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  • Tesla Motors: Linear And Nonlinear Analysis For Profitability  [View instapost]

    I had a quick read through your article on scribd, and I must say, your application of intuition and principles from Physics to Finance is really quite interesting. I was wondering if you could provide some further insight into what the parameters m,n, and a mean, or what their physical interpretation should be. Also, is there any reason to explain why the value of a is so small, at -2.25*10^-4, especially since you mention it may be related to fixed cost?
    I've always believed the descriptions for systems we obtain from Physics can be applied to a variety of other practical situations, and so its good to see that happening!

    I also have interests in applying mathematical techniques to financial situations, and I've found Physics to be a great place to draw inspiration from, needless to say it was my favorite subject in school and still continues to amaze me as I learn more about further concepts in Quantum Physics, much in the way that it did when I read about concepts like electromagnetism and em-waves for the first time in school!

    In fact, I was doing some research into the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) in finance and looking at ways to provide improvements. I found that it was possible to use a function that had a similar equation to the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution of Kinetic Energy for gas molecules, to provide a more general model. Perhaps I could send you the paper so you could provide your thoughts and insight on it?
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  • Quant Forecasting Of Stock Prices  [View instapost]
    Returns for 13/02/2013:

    AAPL - Shorted: 468.25, Covered: 466.21, Return: 0.435%
    AMZN - Bought: 258.07, Sold: 260.55, Return: 0.96%
    PCLN - Bought: 703.56, Sold: 705.20, Return: 0.233%

    Total Amount Invested: 450219
    Today's Profit: 1520
    Available Capital: 1,000,000

    Daily Return: 0.152%
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