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  • Explosive risk of Bakken crude oil is understated, rising number of officials say  [View news story]
    WAIT, WHAT?? The President "shut down Keystone" because he has ties to Warren Buffett, a railroad guy...well, a stretch to be sure. Fantasy dreaming to fit your narrative is more like it, or worse yet, cognitive dissonance. The other half of your fellow Obama haters would say just the opposite, that OBAMA placates to the environmentalists, and would never go for more oil being transported on trains either, so which is it? Would you people please make up your minds who OBAMA is beholden too!! But I don't get your 2nd statement. Even making the statement ... "the Republicans will go after Democrat fundraisers ...." should scare you as much as me. To be happy that any political party would "go after" someone or something should make ALL of us CRINGE, but I guess the way you figure it, it's "ok" as long as it's not "you" that anyone is going after....sheesh....wel... to 1938 Germany, I guess. But to further read along, I don't get the point your making. Take out the environmental lobby....and "who" exactly is calling "oil on freight cars a ticking time bomb to do the trick"...to do what "trick?" are you talking about? I can't even begin to comment on the comment "Obama was the guy who made that explosion a page 4 item"....I work in NYC.....1,800 miles from the explosion and...it was FRONT PAGE NEWS!! Even on your hated NYT!! Let me stop here. My head hurts from all this hating or disinformation.....ay yi YII!
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  • Duke Energy to remove coal ash from four North Carolina sites  [View news story]
    West Virginia !!.....apparently they hate government regulations......and I guess that means they prefer contaminated water and air to anything the federal government wants......so, go figure.
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  • LinkedIn: What Is Hidden Behind The Losses?  [View article]
    My last (hopefully) comment regarding why I am against articles arguing FOR looking at a companies financials is this. HOW COME that EPS, REV, PROFIT,etc., etc, how come that's NOT the same number(s) that's REPORTED to the government?? Case closed. Seems to me profit or earnings should be black and white. 2 + 2 is 4. Period. Not 6 some quarters and -16 in other quarters.....and then 12 in yet others..... (PS, not looking for a lesson in preparing financial statements...I work in accounting....I know the reasons why....I'm just saying...I still don't LIKE it. Doesn't seem right. And again, when a stock is going up, the Analysts always talk about "NON-GAAP" EPS.....when it's going down....it's all about the "GAAP" earnings at that point....what a joke! Just sayin'.....
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  • LinkedIn: What Is Hidden Behind The Losses?  [View article]
    Yeah, you're right about the insider sales being posted pretty quickly now. I guess I must have been thinking and associating the reporting of insider sales with the reports/reporting (change in positions - increasing or decreasing) that are filed within 3 or 6 months to the SEC from Mutual Funds, or other large holders, etc etc. While, if you LOOK for it, you will find it that yes maybe it was reported somewhere that insiders sold $27M worth of stock in the first week of 2014, but funny how something like Insider sales of $608M in LNKD stock was sold in the last 6 months by Insiders - doesnt get an iota of press from CNBC, Cramer, Fox Business, etc etc. Hmm. Wonder why? But this is digressing. And p.s. not when the -28% becomes -56%. Like Adam Smith or Will Rogers said (if I recall correctly) - "The Market can stay irrational longer that you can stay solvent". THAT, my friend, is the biggest reason I am against mostly all articles and arguments FOR looking at a company's financials. Usually, by the time the "financials" paint the real picture of a company, it's too late. You know, like the Analyst who came out with a SELL rating (from a BUY) the day before hmm, was it ENRON?? or WORLDCOM??...I forget now, too many names to remember, but the outcome was the same, but this was one of the telecom? giants in the late 90's tech bubble...but the day before the company filed for bankruptcy - he came out with a SELL rating! What a joke.
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  • LinkedIn: What Is Hidden Behind The Losses?  [View article]
    Well, you are missing my point. I don't have a personal opinion about this stock, or any of the other ones - the "high-fliers" I mentioned. I guess my point really is about talking about "financials" like they really MATTER. When truth be known, and not that they are completely worthless, but, like I said, after years and years of following stocks, I have learned that the financials don't matter. I heard this a while back, and for a while, it didn't seem to make sense. Wall Street loves a bad economy or an improving economy. It never has and never will like a good strong economy. Why? Well, what's a company to do in a good economy. Meet estimates. That's about it. Nobody gets rewarded for meeting estimates. Who gets rewarded? Companies that "beat" estimates. Doesn't matter if everyone knows they were too low to begin with, it's the small sucker like me and you and see, "Oh, XYZ company beat by 10 cents", and run out and buy the stock, when the big boys are busy selling. Think about it. Have you ever read where a company's stock "popped", because the CEO said, "we see a recession coming, and have reduced expenses and cut back on orders. Our Revenue may come in less than last quarter, but our EPS will increase by 15% and as such our cash has increased significantly". No. Never. And that's because generally, I find - FINANCIALS DON'T MATTER. A company's balance sheet could be twice as strong as it was the previous years' quarter, and yet the stock will be down 28%. Think financials matter? Think again. Like I said before, a stock is HOT until it's NOT. And no one knows when that is unless you are an insider, a MM or a HF guy. That's why insider transactions aren't required to be reported until some 6 - 9 months AFTER the FACT. They're out. You're left holding the bag. I'm not saying short, I'm not saying buy. I'm just saying, don't believe the hype or lack thereof, regarding a company's "financials".
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  • LinkedIn: What Is Hidden Behind The Losses?  [View article]
    What a great article on a day the stock is down some -4.5% at ~$208 today, and down around -18.5% since reaching highs a few weeks/month back at around $252. Not disparaging the article or the writer, but as an investor for the past 20 years....all these stocks, and I mean ALL of them....they are HOT until they're NOT. That was the best and truest thing I ever heard Cramer say about any stock, including these high-fliers (NFLX, TSLA, CMG, etc etc) That's it. Plain and simple. Until the "big boys", the HF's, the MM's STOP buying, it won't go down. Ever. No matter what the financials say the company is or isn't doing. I would bet, from anecdotal evidence, that the "financials" of LNKD were probably better a few years back - while we were still in a recession, than they are now. HOWEVER, the Hedge Funds, Private Equity, the Money Managers....they all pile into stocks when they are going UP....it's herd mentality. You are paying for growth! That is the most laughable comment I've ever heard. It's like saying, you have to pay for AIR. When the big boys have had enough/made enough, it will slowly start to creep back down, so suckers like me and you will scoop it up at 200, thinking it will go back UP to 225 or 245....and it never does. Next stop, 165........then 145...... THEN ....we sell. And by that time, it's too late, its a MATURE company, and it will stay around 80 or 90 bucks forever....or until the next recession. Like the old saying goes, Wall Street is the only place people don't buy things when they go ON SALE!!
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  • What Salesforce.com Might (And Might Not) Buy With Its $1 Billion  [View article]
    As usual, and nothing against SalesForce, but when these stocks reach 185, the price target is bumped up to 225. And when it reaches 225, it invariably gets bumped up to 400 and on and on. Meantime, NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE (the analysts are the worst of the bunch) talks about GAAP and EPS, words like that are eschewed and are as welcome as ants at a picnic. No one starts talking about lack of REAL product development. Sure, as this author notated, the CEO put on a nice dog and pony show, but what the hell does all this "central marketing platform for customer centric solutions" mean?? Wait, what? Didn't we hear this all before .. ARIBA...COMMERCE ONE.....ENTREMED......... are they all now ?? In the crapper. Again, nothing against CRM, I'm sure they have very nice products and platforms for whatever it is that they do, my gripe is really how Wall Street always treats these "High-Flying Darlings" The sky is the limit. Until they hear feel a bump. Or was it a Thump?? It's all about Revenues, Revenues, Revenues.....then, the thing comes crashing down, and when the stock hits like 50 or 45, them THAT'S when they start talking about EPS and GAAP earnings. THAT's also when they go to a HOLD rating. Or it gets REMOVED from their CONVICTION LIST Hmmm, really?? Is that the time to put a HOLD RECOMMENDATION on the Stock?? Not at 255, not 215, not 165, not 115.....but 45 or 35. Really?? Watch out below folks. The end is near. Don't TRY TO CATCH A FALLING KNIFE!! Let the Wall Streeters get hit with this falling brick, stay clear.
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