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  • Xvansan
    was hoping for a bigger pullback on $SING today
    Feb 4, 10:23 AM
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    • sethlemay: I was out this morning and after I've researched the company I won't buy again
      Feb 4, 10:27 AM
    • sethlemay: Used to be called carbon credits international. This Company is just going after 2 hot sectors causing mania
      Feb 4, 10:27 AM
    • sethlemay: Almost back up to 8 cents though where I sold it. 6.5k profit was my tally
      Feb 4, 10:29 AM
    • Xvansan: I feel like me watching the stock brought it luck. So, I'll be happy with a 5% lucky consultant fee ;)
      Feb 4, 10:32 AM
    • sethlemay: It looks like they go after what is hot. Which was carbon credits a few years ago. After they get a big share boost they dilute
      Feb 4, 10:35 AM