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  • These Nuclear Energy Stocks Could Be Next To Soar Like The Solar Sector [View article]
    Answer and links:

    The USA: 30,000 deaths/yr from coal pollution of 2,000 TWh/yr, or 15 deaths/yr/TWh, a ratio that will likely remain about the same over the years.

    China: 500,000 deaths/yr from coal pollution of 1,800 TWh/yr, or 278 deaths/yr/TWh, a ratio that will likely decline, as China implements safer mining practices and more efficient, cleaner-burning coal power plants over the years.

    Energy Source Mortality Rates; Deaths/yr/TWh

    Coal - world average, 161
    Coal - China, 278
    Coal - USA, 15
    Oil - 36
    Natural Gas - 4
    Biofuel/Biomass - 12
    Peat - 12
    Solar/rooftop - 0.44-0.83
    Wind - 0.15
    Hydro - world, 0.10
    Hydro - world*, 1.4
    Nuclear - 0.04

    * Includes the 170,000 deaths from the failure of the Banquao Reservoir Dam in China in 1975

    Nuclear is the safest power source in the world in terms of fatalities.
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  • ModernGraham Valuation Of Entergy Corp [View article]
    So are there ANY nuclear utilities you do find "qualified" by your model? Even SO and D and DUK would "fail" by the method you used. But any conservative investor would use more insightful analysis to really see beyond your model.
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  • Exelon, Entergy: Low-Cost Merchant Power Producers For A Market Turn [View article]
    It is interesting to see how low the cost of nuclear fuel is compared to gas and coal, but the time and capital costs of building the plants is the big difference. Southern takes advantage of the nuclear fuel low cost, and it should be noted that their new coal plants with scrubbers and newly regulated add-ons have taken long to build and have cost much more than first planned.

    Entergy and Exelon are not top-rated utilities and have risks for plant closures because of the poor regulatory environment and anti-nuke sentiment, and may have too many plants, too big of a service area to have their merchant fleet really impact their bottom line.
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  • Athabasca Basin - The Place To Be For The Upcoming Uranium Boom [View article]
    Your article is interesting but there is a major flaw in your analysis! The INDIAN reactors are going to use Thorium for fuel, since India has vast thorium deposits. Although Cameco and other companies may invest in getting mining rights, and future yield, there is no incentive to mine uranium at this time. Furthermore, although the Megatons to Megawatts program down-blending Russian high enrichment weapons grade U has been completed, the next HEU agreement is already in place with USEC/DOE and TENEX in Russia. This agreement uses TAILS or depleted uranium from Paducah and ships it to Russia to blend down the Russian HEU. TENEX will be able to use this LEU for Russian reactors and European reactors, so there is no need for further mining now.
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  • Is Homeland Security Preparing For The Next Wall Street Collapse? [View article]
    So what would you suggest INVESTING in? Smith and Weston? Weapons companies? Come on now. This article is useless for seekingalpha readers!
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  • Top 3 Useless Stock Metrics That Investors Use [View article]
    Very informative article. Thanks for pointing out the problems with using these "useless" metrics. Would there be any relative uses for them, for instance if there were 2 stocks with the same yield percent, same P/E, same PEG, payout ratio etc., but the P/S or ROA are different. Would the differences be sufficient to help pick from stocks with the same P/E, PEG, Yield etc? I agree that the cash flow metric is totally useless!
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  • Do Retirees Need A Dividend ETF Or A Portfolio Of Individual Stocks? - Part 4 [View article]
    Please explain your "chowder rule"......or make it linkable to another article.
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  • Luis A. Reyes Elected to FirstEnergy Board of Directors [View article]
    Reyes will bring a good perspective and vision to FE, namely, nuclear safety and improved operations. This should help the FE nuclear plants to get their act together since they have been on the bottom tier (or $#!tlist) for the NRC oversight. Hopefully he will lead the nuclear committee to get the FE management in shape.

    I don't own FE, never owned it and would not until they get their act together.
    Sep 18 03:16 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • GSE Systems: An Energy Play With Solid Catalysts And 200% Upside [View article]
    Never would do that! I was employed for 15 years in utility land, then taught nuclear engineering (fuel, design, and safety) 8 years and now work in a particular government agency. 36 years in total!!

    But the nuclear utility staff engineers are NOT great computer simulation engineers to know the "tricks". The DOE lab staff develop complicated computer programs to evaluate detailed safety issues, but not to run better- than -real time. The utility reactor operators come mainly from the nuclear navy program and most are not BS-completed engineers, nor are they programmers etc. They follow orders (in the Navy) and follow the procedures they get from the reactor vendors--period. Who checks the procedures? A PhD neutron/thermal hydraulics computer code jock like me at the utility to be sure it makes sense....I actually found a few errors in the Westinghouse and GE operating procedures when I was in utility-land. Then NRC and the reactor vendors had me and my students assist them on nuclear safety and operational issues with in-depth analysis, and I was their consultant specifically because I had analysis, and operating experience as a utility staff nuclear engineer.
    Now in government, we are seeking to get the best analysis tools, best simulation platforms, experiments to confirm separate effects etc.

    The plant operators are NOT allowed to experiment on the operating board, nor on the simulator! Yes I have had simulator time too, and been in the control room.

    The beauty of GVP is that they have a cadre of folks from each area, along with a very talented group of computer simulation specialists to get it done well, and work well with the utility and nuclear vendor staff too.
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  • USEC spike after shares added to SHO buy-in list [View news story]
    Yes, I would like to call him up and scream into the phone today.....I will cool off a bit and then call up and rant less loudly.
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  • USEC spike after shares added to SHO buy-in list [View news story]
    USEC is not well run, I agree. But the Nuclear Navy will not get uranium from a foreign enrichment company. The Centrifuge technology R&D is almost done, and we need it to supplement the Silex (Laser) technology which is not efficient for higher enrichments. Our DOE research reactors still use enrichment > 20% (HEU) and so does the MIT and Univ. of Missouri reactors, and the Commerce Department's National Bureau of Standards reactor in MD. There is no LEU equivalent fuel for these DOE, DOC, or university reactors yet--the development effort has been delayed, and that LEU conversion fuel testing has been a mess. So, unless DOE commits to having the GE Global SILEX units scaled up at Paducah, the political tea leaves show that the Centrifuge project will continue there.
    BTW, I am pissed too about the USEC performance. I told my broker to sell some of my shares at $18 last week, and he didn't and we argued. Oh well.
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  • USEC spike after shares added to SHO buy-in list [View news story]
    1 to 25 reverse split to be accurate.
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  • USEC spike after shares added to SHO buy-in list [View news story]
    Just so you know USU has intrinsic value and I do have some stock ....never shorted it either!
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  • USEC spike after shares added to SHO buy-in list [View news story]
    This should stop all the $USU short-sellers dead in their tracks!! And the recent price slide and volitility.
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  • Southern Company: Debt Or Equity? [View article]
    Your article was very helpful. It is interesting to see how SO and its subsidiary utilities structure their debt and use working capital. Please comment on how stable you think the current common stock SO dividend is, and whether it would be cut, kept the same or increase, pending any large drops in the SO price. Currently the P/E is high, and yield is high compared to other nuclear utilities. But I think the strength of the company warrants this premium.
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