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  • Scanning The SA Family For Alpha: WmHilger1  [View article]
    Steve, the key is to have good genes, keep active (especially with your mind) and try to get the maximum benefit from your reading and your activities. I also have a very cute younger girlfriend of only 69 years who helps me stay active. I am a Bronze Life Master in duplicaate bridge, and formerly a Certified Data Processor (CDP) from DPMA. I played nearly every sport (adequately, but not very well) and was quite proficient in table tennis and bowling. I have slowed down some, but still pass for about 70. My picture from last summer is posted with my comments.
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  • Scanning The SA Family For Alpha: WmHilger1  [View article]
    I'm sure you already know my answer to these questions (LOL)! As to risk, you will notice that I say "medium risk". That certainly DOES NOT mean bad companies. I expect every investor to do whatever amount of research and due diligence meets their standards before buying anything, and deciding for themself whether or not the risk involved is appropriate for the rewards involved.

    My risk tolerance is undoubtedly much higher than yours. SO BE IT! You invest in your kind of stocks and I'll invest in mine! I'ill shoot for 15% yields in the current investing environment, you go for your <4 to 6% yields! All that I can say further is that MRHY works for me and I live well (about $200K/year with about 33% tax sheltered, and NOT in IRAS) on the proceeds of my stock investments.

    You go your way and I'll go mine. It's best that we do! Quoting from some song for which I don't rememeber the title.
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  • Scanning The SA Family For Alpha: WmHilger1  [View article]
    kovnat, my comment is simple, "If it ever does!" The future is unknown.

    My own motto is "Have fun and enjoy whatever you are doing; otherwise, try something else!" Buy blue chips if you like. I found that didn't work well for me, so I developed MRHY! There is nothing unique in MRHY, it is just a slight difference in the application.
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  • Linn Energy CEO Ellis eligible for $6.9M award as company teeters  [View news story]
    drolenc, you wrote "Just keep your positions small and manage risk." And that way you can also keep your rewards (dividends) small and try to make do with that situation.
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  • Linn Energy CEO Ellis eligible for $6.9M award as company teeters  [View news story]
    But, almost all companies set very loose standards for earning bonuses, then make the decisions themselves as to whether the standards were met. It is VERY seldom that they decide they weren't and, even then, they frequently re-set them retroactively! A bunch of BS from start to finish! Just another smoke screen to be able to pay their management buddies those humongous salaries, while giving lip service to their vows to put the company first in all their actions!
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  • Oil And Gas Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs): More Attractive Than Ever!  [View article]
    As I understand it, you are taxed on MLPs ONLY if a significant amount of their business is TRANSACTED in a particular state, and then only if your entire income from that state is over the amount for which a resident would be required to even FILE a return. That would usually be about $10K!

    I have owned up to 14 MLP stocks for many years (since 1982) and have only ever been required to file for MLP income in Iowa and Nebraska, where I live and/or have business dealings. Please get IRS Publication 1065 for more information on this subject. I think anyone who paid taxes to multiple states was grossly misinformed (Overcharged?) ! Check it out with someone other than the person who did all that work for you. You may be due a bunch of refunds if it happened within the past 3 years!
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  • Dumpster Diving The 2016 Dividend Contenders  [View article]
    One more quick response, then I hope we'll call this discussion quits.

    I sure wish everyone would specify when they are talking about an IRA., 401-K, SEP, or whatever. I have each of a taxable account, an IRA, and a small Roth. It makes a lot of difference when discussiing investment strategies. I live off the proceeds from my >$1M taxable account and ~$12K annually of RMD from my tIRA. When Roths became available, I was already retired and could find very little "earned income" to put there, hence every $ that I make is taxable in some fashion (I don't even count the Roth because of its size), and I assume the same from others unless I am apprised differently!

    Perhaps you haven't read my bio. I am 85 years old. I feel that I have accomplished a lot during those years, especially financially. However, I would give half of my assets to be whatever age you are and have so many productive years ahead of me in which to plan for my later years. When I was only 60, I took trips everywhere I could and did many things that 45 year olds do. I easily passed for being much younger than my chronological age, and enjoyed the life of a man barely past his prime! I averaged ~180 in bowlng and acquired the rank of Bronze Life Master in duplicate bridge. I also played a mean game of table tennis and was highly regarded in that sport, and my wife and I were Advanced Level square dancers.

    My life even now is NOT sedentary, I used to walk several miles each day, but had to stop that when I found out that I had exhausted the cartiledge in BOTH knees and had to have them replaced. I am getting a cataract surgically removed next Tuesday, 2/9/16, and already wear hearing aides in both ears, as well as tri-focal glasses. I don't get out as much as I used to, but I am thankful for the life that I have at this age, and I make the most of it with my 69 years young girlfriend, and trying to help people make the most possible of their financial assets.

    Live, Love, and Learn, what you can while you can!!!!!
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  • Dumpster Diving The 2016 Dividend Contenders  [View article]
    Eric, so then you would prefer to accept lower dividends in favor of growth so that, after 20 years or so, you can sell those companies for the capital gains, after which you would no longer have the dividends coming in, OR keep them for the now higher yields that you could have had all along, and forego the capital gains. Do I understand you correctly? Remember, "A bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bushes".

    I prefer to accept the high yields for those entire 20 years, and thereafter as long as they continue. In those 20 years I could do a lot with all that cash that I have received and you didn't! I would have received 20 years of high dividends and potentialy less capital gains you would have received. You would have received 20 years of dividends that may have been increasing each year, plus some prettier portfolio numbers that aren't spendable until you sell the stocks and upon which you might even get socked with higher tax rates than if you had paid those taxes annually on the dividends.

    No thanks! I prefer my way! It appears to me that I will gain much more real income DURING those 20 years (and possibly after that), and still have my stocks after all is said and done. That is why I developed MRHY! ALL (and I do mean all) of the alternatives seemed to me to be lacking in present effectiveness as well as long term!
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  • Dumpster Diving The 2016 Dividend Contenders  [View article]
    You contributers seem to like to quote the % of growth of miniscule dividend paying stocks and how marvelous it is when some company increases its dividend by 10% a year or so for several years. What a waste of my time reading that drivel!

    If a company started paying a 2% dividend and raised it 10% every year, it would still take almost forever to reach what I consider a reasonable rate of return. Such a company would still only be paying me 6.28% after 12 years, and 13.455% after twenty (20) years.

    Why should anyone be willing to accept such a measly return on their money for such a long time when there are some very nice stable companies that pay ~13,5% RIGHT NOW! I call them MRHY (Medium Risk, High Yield) but you can call them anything you like as long as they start with high yields and stay high! Low Risk, Low Yield investments aren't worth my time and efforts to even read about them!
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  • The Devil And Warren Buffett... Why He Doesn't Sell His Financial Stocks  [View article]
    OK, I promise to give half of my first $1Bn to charity, when I get it! And I'll make my son and daughter managers, and especially my girl-friend (ROFLMAO)!
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  • The Devil And Warren Buffett... Why He Doesn't Sell His Financial Stocks  [View article]
    No, he HAS about $70B. He doesn't earn that much annually, and he didn't earn all of it. His stockbroker father gave him a few $100K plus a job in a brokerage.

    And, he doesn't give 99% to charity. He does give a billion or so each year to charities like the Gates Foundation, and other charities to which HE appoints the BOD, usually starting with his progeny and siblings. The majority of his fortune will be given to those same charities, WHEN HE DIES, and administered by those same individuals at appropriately huge salaries!
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  • The Devil And Warren Buffett... Why He Doesn't Sell His Financial Stocks  [View article]
    P.S. I think that I could also be a multi-Billionaire, instead of just barely a multi-Mllionaire, if I could get a few hundred thousand people to give me their investable funds to invest in my own name and my own picks, and let me pocket 75% of so of the proceeds! Except for the ones who invested in BRK, he is not a hero in Omaha. Why, he even bought the local newspaper so that he could get more publicity, AND HE SURE DOES!

    BTW, the home that he lives in is not your normal home, even for Omaha. It is currently asessed for taxes at about $875K. Part of that is due to inflation over 50 years or so, and part is due to improvements that he has made for his own comfort, such as remodeling the garage into a handball court, and building a new garage.
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  • The Devil And Warren Buffett... Why He Doesn't Sell His Financial Stocks  [View article]
    To answer the author's question (and as a fellow Omahan who has watched his operations from the sidelines ever since he started BRK), he is a closet II, Income Investor, or at least a DGI. He loves to get those juicy dividends so that he can keep them within his grasp and use them to make some really BIG transactions. He loves the money and the glory and notariety!

    BTW, those are also the reasons he doesn't pay dividends. I have never bought a single share of BRK for the main reason the I am an II and need the money to live on and pay for travel and incidentals. He doesn't!
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  • Is Western Union The Best Dividend-Paying Company In The S&P 500?  [View article]
    You may like WU; I have looked at it several times and rejected it every time. It is a sinking ship until and unless they come up with some new way to make money. It is an outdated firm using old technology! IT IS NOT FOR ME!
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  • High-Dividend Stock Yields 12%, Will Raise Dividend Over 20% In 2016, Earnings Estimates Rising  [View article]
    Holding an MLP in a Roth is basically a wash, since NONE of the money paid out from a Roth is taxable once that money has been in there for at least five (5) years. If you lke the company and it pays a dividend yield that is satisfactory to you, there is no real waste in having it there, but no real benefit either.

    BTW, I find that there are too many inconsistencies between what this author is telling us, and what the facts are. I am putting it into my "keep-an-eye-on-it" file for now.
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