical analysis w/ the inclusion of Cyclical and Seasonal patterns, as well as relevant and timely market intell.

Background in accounting [ yes I know how they 'cook the books' ], Economics [ "theories are static in the face of human ingenuity"] and Finance [ now here is where they take you for all your worth ].

Cynical, skeptical, and practical. Scarred too. " "Been there, done that" "thats how I know" ".

I have a DADT policy. Dont Ask me how I do this, because I Dont Tell. I believe in DYODD, because its a Jungle out There, and 'cavat emptor' is the real rule, as it is your real money at risk.
  • Description: Newsletter author. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Stocks - long, Stocks - short
DenaliguideSummit Part of our work is to detect and assess market place divergences between what is public information, and what appears to be private information utilized in advance of public disclosure. Important information such as insider transactions, as well as unusual activity such stocks as well as other relevant ...More
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lets test whether the DJ can create a buy scenario here Dec 4, 2011