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  • A Scary Thought About U.S. Employment [View article]

    We all focus much attention on the Baby Boomers to help explain away a serious problem. I believe that today's Employment to Population rate is far more important than a trip down Memory Lane. According to the Liscio Report this week it is stuck at 59.3%. They go on to state "A job market that looks to be able to do no more than match population growth is hardly one that is tightening severely".
    May 15, 2015. 09:03 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • A Scary Thought About U.S. Employment [View article]
    Praveen, I think your point that....... "everyone" is going to college....... as a cause for SpinWatch's heartbreaking story is in fact more of a symptom. I suggest the cause is our economy is producing sub-$1000 a week jobs and has been since the financial crisis. The results are a scary "new normal" where many Americans, especially "millennials" believe that for them the American Dream is dead.

    As concerning are the knee-jerk reactions to our dilemma like the current protectionist driven resistance to the proposed Fast Track Trade Authority, and doubling down on policies that have resulted in anemic growth.
    May 11, 2015. 10:46 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Would More Government Debt Help The U.S. Economy? [View article]
    The "Bridge" as the government sold the deficit spending and effective zero rates is long past growing whiskers.

    These actions might have been more effective had it not been coupled with a populist driven war on business. The good paying hiring today is for lawyers, accountants, and compliance officers. And that's not just the banks! Large-caps and many mid-caps of course add lobbyist and M&A specialist. That's the way to win in the anemic economy that has been built. Cut jobs and cap-spending to the bone and hunker-down.
    May 4, 2015. 07:29 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • U.S. Equity And Economic Review For The Week: Is This Another False Break-Out? [View article]
    The market is toppy at 2100, breakouts have failed since November. But for now we are still seeing higher lows and some strength on the 50 MA. The summer months may prove interesting this year. The old rule of "two steps and a stumble" for the Fed may be in jeopardy given stretched valuations. Although its hard to see how they can raise rates this late in the cycle especially a very anemic cycle. The market still celebrates bad news is good news.

    Its a stock pickers market right now, difficult to buy any index. The good news is its still the most hated bull market maybe in history.
    Apr 28, 2015. 09:17 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Salesforce Makes Political, But Not Yet Economic, Statement Over Indiana [View article]
    Dana, if you are suggesting "true transparency" not the current fake most transparent admjnistration in history, I'm already there with you. From big money, big business, big finance, labor unions, K Street lobbyist, who is paying what to whom, and for what. Also, who's funding the advocacy groups, pacs, and websites. What we have today is not what the founders envisioned, and I'm the one who brought up the danger of a plutocracy more than once in this thread.

    I am an advocate for small business, the true American dream, the solution for growth, and the job machine. It always has been in the history of this great American experiment. I'm not for more government, more rules, more forms, more confiscatory tax policy, and more wagging of the finger you didn't build this.

    I think the more heat, light, and visibility we can get on the subject the better. Maybe that's where you on the left and I an economic conservative can get together. But I won't hold my breath for the obvious reason that the political class on either side would never support such an idea. It's how they stay in office and become rich. The founders idea of a citizen legislature where office holders "sacrifice" a couple of years for their country, Ha!!
    Apr 7, 2015. 09:15 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Salesforce Makes Political, But Not Yet Economic, Statement Over Indiana [View article]
    MD, I used YOUR link, now you're having to defend it, poorly I might add. I suspect you didn't think I would actually take the time to look. It is comical that you opine on an investment website that the left's bureaucratic mandates haven't created a burden on states and especially small companies which are the future large companies, unfortunately not in what has become the plutocratic U.S. My point stands; its completely meaningless drivel.

    As for Dana, and Roberto........Koch, Koch, Koch thats the only name I ever hear from those of you who carry the water for the left. Roberto has used the same line twice in this thread "things go better with Koch" whatever that means. How about a discussion of the Billionaires on the left; George Soros, Tom Steyer, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates to name a few. Together why don't we take a look at their net worth today with the left running the government and monetary policy as compared to..oh I don't know you pick a date. The greater question is if you're a billionaire or anything close in the U.S. today why would you not support the liberals?

    The Koch's clearly defend their ideology which is what Soros, and Steyer do as well. The difference is they are rock-stars and the Koch's are vilified and threatened for their opinions. By your comments what you represent and support is just a 2015 form of censorship and desire for group-think.
    Apr 6, 2015. 07:38 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Salesforce Makes Political, But Not Yet Economic, Statement Over Indiana [View article]
    MD ............. Excuse me for not getting back to you yesterday, I was celebrating Easter with my family. I checked your link. The data is very dated, and you conveniently ignore the cautions of swing states and the accuracy downgrade from the Tampa Bay Times who ran the story. Given the fact that the financial center exists in NY, and the technology center San Francisco and San Jose generating fabulous wealth and consequently tax revenue the data is skewed at best.

    Regardless it is irrelevant to take an area of the country with farm lands interspersed with industrial pockets and make a meaningful comparison with east and left coast cities. It is completely meaningless. I freely acknowledge the left has more billionaires and elites while conservatives tend to have more of the folks in small, often struggling, businesses. And we shouldn't overlook the states need funding to pay for the often mandated activities generated by the liberal central planners. Just filling out all the new forms costs billions!
    Apr 6, 2015. 09:34 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Salesforce Makes Political, But Not Yet Economic, Statement Over Indiana [View article]
    well another ad hominem attack on the fine people of the midwest form you I see MD. The feelings are mutual, happy you are gone.

    And I cherry picked anecdotes? I don't think so. I have noted serious and systemic economic problems that we live with thanks to your liberal politicians. They were and are today more interested in liberal ideology and dogma than real economic impact. Its a constant threat now, and especially to our children. All thanks to the mindless spending of the left.

    "you will note that blue states collectively keep red ones afloat with massive subsidies from taxes ..........."

    What I note is blue states begging businesses to stay or come to them with all sorts of fun tax abatement's and other gimmicks as their tax base erodes.

    The only joy in trading comments with you MD is knowing your anguish with your GOP governor and the fact that your MD Terrapins are now a part of the Midwest Big 10 conference. It must be awful, but one can only hope!
    Apr 4, 2015. 08:43 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Salesforce Makes Political, But Not Yet Economic, Statement Over Indiana [View article]
    Nor have MD's with his ad hominem attacks on the people of the midwest. My response is intended there.
    Apr 4, 2015. 07:35 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Salesforce Makes Political, But Not Yet Economic, Statement Over Indiana [View article]
    Ha,ha,ha yeah I understand You Dana.

    MD is a hater, no loss there. He arrogantly slams the mid-west especially red-states. I'm actually from the only blue-state left in the mid-west and we are dead-broke! All thanks to a long line of inept, liberal, blue state, politicians. The only mid-west area that is broker than us is Detroit which since 1960 has been led by a long line of inept, liberal, blue state, politicians. Is this sinking in?

    And come on, MD says he's from Maryland. His liberal friends couldn't even get Martin O'Malley's hand picked liberal successor elected. Like us, he now has a GOP governor, ha,ha. Welcome to the "back-water" red-states MD
    Apr 3, 2015. 07:57 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Salesforce Makes Political, But Not Yet Economic, Statement Over Indiana [View article]

    There should be an intelligence test for you to comment here!!!
    Apr 2, 2015. 07:37 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Salesforce Makes Political, But Not Yet Economic, Statement Over Indiana [View article]
    Everyone wants it ended Dana not just businesses! The question is how so called "leaders" handled this, including business leaders which is the subject here. Very poorly! Then people who have nothing to do with this suffer. Here's some management 101 - threatening people is bad for business! There are plenty of activist who are amply taking care of that task. So businesses especially publicly owned businesses don't need to go there. Signing a petition asking the law be amended as the CEO of Lilly reportedly did while working behind the scenes is powerful and appropriate in my view. Smart business people I know and know of always work deals so if it can't be a win-win at least the other guy saves-face. That's not happening here.

    Apr 2, 2015. 09:57 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Salesforce Makes Political, But Not Yet Economic, Statement Over Indiana [View article]
    You don't read before you reply do you?! I Specifically said It was NOT CRM (Benioff)!

    Other companies are piling on and attacking ordinary citizens. I am from a midwest state that borders Indiana and have a few old business associates that still live there. So I know a little more about this and we are watching it closely. Every thinking person wants this to end. Evidently the Indiana legislature plans to replicate exactly the 1993 federal statute. Hopefully thats correct information and solves the problem for all.

    However, there is the case to be made that business could have handled this better too. Those that have threatened and/or called ordinary citizens vile names are not going to walk away as cleanly in Indiana or the surrounding states. You mentioned Lilly, I'm told Lilly's CEO signed the letter of concern that urged the governor to have the law rewritten. They are a classy organization that would not revert to sophomoric antics of name calling and threats.

    As for these other businesses that want to attack the public I told you businesses are less and less popular with the public including here in the heartland.
    Apr 1, 2015. 07:36 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Salesforce Makes Political, But Not Yet Economic, Statement Over Indiana [View article]
    Companies spend millions of shareholder dollars annually for lobbyist to influence legislative outcomes and avoid issues that they believe will have a significant impact on their business. So much so that critics argue, I believe with some merit, that the U.S. has become a plutocracy. Therefore its a reasonable question to ask how does this happen. (a rhetorical question as you don't know any more than I do)

    But something is very wrong when companies publicly accuse the population of an entire state of being "bigots". Thankfully not CRM to my knowledge.

    I posit that business in the U.S. has fewer friends every year. As an investor that is concerning. And I'm not saying these businesses don't have a legitimate concern here. How no one paid attention to this legislation is a mystery. But you simply Do Not indict the population of an entire state if you hope to do any business there in the future. This is immature and stupid or both!!
    Apr 1, 2015. 04:06 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Salesforce Makes Political, But Not Yet Economic, Statement Over Indiana [View article]

    Read the content of my response. I did Not make a differentiation of anyone involved with this situation in Indiana of being liberal or conservative. I don't know these CEO's politics, and I doubt you do either. As I understand it there were about a half dozen businesses that signed a letter of concern to the governor. Only one CRM threatened and took economic action against the state. All of this was done after the fact, and I'm not as convinced as you the other companies "have his back".

    I thought I was agreeing with you, clearly not. Threatening and taking economic action against a state is not in my opinion smart business. We are not a third world country, and I certainly don't want ranting CEO's that behave like we are managing my investments. I'll say again, if you are passionate about a subject before a legislature get involved proactively.
    Mar 31, 2015. 07:30 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment