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  • Son promises "price war" against AT&T, Verizon if Sprint/T-Mobile approved [View news story]
    To quote my son, "lol wow". Some of you sound like the you fanboys of apple and android. M. Son took a no name company and turned it into a gold mine and is now doing the same with Sprint yet you verizon redheads and AT&T lobbyist can't even respect that. Too busy hating the guy to respect his success. As for the article itself, I hope they allow the merger. Verizon has has their way with consumers' money for way too long. It's a shame because Verizon does have the best CELL service but they also have the worst customer service. AT&T sucks in almost every aspect. Sprint has improved greatly and if this merger is allowed, verizon will have real competition.

    I hold no stocks in any of these, however my personal phone is Sprint, my corporate phone is VZ. We just switched back from AT&T because they were horrendous. Even the company is thinking of switching to Sprint.
    Mar 11, 2014. 11:31 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple roundup: CarPlay, VirnetX royalty rate, Asian hiring [View news story]
    I will start by saying I am an avid fan of apple. Anyone who knows me, or has read any of my posts will tell you that. Now that's that's out the way, @danox , comments like yours make me laugh. Not because it was poorly written, because it wasn't, but because you favoritism toward apple is so strong, you're blinded. Again, beings fan of apple and ALMOST everyone they offer, I say this with a slight cringe, apple maps will never, ever compare to google maps. That is one of the worst things to come out of apple. The constant "beef" with other companies (ie. Google and pandora) hurt them as well. Apple does CPU's, sort of. Google does self-driving cars. Realistically, apple needs to improve Siri and fast. Google now is better but not much. One of the things that makes apple great was its cohesion between all devices. If apple were smart, integrate carplay with the iPhone, iPad and iwatch (if real). @danox I hope you don't take this as an attack to your comment, it wasn't. I am just saying that people should be more nuetral before making bold statements.
    Mar 3, 2014. 09:13 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Google Missed: Where's The Outrage? [View article]
    Android fanboys would say that. Yes, google says it is working on a driver-less car which is a lot of money on something that seems nice but no where near production. Google glass?? Seriously? That was a waste. A friend was one of the few invited, received a pair. Gave it a month and gave them to me. I've used them three times since I've had them. Pointless. Google bought Motorola and I was actually happy. Motorola is a good company and a great phone. And all google wanted was patents. As for Apple, ios and Apple products are being built into more and more products each day. Apple gets no credit for that. Instead after breaking records with phone sales, the stock goes down after missing a ridiculous goal set by "experts". For the record, I am long Apple and Google. I respect both, but I disagree with the way the market treats Apple.
    Feb 3, 2014. 06:40 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Google selling Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91B, will keep patents [View news story]
    Its a sad day for Moto, no matter how you spin it. The fact is, the Moto X is an amazing phone. The Moto G was great for its price point and what it was intended for be. I honestly believe Google sold Moto because it was eating some of the Nexus sales. Article after article of people leaving other droid devices for the Moto X, especially the Nexus 5, had to play a part. Sad day for Moto, sad day for the average consumer, sad day for those who like android and prefer user experience of specs.
    Jan 30, 2014. 12:11 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Doubling Down On Apple [View article]
    To quote the youth I will say "LOL". This is the most common reaction to most of the Apple and Samsung articles but that goes double for the comments. An article about stocks is plagued by Apple Fanboys and Droid Heads. Instead of facts, it's a pissing contest between the readers and writers. I will state that I enjoyed this article. It was factual. Compared to three articles I read before this that were Apple haters and all opinions. So here is MY OPINION BASE ON FACTS, not a phone, or company bias. Samsung will never buy Apple, please stop with Hollywood fantasies, it makes you look foolish. Those that keep saying Samsung "is eating Apples lunch" (lol) please read the stats in the above article. I believe you missed all the big numbers up there. Someone said that those passionate about Apple are the one fighting for it, while "the reality of the stock is that it will fall". (Lol). Again I reference the above stats, but let's run with that theory. Apple shares fall after a report that they fell short of iPhone sales? But almost every other important figure went up? The ones who downgraded apple are the ones who have been against apple since day one. Those who have been passionately against Apple. Am I the only to see that passion is stronger than the market on this one. The market is a decent way of knowing a company is doing, but it sure isn't the best way. Especially if you consider some sectors are controlled soley on passion and popularity, such as Apple, Google and Samsung.

    This was all a reaction by people who have nothing better but to put down Apple. The market will correct itself, as it always does. The same way those same people have been trying to put the company down for over 20 years, still singing the same song, while watching the same result. They say nay, apple gets paid.

    To the author, I enjoyed your article, thank you for writing it. I truly enjoy a fact based read.

    P.S. Look at the numbers, Samsung phones (with the exception of the Note 3) are leveling and even declining. The S4 has been ridiculed by most consumers and tech blogs. A gimmick phone with no real purpose. The Galaxy Gear was a joke and now they want to compete with Google on the Google Glass product and call it, Galaxy Glass. Some of you put down a company, known for quality, great customer loyalty, even greater customer satisfaction and superior standards for a company that never finishes what it starts then starts another, a company with horrible customer satisfaction almost across the line of all products not just phones, and just puts out devices to say they one.
    Jan 28, 2014. 01:56 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Doubling Down On Apple [View article]
    And then articles like this remind me why I still read SA. Thank you for a well written and FACTUAL article.
    Jan 28, 2014. 09:34 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • WSJ: Apple launching two larger iPhones in 2H14, doing away with plastic [View news story]
    I love reading the comments on articles like this, sometimes more than the actual article. People who argue back and forth over which phone is better like if SA was tech blog. The truth is buying A PHONE depends on what you want from it. Most people forget that these are supposed to be phones first. Yes, it is nice to do everything on one device but the more you put in one device, the less of something else it has. The more crap A PHONE does the less battery time you have. The thinner it gets the less things go in it. The bigger screens are nice but 6" is exaggerated for A PHONE. That's what a small tablet is for. As for the comment about the 1st gen ipad being a waste, I disagree. I still have my 1ipad mini and it works just fine for what I use it for. The point is, this will always be a battle, apple is not going to disappear, neither is samsung. iOS is going to be here and so is android. Each phone is different, as is each person. Ex. Is I like using my phone with one hand, some don't care. I don't need a phone to scroll down a page for me, I'm not lazy. I don't need a phone to pause because I looked away. I like battery life. I personally don't like samsung phones because they try and do to much without perfecting anything. A modern day, jack of all trades master of none. Apple has mastered most of what it puts in its products. Apple is not the only one. Motorola did an amazing job with the moto x. A prime example of specs mean nothing, experience is everything. My opinions are mine, and many may disagree but other companies know what has made apple successful, that's why they are following. Motorola is one example. Google is another by trying to minimize fragmentation withs OS, just like apple does. For the record, I am pro apple and pro android. I own an iPhone 5, a moto x, two iPad minis (one first gen) a chromebook, MacBook Pro, an Apple TV and a chromecast. My wife has an 5 and a lg g2 with an iPad air and a MacBook Air. I have enough experience with both to know what makes them successful. Jmo
    Jan 23, 2014. 05:31 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amazon's 'Free Pass' [View article]
    I will start by saying I truly enjoy all articles on SA, even if I don't agree with the author, it allows me to see what others think. That being said, I disagree with a lot (not all) of what's written here by the author AND the readers. First, the comparison to apple hitting $700 is absurd. Can't compare the two. $700 for apple was a foreshadowing of what's to come. I say that as an invested and a techie. Read up and you will see what's to come. For the record, I am not a overly huge fan of apple but I respect what they represent. As for amazon at $400 that is not a foreshadowing, it's an earned number. Here is why. Many of you spend too much time looking at numbers and numbers only tell part of the story. Most trend last 3-4 tops. (Ie. netbooks, PDAs, 3d tvs, etc). Amazon has been around longer and is still growing. I refer to them as a trend for a few reasons. First, amazon reinvented what online shopping should be, simple, personal, inexpensive and fast. Others are trying to catch up and can't. Second, amazon uses a different business model. And it must be respected as any other business model. A grocery store makes money by being on every corner, even though the prices are higher. A convenience store makes money by being fairly close by and selling times priced slightly below the grocery stores. Big discount stores make money by selling in bulk with deep discounts but they are usually much further away and require most people to drive AND buy in bulk. Each model works, each model makes money even though all three sell the same items. This is what identifies amazon. An example is I can go and pay $12 for a 17lbs of puppy for and get it shipped in 3 days but pay $8 shipping or pay $13 from amazon and free 2-day shipping. Lastly, the growing norm is doing less work while getting more. Look at cell phones. Phones that scroll with your hands because using yr thumb is too much work. Pressing pause on your video is too hard so the phone will pause it for you when you look away. A voice assistant sets up alarms and appointments because typing it in is hard work. Amazon ships in two days, sometimes even one because driving to best buy and bjs can be difficult. If you need more proof, look at Black Friday versus cyber Monday. So to you numbers guys, yes amazon operates partly at a loss, but it works for them, they continue growing and me personally, I would take a $1 profit on 100 items compared to $5 on 10 items. It's bjs pricing without buying bulk and without leaving your home. They sell a service more than a product. It's called convenience, whether we like it or not, that's the way it will be. That's what the people want, that's what amazon is giving them.
    Jan 19, 2014. 10:34 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment