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  • A federal judge yesterday confirmed a preliminary injunction blocking the FDA from forcing tobacco companies to put gruesome health warnings on cigarette packaging, including a corpse and cancerous lungs. "These mandatory graphic images violate the First Amendment by unconstitutionally compelling speech," the judge explained.   [View news story]
    The current warnings should be enough. The FDA allows a certain amount of rodent hair in cereals that I find all the time. Why don't they require this information to be on the boxes as an ingredient?

    25 years ago, the company I worked for sponsored a smoking cessation program conducted by Roswell Cancer Hospital. In that class, they told us they COULD show us all kinds of gruesome pictures of lungs etc. demonstrating the ill affects of smoking. They then said, that would not make us stop smoking. We had to want to quit for our own reasons.

    I quit without the "bebefit" of the pictures.
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