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  • Warning To Netflix Investors  [View article]
    Agreed Michael. Everyone seems to be drinking the wine again. Things can change /are changing very quickly in media and tech. NFLX has it's mojo right now but there are a lot of important players with deeper pockets, less debt, and more diversity. Right now the studios and content providers love the premium NFLX is willing to pay to play, but there are a number of companies who'd would break the marriage, exclusivity, etc. the minute NFLX starts cutting into their revenue models or stifles their own growth models.

    Personally I dropped NFLX because I'm uninterested in 90% of their library. I'd rather pick and choose. Two years ago NFLX's stock crashed due to implementation uncertainty, low price elasticity. I question if their customers are really that loyal when push comes to shove.

    I hate momentum stocks and the WallStreet analysts, institutions who pump them more & more. I'd love NFLX if it were a $200 stock; however when a subscription company increases it's market cap by billions nearly every month, I can only think of the .bomb era
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  • Investors Switch To Netflix In Q2 2014  [View article]
    Excuse me just noticed S.A. Article recently published on insider trading for a more thorough accounting:
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  • Investors Switch To Netflix In Q2 2014  [View article]
    Footnote, Insiders from Merrill Lynch + Director selling over $17.5m worth of 144 stock as of the end of last week.
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  • Investors Switch To Netflix In Q2 2014  [View article]
    Couldn't agree more "GoingLong"!

    NFLX has already priced in European expansion and it's forward 105x PE is too aggressive given rising competition + content costs & lack of clarity w/ issues like net neutrality. They also have a lot of contingent liabilities off balance sheet and their stock has been dilutive given the need to raise additional capital.

    While NFLX is the clear leader in streaming, no one can deny the whole space/industry is evolving with increasing competition. It is becoming an la carte model whereas the consumer will have "many" affordable options for content + delivery. It is also well documented their most profitable DVD delivery business is shrinking and will probably become obsolete.

    While I do commend NFLX for creating new content and being innovative (once again w/ Chelsea), personally I get in & out of NFLX subscription and share it with my girlfriend whenever I want due to the fact I've seen most everything I want to see out of their library. Although it is more convenient to stream, for me, it is no different than walking into a Blockbuster and struggling to find a movie to get excited about because 85% of the titles are passe. In other words, their older content distribution model has a shelf life and there are dozens of opportunities/channels on t.v. to see "Old School" titles. Furthermore, their new stuff is very expensive (although they can spread out cost per customer as they expand their audience). It a windfall for the studios because NFLX takes the risk and has to live with flops.

    Bottom line, it is this type of irrational exuberance, corrupt analysts raising price targets and pump & dump institutional investors that makes me a contrarian on this stock. Home gamers should stay away from unless they like high risk-return given NFLX is the most "the most" volatile S&P stock in the last 3 yrs. NFLX will test the highs and could ride continued momentum beyond $458; but ironically these types of high beta stocks can crash quickly as we witnessed time after time.

    NFLX & AMZN are both great disruptors but have the stocks have gone way too far, too fast. Sooner? or later? they will be traded on technicals when growth reaches point of diminishing returns and fundamentals are stretched. Take profits now if you have them!
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  • Why Has Entered The Payments Business: Cash Flow  [View article]
    Budavar, can you provide a link to WSJ article? Thanks.
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  • Throw Out Amazon's Multiples; Focus On Cash Flow Potential  [View article]
    Dear Valuentum Securities; Thank you for your analyses. However, as your name suggests I see no Value in AMZN.

    Unfortunately, the only thing favoring AMZN at this point is all of the negative sentiment as a contrary indicator. While they continue to make consumers happy profits, margins, sales growth and guidance continue the slippery slide downward. Expense and competition mounting every month. The sun is setting on their honeymoon institutions are selling.

    p.s. I don't understand contributors like you guys that write these extensive S.A. articles only to disappear when it comes to answering all of your critics and having a healthy debate???
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  • Netflix Is Still Wildly Undervalued  [View article]
    I don't have to do my sit ups this morning because I'm laughing so hard...
    Let's save your post for the archives and talk in 2015
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  • Netflix Is Still Wildly Undervalued  [View article]
    Gary J, Bohsie, Brian??? I'd love some more of your
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  •, Inc. misses by $0.01, beats on revenue  [View news story]
    They are doing a brilliant job masking transparency, lack of profits with inflated revenues. Despite the fact there are many positives with innovation, one thing for sure, business is not going to get any easier for any of their operating divisions.

    Mounting competition increasing every month, growing state taxes online eroding sales base, delivery costs outpacing revenue gains, dilution via compensation plans and need to raise more capital to fund massive investment to name a few.

    Great company, horrible stock. It's a suckers play. Watch out for the pump and dump from institutions...
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  • Netflix Bears May Want To Hibernate  [View article]
    Netflix Bears May Want To Hibernate...REALLY? You sure about that?
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  • Amazon Earnings: A Sneak Peek  [View article]
    Get ready to go back to work Gar:)
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  • Profit From The Gossip Against Netflix  [View article]
    AND the fact that Reed Hastings came out in defense of stronger net neutrality rules shows that ISP's are likely to raise cost of delivery and NFLX which will cost more $. Despite NFLX bulls trying to convince readers other wise.
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  • Amazon backed by Oppenheimer again  [View news story]
    What's the thesis, "pump & dump"?!
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  • Netflix Is No Stranger To The Pivot  [View article]
    Where did the author go? He isn't answering our rebuttals???
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  • Netflix Is No Stranger To The Pivot  [View article]
    Well Mike, I just pulled that number out of a hat but one has to give them a little bit of credit for implementing, building a huge customer base worldwide, producing decent content, and setting the bar for streaming video.
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