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  • The Z30 Phablet Has Precisely 0% Chance Of Saving BlackBerry [View article]
    I think it is hilarious that you use a product other than the one you are supposedly talking about to lampoon the product you are supposedly talking about! Even for you, that is unusually weak.

    "The mobile phone market is no longer an emerging market."

    And where do you think this sentence applies? Oh, right, in the developed markets! it.

    But what about the Emerging Markets where all the people are? Where they buy big screen Samsungs like crazy.

    How about I send you a photo of me holding my laptop to my head talking on Skype so you can write an article about how BBM doesn't work in emerging markets.

    Seeking Alpha - please stop cluttering my inbox with junk like this.
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  • BlackBerry Inching Back Toward Towards Black Ink [View article]
    I managed to get a Z3 with some difficult in Yogyakarta where it has not yet been launched. It is one of the 'Jakarta' marked special editions which was an unexpected bonus. It is for all intents a purposes a Z30 (best device in the world many people say) without an HDMI port and not quite as much RAM.

    Big screen, very fast, noticeably thin and I am already receiving free app offers at BBWorld.

    The one I have is unlocked so it was full price plus a 'rarity charge' because I think someone bought a bunch from Jakarta overnight on the 16th. I got the last one in town.

    At the price it is a steal. Better than Lumina and Samsung's of the approximate same size. It is running BB10.2.1.2788.

    Somewhat unexpectedly it came preloaded with Javanese and Suvanese languages options as well as Bahasa Indonesia and of course the other international choices.

    It is going to score well here and in India.
    May 19 01:36 AM | 31 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Look At BlackBerry's QNX Business [View article]
    This short article concentrates on the vehicle side of QNX applications but there is surely a large number of other applications which have fond a spot for QNX over the years.

    Usually one hears about the use of inherently safe and stable software for applications requiring high reliability such as nuclear power stations and medical equipment. Are these growth areas or not? Seems to me they are.

    Andreas as usual says there is no business worth speaking of. I guess it depends on how big the company is that you work for. The unsupported claim that BBRY doesn't report QNX income separately because it isn't much has no bearing on the topic. The potential for the use of an operating system is not very related to cost but to what it does.

    It is well known though not stated above that MSFT has a competing system and Ford was using it, and has decided to give up because it is causing so many disappointments for customers. No one has a story like that about QNX.

    As infotainment systems are just really starting to roll off the assembly lines, the future holds that not only will every vehicle have such a system, even motorcycles and mopeds will eventually. Each one will pay a little fee. I have seen worse propositions touted as business plans.

    Is it true that the QNX OS will run BES12? Are we looking at a smaller, faster, more secure version of LINUX for internet servers? Interesting to think about.
    Jun 6 05:56 PM | 27 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Is On The Right Track [View article]
    I received a mental upgrade over the weekend to be able to understand better how MDM systems work because this is really going to be a challenging field with new entrants, it seems.

    Mobile Iron and the others are going to the public looking for investment money to (do something) and presumably make a living poaching in BlackBerry's space or expanding into it as it grows faster than BBRY does.

    What is clear from a good hard look at how these applications work is that BBRY is in a very, very good position to capitalize on the IoT and the 4G and 5G networks that are emerging.

    It is well known that the US market and regulation is so strangled by its bizarre history, and the Canadian market is so dominated by two sluggish and monopolistic behemoths (Rogers and Bell) that North America are not going to be leading this field. Sad by true.

    Most of the ROW's (rest of world) approach is far more pragmatic and better regulated in the sense that things 'which work' can be implemented much faster and to far larger numbers of customers. The field is dominated by companies based in the Middle East and Europe, China and India. They are going to be putting in equipment that is the equal of everything else and the carriers offer rather different deals: you get what you pay for. That may seem odd to mention, but in the US/Canada/Europe there is a tradition of paying for 'access' up to a certain limit, whereas in the Third World selling someone access to '2 gig of data' and then cancelling access after 30 days is considered theft. It should roll over.

    There is an attitude problem of 'we have a right to make lots of money from our captive customers' exhibited for example by Telkom in South Africa which holds a monopoly and is single-handedly responsible for the high telephone and internet charges to and from that country. These sorts of 'trust' things (in the old fashioned robber baron meaning) are undermined by the IoT.

    The future looks a lot more like IoT than Verizon forcing iPhones on customers because they have a penalty-riddled contract, if you get my drift. In the MDM space, both the near and long term, BES, BES in the cloud (which I will call BESIC), secure NOC's and the secure work space are nearly priceless. The others are in no position to recreate that infrastructure soon, though MS is trying hard right now to do exactly that (Office 365 is formidable). I have mentioned before that MS and BBRY are the only two with an OS capable of taking everything to the cloud.

    There is huge risk in connecting things together, especially everything. It can only be made safe by using a secure NOC approach. MDM for the 'others' is simply a way of controlling what does or does not happen on a hand held device outside the building, managed from behind a firewall. Such systems are filled with opportunity to hack, read and gain control. They pose no real threat to BES save for information that is 'secure enough'.

    If Apple and MS are going to do all those cool and nifty things, they are going to do it on QNX and if it must be secured, through BBRY's NOC's.
    Jun 2 08:58 AM | 26 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: Stuck In No Man's Land? [View article]
    I remember not long ago the quarterly turnover was 690 million and everyone was impressed. Now it is only 1 billion. Gee. What a disaster. Wish my company had bad luck like that.

    As for the 'no man's land arrow' - it is as valid as the 'paradise arrow' that follows the line a few weeks before. Both mean absolutely nothing.

    There are a lot of errors in the above article. Chen did not say he would turn it around (above break even) in '2 years' he said by Q1 of FY 2015 which is only 11 months away. Etc.

    Saying he will stop selling hardware if it is not profitable makes sense. But hardware can be profitable just like everyone else's hardware. The Z30 is said by many to be the best device on the market at the moment, though I prefer a keyboard.

    The Bold 9900 is said by component experts to be the highest quality handset ever manufactured, period. Every single component is the highest quality available. Perhaps that is why the likes of the World Bank hand them out even now. They want reliable communication over a secure network with an easy to manage enterprise system that is not at risk from things like the HeartBleed/HoofBlood/H... bugs.

    Now about losing money on hardware. What was the margin on hardware sales 2 quarters ago? And what was the margin in the last quarter? Oh yeah - it is up. And they sold over a million devices that were in stock, having written them down, but sold them anyway just as several commenters predicted on these very pages 6 months ago. Money in the bank. No wonder Seeking Alpha has better advice than the Street: subscribers can think and analyze.

    All those who think BBRY is a dead duck, put your money down and short the stock. But don't make those trades over the internet using a buggy app that pretends SSL is working. Use a BlackBerry or you might find your bucks are as ethereal as your planned profits.
    Apr 15 06:32 PM | 25 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta Is A Hit In Indonesia [View article]
    I am in Yogyakarta at the moment and tried to get a Z3 on launch day - not a chance. I managed to get some feelers out and a friend located a dealer who had one left and he brought it was brought to me. I was charged a premium because 'it is rare - the price might come down in a month'.

    Here was is deal: Z3 in the box, unlocked, single SIM, no contract, $220, delivered to the door, no negotiating - they are hard to get, BB10.2.1.2788, there was no launch in Yogyakarta, and very surprisingly, I got one of the 25,000 JAKARTA marked limited edition.

    It is basically like a larger Z10 in appearance or slightly thinner Z30 which I have used before for several continuous weeks so I am familiar with the OS. Frankly, the only difference seems to be the external build quality and it came with only a (cheaper) power supply and a (lower quality) set of ear buds, in terms of hardware.

    It is noticeably fast. That was something that impressed me. There was the usual basis software on it like Evernote and so on. People commenting on it mentioned 'the screen is big'. It has a Z10-type of typing system which has set the standard internationally since it came out. Personally I prefer the real keys of a Q10, but for reading SA and other sites, I prefer the much larger screen of the Z's.

    RAM is 1.5 GB and the performance is (visually) undetectably different from a Z30. It is thin, light, very nice screen brightness.

    There is no HDMI slot. I like the position of the volume controls on the 'other side' as it suits right handed people better. I plugged in the ear buds and used the built-in FM radio. It scanned the airwaves and in a surprisingly short time found about 30 local FM Stations. It is very similar in function to the Samsung FM radio app used by a workmate. You touch the frequency number of the station you want to hear. The ear bud wires serve as the antenna. The sound is superb as usual (the hardware team in Waterloo inserted a separate processor for sound a few years ago and it is built into the main chip).

    The USB charging port is on the bottom like a Bold. There are two cameras and I tried the wifi direct function to load some photos from my Q10 to the Z3 which I had not tried before, without looking up any instructions (typical me...). No problem - the interface is intuitive.

    Since Friday I have used it as a wifi phone and have not yet inserted a SIM card (no need). Last night I went to BlackBerry World and received several free offers of paid apps and I downloaded about 10. This marketing idea was also used on the other BB10's: each day or each week there is a small selection of bonus apps. You have to pay attention to them get free.

    Finally, the Z3 has not yet been launched in Yogyakarta so the only reliable way to get one is to order it on line which requires getting a network locked one at a discount. The highest discount heard so far was Rs600,000 from the Rs2.100,000 list price (11,300/$). Most were in the 300k discount range, but all were tied to one of about 5 carriers.

    Price - it is cheaper than a lower spec'd Lumina, les than 1/2 the price of a Galaxy phablet, and within the range of the ordinary Androids. They can't touch the OS or the speed. I'd say it was going to do well in Asia. Finally a note that it comes preloaded with English, Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese and Suvanese as system languages. Presumably in India it would be preloaded with a selection of regional languages.
    May 18 09:00 PM | 23 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Ignored Junk, BlackBerry Just Piled In It [View article]
    Heh heh.

    "The worst thing that can happen is that the Z3 becomes a success, one that will cannibalize BlackBerry's flagship handsets. "

    Right - creating products to specifically cover a market that is not reached by other products in the line is a bad idea.

    People who buy $200 phones cannot afford a $500 phone. They want a BlackBerry in Indonesia, if they can get their hands on one but they have been expensive. Selling only expensive hand phones as they are called, means losing out to market share. Those who buy a Z3 because it is a good deal at a price less than a Samsung or iPhone were not going to buy a Z30 anyway. There is no cannibalization at all. It will chow into the market share of others.

    The Z3 is a far better device than a 4 year old iPhone or a 1 week old iPhone, or a Galaxy 5.

    Cook's hubris about 'not making junk' is laughable. A lot of people wished he meant it. Ever dropped an iPhone and broken the screen? Millions and millions of people have. Replacing it costs more than a Z3.

    At BlackBerry they have an app for that: it is called a drop test and junk is not allowed to go out with the company name on it. Others are less picky.
    May 13 09:39 AM | 23 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: Project Ion Is A Step Forward To The $15 Price Target [View article]
    I am surprised how many times you need to tell us that there is no 'proof' that the Z3 is not a smash hit. There are no numbers so there is no proof of anything. The future of BlackBerry handsets doesn't hinge on one low end device made for a regional market. Get over it.

    QNX is the best thing going for MtM and that's that. It happens to belong to BBRY. They are going to make money with it.

    BES already makes money. BIS refuses to die. New high end devices arrive every few months.

    What's not to like?
    May 26 07:29 AM | 22 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Demystified 6: The Z30 Sold Out, Do We Have A Black Swan? [View article]
    Keep an eye on the new product launch in Indonesia - it is going to be telling what happens in the sub-$200 market a 5" device with a clear screen and three-language-at-a-time capability. It has an FM radio to boot.
    May 8 10:18 AM | 22 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Z30 And Phablet Market Could Be BlackBerry's Savior [View article]
    "bankrupt soon"?

    Based on what, exactly? Maintaining sufficient cashflow while implementing a turnaround strategy while launching a new OS and 6 new products in 10 months?

    This is clearly not a company that is "going bankrupt ".

    The Z30 looks like yet another awesome, very well made device running BB10. Any specs yet? I presume it also has an HDMI port like the other '10's. It's pretty easy to be bullish on BlackBerry.
    Sep 12 06:11 AM | 21 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Demystified 8: Did Volkswagen Just Buy A Critical Part Of BlackBerry's QNX Team? [View article]
    Based on history, the bet by the shorts is reasonable. Based on recent history it is a wild dare.

    As for me, I have some shares, bought more earlier this year and will not be selling them for at least 2 years. A turnaround is not a day-trading activity. The long term value is there, and the necessary 5-10 year horizon plan was developed years ago. The IoT requires a new OS, devices, methods, communication protocols and marketing strategy for emerging country demographics (which is where the action is).

    The US market is stale. It is like a chicken house where the food supply has been cut off and the chickens are looking around saying, "Food is no problem at all, we still have each other."

    BBRY owns QNX. Selling a team of engineers is not selling the underlying product, it is selling a capacity to someone who wants it.

    The hardware team in Waterloo (and elsewhere) was decimated. The radio team - true world leaders in hard and software - is already back in (independent) business carrying on as before on their own. BBRY can license things from them - no problem. If developers aren't greedy, business is good.

    There is a vehicle analogy: In the 1920's there were a lot more 'car manufacturers' than there are now - hundreds of them. But they didn't make engines. Continental, an engine manufacturer, supplied Continental Blue Star engines to all sorts of companies. Durant was one who used that engine, a 6-cyl electric start beauty. Wheel manufacturers were so independent, there was until a few years ago a legal distinction in Canada saying the wheels were not part of the vehicle, and summonsing the owner of a 'car' meant the owner of the wheels should also be summonsed if the legal infraction involved both (like being in a no-parking zone together).

    So a 'cell phone company' can be a coordinator only and go as deep into production as is convenient. How many people work for Nike? I mean directly, as employees. Any idea? I heard it is about 12. Designers? Distributors? Factory workers? Not a sausage.

    Let the new VW workers develop car-oriented firmware and put it into every thing that moves. No problem. Just send the royalties to 2200 University Ave E, Waterloo.
    Jul 3 01:22 AM | 19 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What To Look For In BlackBerry's Make Or Break Quarter [View article]
    "The only rub is that the screen size needs to be comparable for the user experience to be good. As Techcrunch writer Steve O'Hear discusses, the Q10 can run the apps but the workaround is awkward. It seems the physical keyboard, which is what separates BlackBerry apart, takes real estate away from the screen."

    Are you aware that BBRY makes other screen formats?
    Jun 11 09:01 AM | 19 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Another BlackBerry Catalyst - Services [View article]

    Is Samsung 'destroying' Blackberry now because they too have a full service private network delivering equivalents of BBM, BB Money, BB Voice, complimentary hardware and their own high efficiency OS with easy integration to cloud computing and remote desk topping?

    I didn't think so.

    Can an Android phone a) keeps the viruses at bay and b) run 16 programs simultaneously while c) sharing the screen with someone halfway round the world?

    No, it can't.

    Can a Samsung phone plug into an HDMI TV to give a presentation using a second phone as a remote control and mouse pad?

    Well maybe one day they will catch up.

    Oh yeah, and have a build quality that outguns every other device in the world?

    I didn't think so.
    May 25 12:32 PM | 19 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Major U.K. Outlets Hike BlackBerry Z10 Price Above iPhone 5, Black Market Thriving [View article]
    I disagree, rtmunro, that lifting the restriction indicates anything other than the stock management has been successful. Why did it take 3 weeks before such a move was made? To create the 'fake impression' that demand was so high they had to wait? Gimme a break.

    Why is it that 3 weeks post-launch there are still people wanting to buy multiple units at a time? Is that also 'a bad sign' for sales volume?

    I have had a BB10 in my hands and it is an iPhone killer, plain and simple, even at a higher price.
    Feb 21 10:26 AM | 19 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple And IBM Team Up, And The Winner Is... BlackBerry? [View article]
    Ranalli, I like how you managed to get in '$148'! It makes the future look so much worse when you do!

    Don't but the Passport if you don't like the shape. It is for professional and designed with their participation.
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