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  • Investing For Retirement: A Different Strategy For The $7 Million Portfolio [View article]
    It is interesting but I doubt anyone who has wealth is interested in CDs, since they have no real return.

    Vanguard Muni High and damn the torpedoes.
    Nov 27, 2015. 08:37 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 25% Allocation To Apple - Too Much Risk? [View article]
    Taking more risk while hoping to beat the averages is like anything that entails risk; it's ok until you experience the unforeseen event.
    Would you ever have thought A.I.G., Citibank, B.ofA., Merrill Lynch, Wachovia, Lehman Bros. would disappear?
    Some did because Hank Paulson didn't save them, Lehman and Wachovia went poof. The others were saved.
    I like 1. stock diversification 2. exposure to new growth potential stocks. So, I prefer funds.
    However, Apple is now a blue chip stock that you are safe enough keeping for those dividends.
    You'd be nuts to sell Apple if you have large capital gains taxes.
    Nov 21, 2015. 03:13 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Has Tim Cook Lost Focus? [View article]
    Wow, Apple made $3 billion from Beats?
    Nov 10, 2015. 05:52 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Has Tim Cook Lost Focus? [View article]
    Cook made a mistake buying Beats so I guess he lost his focus. Jobs would not have done that for sure.

    There are no more computing platforms to invent: desktop, laptop, tablet, small tablet, iphone.

    Nobody is ever going to buy an Apple device because it can run iTunes.

    I have a great streaming music device: Sony Radio Walkman.

    The present condition of music is so pathetic anyway, how anyone would consider spending billions and invest so much energy into streaming such stuff is beyond me but evidently someone listens to Taylor Swift or Kanye West.

    Apple's genius is gone, now the people running it will make a ton of money as it becomes a dividend machine.

    Nov 10, 2015. 09:52 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla Gives Us Further Information As The Bulls Strike At Strawmen [View article]
    Tesla sells an insignificantly low number of cars. The consumer buys few battery only cars.
    "The consumer will change his taste eventually."
    Gasoline may cost below $2/gallon soon ($1.50 plus tax).
    "The consumer will pay a premium for inconvenience and low range."
    Competitors are coming to eat Tesla's lunch.
    "BMW, Toyota, GM car engineers are dopes, Tesla employs geniuses!"
    Someone is going to lose money when the chickens come home to roost.
    Nov 5, 2015. 07:08 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Retirement Strategy: I Am Dumping 2 Stocks For One Aristocrat To Grow My Income Right Now! [View article]
    "Submitted for your approval" . Here's another way to make some income.
    Vanguard High Yield Corporate Admiral shares: 5.71% yield, 405 bonds.

    Vanguard High Yield Tax Exempt (muni bonds): 2.79%, 1219 bonds.

    Interest rate change is a risk to capital invested in either of these.

    I don't work for Vanguard.
    Nov 4, 2015. 09:09 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Mac Sales Continue To Grow, For Now [View article]
    The Macbook Air does not need to be replaced, because Apple now sells the new Macbook. The Macbook Air still sells so why dump it?

    At the end of the day, the only useful alternative to the Macbook is Dell XPS 13" running Ubuntu Linux. The Windows OS is a virus and spyware magnet.
    Oct 30, 2015. 01:56 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • You Want Bond Yields: Well, How About 14 Percent? [View article]
    This reminded me of when Carlos Slim (the world's richest fat Mexican) bailed out the NYTimes in 2009 with $250 million at 14% interest.
    Oct 22, 2015. 10:43 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Retirees Thrown Under The Bus Twice: Negative Interest Rates And No Social Security COLA [View article]
    My father had a potpourri of stocks and mutual funds and no idea why. He asked me to look at the stuff and also increase his income.
    1. Transfer stocks in kind out of Morgan Stanley (ripoff conman) to Vanguard brokerage. Sell all with small capital gains, no capital gains, capital losses to offset ones with capital gains. Keep 11 stocks with big capital gains and pay dividends.
    2. Buy Wellington, Wellsley Income, Muni High yield, Corporate High yield, High yield dividend index, Dividend Growth, Equity income funds. He has now all kinds of income. Muni High yield has the largest balance.
    3. For accounts he may not need to sell, Tax Managed Capital Appreciation, Total Stock Market Index. No pesky large 1099s anymore.
    Since my father worked until age 93 he's never going to care if Social Security gives him a raise.
    The economists and politicians have been sacrificing savers and responsible financial behavior for debtors and non producers for a long time.
    Oct 19, 2015. 09:01 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Retirement Strategy: More Idle Cash Means More Room For This Bull To Run For Dividend Growth Investors [View article]
    Worldwide the rich are always 1. making new cash to invest 2. seeking to invest it.
    Americans don't drive the stock market; the whole world does.
    Interest rates are not going up significantly.
    If interest rates are lower than dividends, where do you think the rich will invest their money?
    Those who are very rich of course can find good deals we cannot. Carlos Slim bailed out the NYTimes with $250 million at 14% interest in 2009.
    Oct 14, 2015. 09:49 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla: Recent Downgrades Are Shortsighted, Catalysts Offer Plenty Of Upside [View article]
    Tesla is a fad, but it sells a fantasy.
    Musk and Tesla are DeLorean reincarnated. If they stopped the corporate welfare, the house of cards would collapse.
    I wonder how many cars they will sell before I eat through a straw.
    Oct 11, 2015. 04:47 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is The 4% Rule Becoming The 2% Rule? [View article]
    I foresee paying myself somewhat with capital gains although i wont try to depend on it.
    Interest and dividends are great, but you can use the auctionplace of the stock market to get some cash too. Capital gains are your winnings in the auction and I will spend some of it someday.
    The trick is don't overdo it I guess.
    One of the Vanguard funds is Dividend Growth which is pretty good.
    Oct 8, 2015. 01:35 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is The 4% Rule Becoming The 2% Rule? [View article]
    Right you are. My father was at Morgan Stanley and I showed him that the total cost of owning a mutual fund there was 2.33%.

    Vanguard Index Total Stock Market Admiral: 0.05%
    Vanguard Tax Managed Capital Appreciation: 0.12%
    Vanguard Wellington Admiral Shares: 0.18%

    You can hire Vanguard for 0.30% per year for their adviser program, or it's free if your balance is $1 million.
    Financial planning services are free with a balance over $500K.

    I don't work for Vanguard.
    Oct 8, 2015. 10:32 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is The 4% Rule Becoming The 2% Rule? [View article]
    I think I might have a three asset type approach to the problem; bond funds, dividend stock funds, capital appreciation funds.
    Iif there is no capital appreciation one year, I just don't sell many shares of that type of fund. If i get a nice capital gain one year, I can redeem more of it to spend and maybe buy a few shares of income investments. It means my available cash would fluctuate.
    I would use Vanguard funds, and advice is either free or 0.30% depending on your account size.
    I don't really think about how to tackle this problem that much, but I should.
    Oct 7, 2015. 08:47 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Anything Higher Than 0% Is Now High Yield; Retirees Thrown Under The Bus Today [View article]
    Vanguard high yield corporate and muni bond funds add to the mix for extra income.

    I too wouldn't lend my money to uncle sam for nothing; I won't be an enabler of anyone who is not in control of his spending.

    Visiting Palm Beach Co. FL, I hear on the radio lots of ads for fixed annuities and muni bonds, retired people are all seeking some way of adding income.
    Oct 7, 2015. 10:17 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment