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  • More on NSA tracking: the agency reportedly monitors call data from AT&T (T) and Sprint (S), as well as from Verizon (VZ) (as reported yesterday). Together, the service providers have 314.6M wirelesss and landline accounts. The NSA's operations also encompass purchase information from unnamed credit-card providers.  [View news story]
    Where do we stop when we allow government to take a freedom in exchange for safety and security? Wikipedia reports that there are an average of 10.8 (USA) deaths per 100,000 related to automobiles. They also report that there are an average of 4.7 (USA) homicides per 100,000 of which a very small number are due to terrorism. Is are fear rational? Are we giving up way too much for way too little?
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  • Index ETFs Rally As Sequester Nears  [View article]
    The Price gains are there, but where's the Volume? I don't see conviction yet. IBD calls this a Market in Correction and I am waiting for proof that the Uptrend has really resumed.
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  • How To Become A Millionaire Without Really Trying  [View article]
    What is the difference between an ETF and an ETN? Is there a difference in risk? Are there both ETFs and ETNs that track the S&P 500? Sorry for all the fundamental questions, but I am confused. A link will do. Thanks.
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  • How To Become A Millionaire Without Really Trying  [View article]
    I appreciate Macro bringing my attention to leveraged index ETFs. I also appreciate the dynamic discussion of his articles. On the concept of retiring with over $1 million in your Roth IRA, I prepared myself a simple spreadsheet a while back. Invest in a 1X ETF like SPY in a Roth IRA starting with your first job at 18. How much? Look at your paystub and see how much the gov't takes out for Social Security and Medicare. Use this. Assuming $10/hr, about $1500/yr (that's only $30/wk) goes into your Roth. Assume SPY adjusted for dividends yields say 9%. By 64 you have over $1 million and at 65 your tax free income from your Roth IRA is over $100,000 per year. The point is, it pays to get started early, even with a modest investment. A kid working at a fast food restaurant could do this. Thanks.
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