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  • Who's Really Ignoring 47% Of Americans Today? [View article]
    I am living in a HUD single apartment in San Jose, CA and received my bank statement from Bank of America. The earnings for a $1,000 security deposit for bad times earned only $.72 for the twelve months it set in the account. This is what the rich want from the poor, cheap money. It is time to pass a law that guarantes the interest rate for a non-market savings be at least .1% per month or $11.00 per year.

    The poor should work for less than $10.00 a year so the business owners, not just small business, can make a bigger profit. Banks are notorious for paying low wages to squeez a higher profit for management. This has reduced the amount of Social Security Tax and Medicare Tax that will be needed in the future to the poor.

    The government is giving away money earned by the banks to Real Estate Investors and Home Purchasers that knew they could pay for their loans giving the reason that lending practices were UNFAIR due to a change in the investment climate. When the situation was due to unfair practices of the former money managers should be sued for their unfair practices, maybe leaving them enugh to survive in their old age. Bank of America stockholders, especially former bank employees, earn only 4 cents a share per year on investments that averaged at least $25.00 per share that are now worth only $12.00 a share. The drop from $55.00 a share to $3.50 a share due to fraud in management should be covered by the responsible management and by the governments use of Bank of America to cover up the abuse of Country Wide that can be retrieved. Insiders are still controlling the markets in the united States and in China especially with the neocolonial setup by the Republican administration of Ronald Reagan.

    Many economists still say that the tax cuts by the Bush Administration while it was using needed tax money to pay for its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were STUPID. A bombing of Afghanistan that was done was enough punishment and the conquest of Iraq was also too much. Now Iran is being abused by again supposed Atomic development which could be selectively aken care off. Now the same problem with North Korea is being ignored because China and Russia want to continue their abuse of the United States. Stop giving too much attention to the problem and reply as the Chinese government does to its neighbors with We HAVE THE RIGHT to abuse you. The New Years Speech pointed out that the Communist Governments one party system ws more stable the two party systems of other governments in the world. They are giving lip service to controlling graft in government that is prosecuted when the party member is finally in the way.
    Jan 13, 2013. 12:11 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • U.S. Taxes: Who Makes And Who Pays - More Than The Rich Will Have To Pay More [View article]
    You list all of tax revenue for those that have good jobs, over $50,000 and the top 2%, but do not include those earning less than $50,000. It is the wage earners less than $50,000 that must spend almost all of their earnings after taxes. Inflation has cut into the pruchasing power of their earnings. The minimum wage earners do not have enough to live, even when each parent works at minimum wage. In 1977, working in a bank deposit entry verification and sorting department, the hourly wage was $3.35 an hour in Los Angeles. A married couple from the Phillipines worked two shifts to raise their three children. The managers of the unit gave them small deposits that took 10 minutes to balance each batch. Those entering large deposits, such as AT&T and large utilities, were paid $3.75 an hour. I was paid $3.50 an hour having worked for banks over 5 years at higher positions. The controlling clerk told of the unit manager that I was clearing a high number of items per what I was doing and he replied, "I do not waant to pay him more." I purchased a Montgomery Ward cheap suit for $49.00, cute down two sizes at no extra cost, that I wore every other day of the work week for three years. I refused to take a teller and operations job for less than $4.50 an hour. I was hired by an agency that paid me $5.25 an hour for the last two years in Los Angeles. When Security Pacific National Bankl sold to Bank of America the President of the bank received $49 million golden parachute for his part of running the bank into the ground. This situation is being done by large retail chains making a very good profits. A mininum wage raise to $10.00 an hour would increase the money in circulation, which is what is needed now. An immediate increase to $8.00 an hour would produce $2.16 a week increase in social security and medicare taxes from the worker each week. A stepwise increase of $.50 per hour would produce $1.44 increase a week. This would be matched by the employers. No one is worth more than $! million a month to be the front man of a large corporation. He does not know enough to manage all divisions of the company and has free perks paid by the corporation to cover almost all of his living expenses.
    Wantng to reduce social security and medicare coverage to give the top 2% more ways to cheat in paying their fair share of taxes. One only has to go to a large city that has a large minority population and a large international airport to recognize that the minority population does not use all of the top services paid by the city. Enforce the Feduicy Duty of the boards of directors to the stockholders to stop buy-backs of stock that do not increae the worth of the stock on a floating market where the Insiders can cheat. Let the present negotiations go over the clift so the insiders have to pay their fair share of society costs. Seven years teaching in China revealed the sweat shop work conditions of the migrant farm worker in the factories run and/or controlled by large international organizations.

    Dec 9, 2012. 12:15 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Fiscal Cliff And Deficit Conversation Misses The Point [View article]
    Going over the cliff adds a proportional tax increase that the Clinton tax policies produced a surplus. The saving of the bank system was NECESSARY to continue our economic system. $2,200.00 is not too much for someone making over $200,000 a year is getting top services from society. Everyone gets to give their share, even the Insiders that are crying the loudest now. A stepwise of the minimum wage to $8.00 per hour is not too much with a $.50 per hour increaswe every six months is need to add more consumption for basic needs.
    Enforcing the feduciary duty of the boards of directors to protect the investment of the shareholders would stop buybacks of stock that have very little influence on the market prices of the stock. The market fluctuation does not produce earnings for the normal investor and the organizations should share their profits with a limit of $1 million monthly salary to top management. Top management should be invested in the corporations (Funds) they manage to receive earnings (dividends). The Insiders are crying now to get back the ability to continue to cheat in order to have a Good life.
    Dec 7, 2012. 11:47 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Fiscal Cliff And Deficit Conversation Misses The Point [View article]
    The inclussion of the Slavic states to control Russia has upset the normal flow of agricultural goods from the southern countries to northern Europe. Now the Slavic states provide most of the agricultural goods for the Common Market. Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain have no market for their farm goods. The United States and Common Market corporations purchased the majority of the backward factories of the Slavic couintries. Russia is giving the Slavic countries problems in oil purchases due to their shipping their farm products west and not to their normal consumer, Russia. Their should have been a Slavic Common Market that would include Beorus and the Ukraine. A spin off of Slavic countries from the European Common Market to a supported Slavic Common Market would solve most of the economic and political problems of Europe. A common market of the Arabian Peninsula countries including Isreal would produce a more stable economy for all of the smaller countries.
    Dec 7, 2012. 11:00 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Congressional Statements Supportive Of Securities Here [View article]
    It is time to even the distribution of the earnings of corporations.

    Now the boards of directors can give the earnings to top management, buy back shares, and give a low rate of dividend to the stockholders. The boards of directors keep telling the stockholders that a stock buybck will increase the values of their shares. But this seldom takes place. The movement of the stock prices move up in value with low dividends, less than three percent, at the highest stock price level. Then the adjustment of prices increased the dividend percentage, but the corporate insiders try to satisfy the stockholders with it is only the market movement after they get their unproportionate share of the profit. The laws of fedicuary duty should be inforced, even with a control on how much the boards of directors wants to give top management. It is possible to restrict the division of profits between the top management perks and the proporation to be given to investors as dividends.

    Now company representatives give insider(?) information to stock advisers to be published that cannot be verified. The advisers use this information to support or force down a stock price level. Now the Insiders have supported the Republican ticket that did not reveal anything and now most of them are dumping on the present administration for what the previous Republican administration took us into. It is important that the fedicuary duty be used in court as was done with Henry ford's hording of cash. Now it is the see it, now you don't policies of the boards of directors.

    The low interest has worked up to now, but there should be some inflation in salaries for the poor workers. But the Republican members of congress, all Insiders, want the poor to continue to pull themsleves by their bootstapes. Their should be an immediate raise in the minimum wage to $8.00 to increase the money that is being put into the flow of money available and to increase the funds being put into Social Security and into Medicare or what replaces it. The prices in the super markets have gone up just to cover the inflation that is expected. (San Jose, CA voted a $10.00 minimum wage that caused Safeway Market to increase the lowest worker earns by $.01, but their prices are very high.) Most small business owners do not want to share a fair amount with their workers and they will always cry about raising wages. But the expected inflation is going to happen and it is not fair to the poor workers to freeze their wages to support a supposed cost to the owners, especially large business taking the advantage of the poor. If need be a tax credit could be given to the Small firms that have monentarily been injured. Also, the restriction on Savings of the poor should earn at least of .001 percent per month. The mutual funds are paying the same rate and lending it at least 3.5 percent. The low interest rate is great for the poor situation that the last Republican administration left us in. But that tight period is behind us and we should let a small amount of inflation take place, especially with the money that has been printed.
    The Top 1% should pay for their gains that are too abusive to the American worker and to the Chinese worker. An increase in the wage in both countries is what is needed for the workers to purchase more goods, even those that waiste ones time with no educational value. The Reagan Administration setup the colonialism of China and Southeast Asia and it should be stopped now.
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  • Should mREITs Copy Annaly's Stock Buyback? [View article]
    Buy backs will be from large mutual fund investers.

    All the negative is really necessary?

    Insiders will protect each other.
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  • Annaly Capital - The Slippery Slope Begins [View article]
    JP Morgan is not trustworthy even with insiders. Most presentations give analysis that one cannot follow and are quite often self invented.
    MS Accountancy, Financial, MBA Finance short thesis.
    Oct 15, 2012. 11:39 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Can The Fed Rescue The Consumer? [View article]
    The comments are very good to read and most make some sense, but each contributor has his experience included. The present situation has the poor hostage. They must save to provide for the future and the losses of the market are not understood. Reduction in investing for a population that has not studied accounting or finance is the rational solution. This is true of the low rate of interest paid by the banks, but the money is supposedly safe. The investment firms are paying low interest rates on cash in mutual funds that are lent by the firms at good rates and part of the spread is not given the fund holders.

    We have a grab up economy with the boards of directors giving high salaries to management, when no person is worth more than $1 million a month. There are buy backs of stock at very high stock prices that are probably to insiders. Large donations are given for special interest legislation by corporations that reduces tax income needed to suport all levels of government. Where are the boards of directors fiduciary duty to protect the stockholders interest? The earning of .0008 percent for bank savings deposits that are not market related it is an attempt to force investment that the poor does not understand?

    The minimum wage of $8.00 is enough for the youth and the poor to live on? An increase in minimum wage of $.50 per hour is going to hurt the small businesses? Most small businesses are paying low wages because they want the $20.00 per week employee for themselves. An increase of of $.50 per week adds $2.50 per week in Social Security Taxes collected. But the importance of the $20.00 is the spendable amount the poor have to use to increase circulation of money. The food prices are increased to cover future expected inflation of costs to replaced present stock.

    Think to total picture that has not been presented here.
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  • Bank Of America: A Story Of Cheap Valuations And Rising Litigation Expenses [View article]
    All the comments do not cover the arm twisting the government did to BofA to get it to take over the Country Wide system and then letting it take the blame. There should have been a government defense imposed against the bad loan methods by Country Wide. The bad loan should be charged against the deposit insurance system. Retired BofA employees had a reduction in value from about $55 per share to $3.50. The dividend reduced from $.64 a quarter $.01. The insiders should have to cover with their assets for their past actions, especially the Bush administration participants.
    Oct 9, 2012. 01:10 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 'It's The Economy, Stupid!' [View article]
    Yes. Large corporation lobbies in Congress need to be questioned about their support in committees.
    Oct 3, 2012. 12:42 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 'It's The Economy, Stupid!' [View article]
    Textbooks with a closed mind to what the 99% are doing is helpful?
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  • 'It's The Economy, Stupid!' [View article]
    Not understanding the examples due to not having lived long enough in the past and observed the grab up posture of the large corporations at the expense of the foreign workers can be seen from the beginning of the industrial revolution to the present.

