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  • Barrick Gold Hits Glacier, Investors Must Heed Growing Sector Risks [View article]
    This article covered many bases, w "writing on the wall" topics, alerting us to grave consequences.
    We'll see the implementation of NWO/UN 'Agenda21', emerging everywhere, to 'protect' what's left of the natural world, sustaining all Life. Unfortunately Agenda 21 ['carbon tax', vaccination programs/pandemics] is a hypocritical and deceptive effort to control the world population by putting severe and costly restrictions on the use of water and energy in place, only to benefit the few at expense of the many. It aims at total control of the food supply via Codex Alimentarius, etc.[Also see: "The World According to Monsanto"]. Meanwhile, we have a fracking industry running amok, destroying our environment w over 500 deadly toxins. Chem-trails [!] are blocking out the sun, while raining down toxic barium, aluminae and other nano particles. DID our representatives in Congress approve all that? This IS truly a brave new world.
    The drive to force the use of E10 gasoline upon us, is to be followed by E15, proven to be even more energy inefficient and ruinous to existing internal combustion engines.
    We all should ask: "WHO are benefiting from all these measures?"
    Apr 15 11:36 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 5 Essentials Worth Remembering In This Market [View article]
    It's very troublesome that we're constantly being lied to by our government [bogus statistics about unemployment, inflation, etc.] and held for idiots by politicians Equally troublesome is, that the above are known and accepted business-as-usual practices... Where's the outrage!?
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  • Brian Moynihan (BAC) on why he sees another year that’s "a grind" in the economy: “Never have middle-market and large companies been as profitable, had as much cash on their balance sheets, had as much availability on their lines, but they haven’t done anything with the money. They don’t feel the certainty of opportunity to make big investments.”  [View news story]
    Wait for the elections? Whoever wins, will be corporate America's candidate... as always.
    Dec 20 10:57 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment