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  • Fundamentally And Technically, Fresenius Wins Big Over DaVita  [View article]
    Mr Gupta, your comment "Contrast dyes are radioactive dyes pumped into a patient to enhance x-rays, and these dyes must be filtered out eventually by the kidneys "is not accurate. The contrast is not radioactive, rather it is iodinated contrast solution. The iodine creates density within the bloodstream and blocks x rays from CT scanners more so than non contrasted blood. Thus it is the iodine concentration that is the risk and accounts for the risk of renal failure. Grams of iodine in conjunction with the patients renal function determine the risk along with hydration factor. Plus these are not "dyes". Dyes have not been used since the 50's. Dyes stain just like dyes used in clothing. The current contrast agents are not dyes. They are clear odorless iodinated agents. This article perpetuates inaccurate information about radiology.
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  • Timing Is Everything, And The Time For Coronado Biosciences Is Now  [View article]
    Please don't resort to personal attacks. Its not necessary. You can search my name on the internet and also see my credentials and licensing at the states of Illinois and Indiana.
    I don't need to debate my credentials or education on this chat forum.
    Third, the fact that MS, diabetes, crohns. UC and other disease processes was pumped as possibly cured indicates the 'throwing spaghetti on the wall" and see what sticks approach was fools gold.

    I found this stock interesting and researched it as well as called the company. The story had too many holes . Also why did it take decades to try such studies? Its not that this thesis wasn't around for the better part of a decade.....
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  • Timing Is Everything, And The Time For Coronado Biosciences Is Now  [View article]
    as a physician I highly doubt pig worms are the answer to MS, diabetes, autism etc etc etc.....
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  • Apple, Authentec, And Fingerprint Cards  [View article]
    how would sapphire screens play into this picture. Scratches i assume would prevent ID using a screen unless the print is captured in a pristine fashion, correct?
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  • Sunshine Heart To Go Head To Head With Thoratec In NYHA Class III CHF Trials  [View article]
    The infection rate issue is used in marketing by SSH but overall is not a big issue with the devices used nor is coagulation issues a major issue when I discussed with my cardiology colleagues. The biggest issue is patient selection and cost and ease of use. I believe a small power supply would be a big advancement and if the joint venture with the Minneapolis company thatSSH recently made can get an implantable small device and approved, then that is a much bigger advantage. From there the exclusion criteria might get whittled down as cardiologist push the envelope on who gets implanted.....and thus the market numbers would be larger....but I would look for this device to capture the market at a much faster clip then 10 or 15 years. In other words if this hits the market and is superior, this will show up quickly.
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  • Sunshine Heart To Go Head To Head With Thoratec In NYHA Class III CHF Trials  [View article]
    I will try to address my concerns and questions. I am raising these to try and get more specific numbers for myself on the eligible candidates given the existing exclusion criteria.

    One, 15 years is an eternity in medicine. In that time period we will have moved past our current drug regiment and mechanical assist devices. I can't tell you exactly what since the variables with new therapies but regenerative heart muscle is moving at a fast pace.

    Second there are other devices I have info on that are looking to have a mechanical ballon pump device, similar to inta aortic balloon pumps, that run off a much smaller and superficially implanted pack.

    Third, aortic insufficiency and LV damage often go hand in hand with MI patients. Plus atherosclerotic disease is the number one cause....and all arteries become plaque involved. I am uncertain as to what effect a calcified aorta inhibits the use. And there are very few calcified aortas that I see on a CT scan when evaluating coronary artery disease.

    Also a cuff expanding against aortic insufficiency actually worsens the LV ejection fraction and thus the condition being treated.

    Finally, if this product is superior it should not take 15 years nor ten years to dominate this market. This product if superior will hot the scene for every cardiology lecture and quickly become implemented....if it is superior. A time frame of 15 years is way way too long to expect the LV assist market to remain stag net without progress or new treatments. The holy grail in this market oven today's advances. Will be in having a device that does not require a bag or big powering device but rather a very small superficial implantable pacemaker sized pack.

    The real holy grail however will be in biological and genetics with injected stem cells that create new heart muscle....however we are some years away. But 15 years is eternity in medicine advancement
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  • Sunshine Heart To Go Head To Head With Thoratec In NYHA Class III CHF Trials  [View article]
    As a physician I have read the exclusion criteria for the c pulse. I am concerned with regard to the number of patients that have a calcified aortic arch and thus excluded from the trials. In the real world many patients have left heart failure because of heart damage due to an MI. They have atheroclerotic disease. That means their aorta is also calcified to some extent. Also many patients have aortic valve insufficiency. This is contraindicated in the use of the c pulse. Also many patients have ectatic aorta's. I will be interested as to the exclusion criteria with regard to the size of the aortic arch. The number of excluded patients is going to be significant thus the number of patients able to use the product is not the entire population of left heart failure patients...not even close....

    There are also competing products yet on the market and also in development . All the choices are not yet on the radar screen.

    For you non physician investors also understand all this discussion about lowered infection rates is just discussion. Whenever you puncture the skin and tunnel under the skin their is a risk of infection. Tunneling lowers the infection rate but it is not entirely diminished and the other devices also have low infection rates. I would not lean too heavy on that fact.

    However the technology will probably have a role as long as the cuff doesn't create a wear and or tear on the aorta over use. And the exclusion criteria can always be modified with additional testing of more ectatic and calcified aorta's...perhaps...
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