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  • CCME: Cash Is Real, Company Is Real [View article]
    First of all Mr. Bradford (and I don't want to insult you) but you shouldn't tell people (let alone put it in writting) that you have an MBA, not with this sloppy so called article. I take it you've seen CCME's balance sheets, you've examined it along with the organizational structure. I haven't and I may not have the creditentials to evaluate it if I were to see it. The problem with your piece is that you site several companies and their frauds and then say if the cash is there the company is there. What's the name of the bank or banks where the cash is located? How long has CCME been with those institutions and has the account number changed since it was created? There is a big difference in cash on the table and cash in digital form on an electronic spreadsheet. Is it possible that these banks are hiding the fact that the cash doesn't really exist. I mean think of the scam of all scams, banks in China faking accounts to prop up non existent companies, sounds far fetched? REMEMBER THE RUSSIAN BANKING SCAMS DURING BORIS YELSEN? Banks that were no more than an office over some run down tenement building with impressive sounding names. A poor country providence trying to get a piece of the American pie, all you needed was a national bank charter that you could buy for as little as 2-3 hundred U.S. dollars and a manufacturing company that you could show off as the company, look at the equipment, look at the people and bam! You're in business. Show the same company to a different group of Americans with the same bank but a differnent account number etc and bam bam!!! you're in even more business. It wasn't until journalist "Anya Politkovskya" (not sure about the spelling) exposed this that people saw how it was being done. She was assassinated by the way because of this and more stories. Don't say it can't be done because that's when the crimminals will do it.
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  • Mad Catz Interactive: Undervalued Company Can Help You Score [View article]
    Hey thanks for the mentioning of the best sellers listing on AMZN, that's something good to remember. I went to Best Buy after reading your comments and this company is truely all over the place. There's got to be something that we're missing though. I mean some piece of the puzzle that we don't have and obviously the "excuseperts" don't have it either because of the price, I'm going to add to my watch list and follow for a while. Small fish thou maybe 250 shares next week.
    Again, Thanks
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  • YRC Worldwide - A Calculated Risk [View article]
    I'm an independent investor, self educated. If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times. I have learned more from reading the "Point Counter Point" parts of these comments sections than all of these articles combined. This information carries me a little further down the road, I can weigh the facts and it helps me make a decision along with my personal views. Thank You, Thank You Thank You (ALL)!!!
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  • China MediaExpress: Groundwork, Research, And Videos to Disprove Allegations [View article]
    You don't have to bribe an individual auditor. It's not about the person it's about the contract for future business that can harm an audit. Year in and year out these peple can develop relationships with winks and nods. To say that it doesn't happen would be like saying someone that makes a million dollars a year isn't going to engage in "insider trading". But wait! It has happened and will continue to happen. The police can't be expected to police themselves. If it were discovered that many of these Chinese companies have phoney boloney numbers and I mean companies like CCME (if it turns out to be true) then there goes the collapse of the market because people are going to panic. The Chinese government would move in and these guys know that over there you can and will face the music for the glory of the state, so once they get in on the scam they have to go all the way to the end of the line. This stuff just doesn't make sense with the numbers and it doesn't take an expert to realize that once you catch a major company lying about who it has contracts with then it's time to get out of there.
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  • Why CCME Fraud Claims Don't Hold Up [View article]
    If CCME invested half the effort to prove their not a fraud as some people are doing in defending them we'd be discussing something else. There's something very very wrong here.
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  • Why CCME Fraud Claims Don't Hold Up [View article]
    The two sets of books phrase is just a term to describe that crooks will show you want that want you to see that's all. You're a retired CPA which means you've got more accounting knowledge in your little finger than I have in my entire body. None the less, you people are defending this company more than it's defending itself and this company has lost some major money as it relates to stock value. Everyone is spending so much time talking about the books and banks when the scam may very well be in the bus number, etc. People want to believe it can't happen but it does.
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  • Want to Try a Chipotle Apple Split? [View article]
    One of the things that I like to do in following these articles is that I will attempt to avoid looking at dates until I've reviewed the comments after reading the article. Looking back after Jobs' leave and the stock going back to $26.00 per share and now looking to the all time high of $358+ that it closed at today it's obvious that the public has moved beyond expecting or only believing in Steve Jobs. I mean that in a positive way. I believe that in the end the sheer force of the numbers investors simply couldn't deny that this company is moving forward.
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  • Why CCME Fraud Claims Don't Hold Up [View article]
    I'm a senior level business manager and I've been through audits for my company, and I can tell you this Sir, you're making a huge mistake in explaining the auditing process. First of all these audit companies auidit what you've given them, period. They audit your books so to speak. That's where the term "two sets of books" comes from. One set you give to the banks and the other set you actually have the real numbers in. That hasn't ever changed as it relates to performing an audit. I hate to say it but "Bernie Madoff". Everybody audited this guy and we're talking about 10s of Billions of dollars in fraud and he got away with it for years, even though many many people had been sounding the alarms.

    (It appears that you're making a major assumption with the statment from your article pasted below).

    "The national office is now likely overseeing the local office of Deloitte Tohmatsu. This is standard procedure for all the Big 4 audit firms that have clients listed on U.S. exchanges. Therefore, any fraud being perpetrated would not only have to include the local engagement partner and staff of Deloitte Tohmatsu".

    Do you know this for sure, not procedure, but is this a fact?

    I don't think that's there's any doubt that the company lied about contracts.
    What bothers me mostly is that it appears that some people on this site (SA) appear to be doing more in defending the company than the company is doing for itself. I have no stock in this company and I'm a self educated investor since 1998. I hold no credentials in Financing (BA in Economics).
    Okay, I'll sit back and wait for the rocks to start flying at me.
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  • Vulcan Materials: A Victim of Economic Conditions or Bad Decisions? [View article]
    I'm going to jump into this with both feet. First of all I'm a self educated investor, and there are a million things that I don't know about investing, although I'd like to belive that I've got all the basics covered. None the less, I've been investing on average $800.00 per month since 1998 and doing quite nicely. When I first started I was just trying to make a few extra bucks with online trades and never imagined that I'd actually be building for my retirement (just turned 40 by the way). In any event what concerns me is that so often when I hear people discussing what companies to stay away from it's all based on the here and now. That to me is not a winning formula for investing which is a forward looking science. Is there any evidence that the company that you've advised us to avoid is on a runaway train? I have'nt researched it so I'm being the Devil's Advocate. What are their forward thinking plans? A poor stock today can be a rich stock tomorrow.
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  • China MediaExpress: Groundwork, Research, And Videos to Disprove Allegations [View article]
    There is a big difference in citizens raising monies and creating financing and building and economy and the governent owning figuratively "everything" and creating these thousands and thousands of partnerships from buses, to auto manufacturing to banks to construction etc and calling it growth. If we did that in the United States people would be calling it state sponsored welfare or something like that. There is not only a fundamental and a real difference in the Chinese economic model and that of Japan and even India. How would our country look if the government owned everything and kept out competition? China is a "House of Cards". There is no economic miracle in China, it's all based upon exclusion and a total disregard for the environment. India is pushing forward to build it's infrastructure and the myth of no roads can be said for many parts of China as the countries expand. It's always going to be easy for a government to simply create wealth, and by the by keep in mind all of those workers in the Chinese stock market are actually working for the government, they do as their told and that means when the local party boss says this is the number to hit that's the number that they hit.
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  • China MediaExpress: Groundwork, Research, And Videos to Disprove Allegations [View article]
    Hey I just wanted you to know that I agree with you, I'm not sure but the comment that I made regarding how fraud could occur wasn't directed at Mr. Anderson. My knowledge just happened to be based on my having access to Chinese students. I'm new to SA and I'm a self taught investor for the past 12+ years now.
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  • China MediaExpress: Groundwork, Research, And Videos to Disprove Allegations [View article]
    No the student's uncle didn't spell it out like this. This was my understanding based upon what she said. All I was basically saying was I do believe that there are that many buses, the scam may come into play when you're raising money based on the investors' belief that company "A" has "X" number of contracts and that these contracts represent a certain revenue stream. Then you go to the next group of investors and change the name of the company and viola, now you've got two companies claiming huge reveue sums off of the same buses. Even the documents above shows several different names of the same company. When you think about it though how easy would it be to simply increase the numbers of buses on paper. Hey all of this is probably wrong and this is most likely a strong company, however you would think that if this company is as strong as they say why aren't more Chinese investing in their own companies. China is reaching around the world to buy into other companies from oil, to finance and even factories. It's the opposite in India, a great many Indians are investing within their own borders, construction, energy, autos, banking etc. It's as if one country has faith in itself and the other doesn't. That bothers me.
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  • China MediaExpress: Groundwork, Research, And Videos to Disprove Allegations [View article]
    I work as the senior administrator for an ESL School (English as a Second Language). We have students from 92 different countries. Many are from China, I asked a couple of our senior studnets that are here on VISAs or here with a spouse, I won't say where I'm located. Highly intelligent students who simply don't speak English. When I asked about this company one of my studnets said she'd ask her uncle and I let it go at that. This is the way I'll explain the scam and (possibly) how this company might be a fraud. A city owns 1,000 buses, the adminsitrator shows the buses to a business associate and they come up with an idea. Sell and re-sell the same contracts to different companies for advertising. The companies (American) sends experts and they look at the buses and talk to the drivers (as if they care about the advertising) and company rep 1 goes back and says I say the ads and the buses, I've ridden the buses and it's all legitimate. Company 2 does the same thing except he's shown contracts with a different name on them, same thing for company rep #3 etc. In the end it's like selling the same horse over and over again. It's very hard to pin point because of the language barrier and the fact that all you have to do is to give different names to each company. Bank accounts are ligitimate because reall money is being funnelled into these accounts. I asked the young lady who her uncle was and she said that he works for a company (I won't be specific) that designs and prints advertising for the local governments. She said that her uncle told her to tell me to stay away from those types of businesses. All you need are a few currupt officials to make this happen, and with every American business "yahoo" destined to fork over money to China sometimes people just can't resist taking advantage of a "fool and his money".
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  • Android's Tablet Splash: Much Ado About Nothing? [View article]
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  • Why a Suez Canal Closure Would Be Good for Shipping [View article]
    Mr. J. Brunn, now I see your backing up with guesses as to whether or not insurance will cover this or workers will stop working because of fear and or pressures. Hey just state it plain you threw this story together and then threw it against the wall and it didn't stick. As it realtes to the Suez Canal what in blazes are they going to sabotage? There are no locks (do you know what that word means in this case?). This story was a none starter from the word go, period.
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