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Heavy on STEM and ACTC. I bought WEL before they sold to HAL and I like Clear Diesel and Rentek {RTK}. I have been shorted out of the market by huge English and American financial Institutional investor groups many times. The oil field barrel prices are too high now and the market will soon correct. This is like the Gold market. Nobody ever came to you before the Gold market went up did they? Notice they are trying to dump over-priced Oil Futures like they are cancerous or something.

Take heed. I've been there. I worked in the oil field for ten years as a consultant and drilling engineer for companies like Halliburton.
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Ronald Andrew Decker Custom Farming Services Contact me for details. I am not listed on any exchange currently and I am only a privately held company with no desire to incorporate as an LLC.
Save the Economy I wrote most of the information after doing a lot of research on my mother's health situation. When I saw all the positive research in areas of Emphysema going immediately to children's hospital's and not also to the Elderly I became unhappy. These people were dying of lung diseases and taking risks for ...More
Currently, there are no book details for Stickmanwithahaircut.
CDTI up 160% on sales deal with Honda Mar 11, 2014