    The talk about the intelligence of common man is being used as an excuse for then being trained enough for life in our school systems. This is not about simple read, writing, and arithmetic. The basic structure of the economic system of business needs to be taught to the masses. The teaching of accounting and finance should be taught in middle school. This would give the masses the ability to make intelligent decisions about their daily lives. The over use of credit is due to this lack of being taught how to budget one's income for the best results. Youth today are fatter and lazier because their parents are giving them too much to spend on junk, not just food. Their parents are not teaching the youth how to budget their money or time, just have fun that I didn't have. The fancy new computers that do not teach much about computers, but take up too much time being distracted from reality. The best approach is the teaching of accounting and finance in middle school will hopefully be soon enough to keep lower class students from dropping out. The teaching of their parents may be included by giving homework assignments that include them. This needs a change of attitude of the parents to being involved in the teaching of their children.
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  • 'It's The Economy, Stupid!' [View article]
    It is nice to look to the past and say that things are the fault of the government. The corporations moving abroad started with President Reagans administrtion and the support of large corporations ability to move abroad with demanding the Chinese government recognizing that their curency could not be pegged to a dollar that had depreciated. The allowing of too high of perks to management by ALLOWING the boards of diectors to give away the profits belonging to the stockholders. The allowing of the sweat shops in southest Asia and the continued abuse of the former colonial powers to abuse their freed colonies through control of production of agriculture and raw materials at very low export costs. This caused the forced reduction of gross national product for the former colonies and a reduction of the value that the former colonies could spend on modernization and level of living. How many former colonial powers provided roads for the former colonies that were needed for modernization. The top !% are generous with the health aid, but the proper return on their exports would have earned enough to pay for their own health programs. In the United States the minimum wage is so low that the lower class and immigrants that the government has hired are helping their groups better government aid. A raise in minimum wage of $.50 per hour would add $5.00 a week to social security taxes collected. A minimum wage of $10.00 is not very much for the poorer class and students that HAVE to SPEND it, no savings. This increase to the GRAB UP ecnomy would increase the earnings of corportions that would give it to the INSIDERS, a continued rape of the stockholders by the boards of directors. No person earns more than $1 million a month for a corporation that provides almost all the necessary costs of transportation and living costs for top management that are the glad handers and not the real management of the corporations. The eduction systems in China and the developing nations are not very good. Having taught there seven years and seeing the manipulation of grades by the university managements to hide their inefficiency produces students in classes of 60 with a false reality of achievement. Twenty students do not qualify for taking the classes, but have their grades raised to a passing 60. Twenty students do not read four textbooks with chapters of 40 pages per book. The top twenty students earn very good grades. There is wholesale cheating on examinations, plagerism, and playing computer games in the rear of the room. The new computer gadgets only take up time needed for studying.
    This article is a total misrepresentation of what has happened.
    Sep 30, 2012. 09:26 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Joe Sixpack Better Off Today? [View article]
    When you stay at home you only help those that want to keep the minimum wage too low to survive. A $.50 raise in minimum wage adds about $2.50 a week for each worker to social security and supports this Grab Up economy. You help those that get more than $1 million a month and their living expenses for being the front man of a large business and not the actual managers and workers that make the products available. The Bush administration knew that everything was going to hell and gave the top 1% tax breaks when the money was needed THEN to keep things going. The entry into a war in a 14th century society in the control of a religion that abuses the poor and women are mutilated was a really stupid. Russia could not handle the situation with their government style and control to their people simular. The Bush administration was trying to get more funds ito the defense contractors, which Reagan was able to do
    All of Bush's tax cuts should be dropped and maybe a $25,000 capital gains tax exemption should be continued for each dependent on a tax return to help pay for education and retirement. Being mad and pouting is only going to cause the election of rich Tea Party candidates that have little knowledge of economics that will make the situation worse. Best of Luck.
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  • What Does The U.S. Trade Deficit Have To Do With Chinese Education? [View article]
    I have taught in China for seven years as a Business English lecturer. The private universities present programs that are too difficult for Chinese students. Foreign textbooks are too difficult for most Chinese students when there three of four classes to study with foreign books with thirty to forty pages per chapter that take translating for foreign culture situations. One has sixty students in a lecture that are not prepared enough in English. About one-third do not have a high enough English to take the course, one-third do not read the book, and one-third do well. This causes the students to cheat on test and I prepared three similar tests with different numercial values. When a student received a score less than 60 the management raised the score to 60. This is to continue receiving the tuition form the parents or relatives, which causes the regular university students to call the special college students to be called the "rich students". Too many times the teacher has to give only a vocabulary test for the final. Some young teachers with MBAs played games in the courses (Business Law, Organizational Behavior), because the Chinese students could not read the text. When a special course is presented like Managing An Auto Repair Shop (A very good book on starting a business an applicable to most new businesses.) was given, the students did not show up for the class. One student appeared only once and told the others the management would give him a passing grade, indicating the management only wanted his tuition money from his parents. One new foreign university setting up and sponsored by the university where I taught 286 students in Financial Accounting in one semester using a Study Guide, would not allow their new teachers to talk with me. This is the reaction from a foreign university that has experience in China. A foreign university cannot certify the new university in China without hiding the reality. The Chinese university closed for the Spring break on January 15th and I took until January 30th to complete grading three copies with different figures and completing grades. When I turned the Accounting Dean was impressed with my final examination and asked why the Foreign Affairs did not keep me for the Spring Semester. A male Negro lecturer presenting International Business from Nigeria finished his grades on the same day. When one reads statistics about Chinese universities, one needs to know the background of the administrators that cover up what is happening.
    Sep 21, 2012. 11:12 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment