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  • The NYT shines a light on a nice little racket that doctors have got going in some states, where they're allowed to dispense drugs to patients at massive markups. E.g. heartburn pill Zantac costs 35 cents a pop in a drug store but $3.25 in a surgery. It's costing taxpayers, insurance companies and employers hundreds of millions a year.   [View news story]
    Not exactly a racket to charge for a pill that has to be purchased, stocked as a single pill, administered by a highly skilled and certified or licensed paid specialist, after being ordered by a Doctor who might have hundreds of thousands of school debt to pay off for getting the skills and the right to order that specific pill for a specific reason for that unique patient who may sue him/her for everything they are worth even though that pill is the perfect solution for them and has adhered to all applicable government regulations to do it and used all of their skills to diagnose it and prescribe it.

    If you go to a restaurant you can pay $8-$12 for a hamburger that you can buy for your self, cook and serve to your self for about $.50 from the grocery store. Quite a racket the restaurateurs have, but why is it that so many go out of business - probably because they can't make a living at it - due to the high costs of buying, cooking, serving and complying with government regulations in their kitchens and paying for insurance for the possibility of ecoli or some other problem in the restaurant or something else like the coffee is too hot and the customer sues for $10 million. Unless, of course they are selling billions like McDonalds does at a much lower cost and far less quality and can pay the $10 million suit. Everything has a price. You appear to be demonizing the very people you count on to save your live in a critical moment.
    You may soon get what you are looking for - low cost, low quality, medical services in the same hospitals you are now decrying for charging you what you demand of them. Is this really what you want a total McDonald system where one low quality level serves all? Good luck to you -- to and all of us in the US if that is what we want.
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