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  • Once Again, Nokia Gets Downgraded By Goldman Sachs  [View article]
    @Waterloo Might you consider writing a consumer review of your device somewhere. I am sure you could find readers who would be interested in the minute details of your experiences making photographs, dialing phone calls, using various apps and the like.
    But not here, where you are merely a dirty smear on paper.
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  • A Growing Chinese Middle Class: 3 Stocks To Buy, 1 To Avoid  [View article]
    @OldWarrior This stock has been the target of considerable shenanigans (we all recall that on the day NOK made a big announcement about the Lumia a great sell off began nearly an hour BEFORE the announcement!).
    Per Nasdaq data, short interest in NOK at 12/32 was 292M; 1/15 313M; 1/31 340M; 2/15 331M; 2/28 338M (no data of EU markets). You can see that there is about a 10% bump over January, which held about even during Feb.
    Because of these machinations, it is very hard to get a handle on what is up with the SP, which seems to have little relation to what the company is actually doing these days. Articles like J Steinberg's new one help shed a little light on what is going on behind the scenes, which helps.
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  • A Growing Chinese Middle Class: 3 Stocks To Buy, 1 To Avoid  [View article]
    @System Those students represent the "kids" in families of those classes I referenced and the fashion that they continue to follow.
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  • A Growing Chinese Middle Class: 3 Stocks To Buy, 1 To Avoid  [View article]
    @Old Warrior Having spent a lot of time in China recently and over a fairly long period I can tell you that the Nokia brand in China is held in very high regard for quality and reliability.
    iPhone has been popular with the mostly younger and mostly female professional, business, and governing classes (mainly the wives and kids). In the last number of months I have seen heretofore iPhone families carrying Samsung, but professional men seem to carry whatever. I had it from a close acquaintance who works in marketing for China's largest internet services company that 3/4 of iPhone's market is in the Pearl River Delta, where 10% of the population are concentrated. The other pockets of iPhone are located in Shanghai, Beijing, etc. (the other major cities). The acquaintance in question was happily using an Asian knockoff droid device until her boyfriend made her a gift of an iPhone (it was not Valentine's day, but it was that kind of gift); she could care less, and soon she dumped the guy and wanted to give away the iPhone, too. The upper classes I have mentioned do not care much about price points for gadgets like this. Popularity and fashion is the driver.
    My own view is that the top end Lumias are not going to be the point of the spear of Nokia's revival in China, but their offerings across price points down to the lower end. The top end smartphones will have to undergo the popularity groundswell cycle, and that can be a fickle critter to tame.
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  • It's Not Just Apple Having Clone Problems  [View article]
    Lenovo's practice of copying names is absolutely standard operations for any Chinese manufacturer and vendor. Among the very pedestrian examples are a bakery shop called "macy" and a toothpaste called "Darlie," on every tube of which appears the exact image Charlie Chaplin. There is a definite intent to profit based on the brand identity and recognition created by others.
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  • A Growing Chinese Middle Class: 3 Stocks To Buy, 1 To Avoid  [View article]
    The remark that Shanghai will be the world fashion leader reveals an utter lack of understanding of the reality of attitudes, fashion and design behind the bamboo curtain. That will not happen in a thousand years.
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  • A Growing Chinese Middle Class: 3 Stocks To Buy, 1 To Avoid  [View article]
    Calm down, Old Warrior, there is no doubt as to what was meant. In fact, such double negatives have long been a core part of English, Chaucer even used them. It was the 18th century scholars who sought to weld English onto the frame of classical Latin that such 'rules' gained prominence. Otherwise I am getting sorry I did not get back in with you at $3.50 on Friday!
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  • Nokia Would Be Dead Without Microsoft  [View article]
    Nigeria certainly ranks in the top four or five in the Advanced Fee type of fraud. But no, not "most"
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  • Nokia's Run Is Done  [View article]
    @dutch He is a guy with an opinion and a basis for it, and it is relevant to the issue of the article and what we are all interested in. Yes, some others are calling for a near term $5 target. According to Nasdaq short interest data, as of 1/31 NOK is shorted 340 Million shares (on US markets alone), with increasing numbers reported for 12/14, 12/31, 1/15 and 1/31. So there is a lot of other opinion and outright manipulation on this issue.
    Long term, I am bullish NOK and have been so since back when people by the dozens were declaring on SA that NOK was "dead" and they were backing up the trucks to haul the furniture away. Odd, though, I don't see those user names any more!
    Feb 27, 2013. 10:51 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia's Run Is Done  [View article]
    When the SP did not maintain the highs it reached I got out of my long position on purely technical grounds, expecting an even larger correction. I still see an increase in short interest in January compared with December levels per Nasdaq data. I do not have that data from European markets. The surges since around mid November were driven by renewed hope and relief. The question that I think arose in mid January was what would continue to drive that market. For the buyers, it seemed to be that same hope, and for the sellers that question had no answer; it seems to be a push at this point.
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  • Nokia Would Be Dead Without Microsoft  [View article]
    Charles, very well put.
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  • Why Is Nokia Selling Off?  [View article]
    We need to remember that the SP was falling fast after the Christmas season run up, when Elop countered with the pre Q4 Earnings 'advice' and it ran up again on the news. But then the Q4 Report came out, as advertised, and investors realized they had no more reason to run the SP up higher, and it began to drop. This phenomenon has been seen before. Short interest has been very large for a very long time, even through each recent run up. But it is very hard for me to anticipate the little games that the hedge funds (such as those Cramer shills for) will play with this issue.
    Feb 6, 2013. 05:40 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Is Nokia Selling Off?  [View article]
    I still hear apocryphal stories about NOK quality from teenagers and young adults over there.
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  • Sell Nokia, Take Profits.  [View article]
    I am bullish on NOK for the long haul, and not just for the smartphone, but I did get out of my long position on technical grounds last week. I am also aware that despite the shift in prospects indicated by the improving fundamentals of the company, short interest both here and in EU remains very high. I thought exuberance in response to Elop's guidance pre Q4 report pushed the SP higher than the fundamentals supported as investors who believed that NOK would rise again found validation from the new facts, but that has been settling back down and will probably go too far the other way again. With a stock that has been targeted and labeled, as NOK has, I think the emotion of the moment has a stronger than normal influence in the equation.
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  • Sell Nokia, Take Profits.  [View article]
    Don't overestimate the "practicality" of the Chinese as buyers -- there fashion reigns supreme for anyone who can afford to pay the freight. It will not be price that costs APPL market share in China, but a shift in the fickle winds. (And let's not forget that at the top of the price scale, iPhone holds something like a 7% share there.)
    Feb 3, 2013. 04:54 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment