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  • eBay: The Original Sharing Economy Business Is A Great Value After PayPal Spinoff  [View article]
    Seeker137 - The quote in your last post has to be THE essential quote about Ebay.

    To extend this part, "So, I'm left wondering whether all of Wall Street is just as inept and out of touch as this sorry company? At least in eBay's case, the analysts sure seem to focus on the typical and predictable, but incorrect, market factors." (comment by poster Sorbet on an EcommerceBytes.com blog)," the willful ignorance on the parts of Wall Street and virtually every business article ever written about Ebay as well as the demonstrably unfathomable and endless stupidity of Ebay management is so extreme that it is possible to wonder whether that company which once ran a wildly successful free market platform that represented a clear democratic and meritocratic path to economic self-improvement open to nearly all, is has become a test case cog in The Machine that from all evidence in the larger picture during recent years seeks to cast all memory of a preponderant, vibrant privately-employed middle class into the Memory Hole while leaving only worldwide classes of dependent serfs, elites and the useful servants of elites in our future.

    That such wanton waste, destruction and exercise of bullying power by Ebay to elevate any means of destroying independent small sellers including elevating buyer dishonesty and fraud to the detriment of their own business while "experts" go dark and silent regarding the clear facts before them and that this unanimity extends to a widespread consensus that lacks any independent thought or research seems to demonstrate a herd mentality that unfortunately also extends far beyond this benighted company which has proven very useful in manipulating public thought generally.
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  • Inflation Worlds Apart, Same Monetary Failure  [View article]
    "Denial is a strong facet of orthodox thinking."

    Another priceless observation. Of course, these people have the full weight of every institution, media, academia and $trillions of taxpayer debt to turn their benighted proscriptions into decrees and so we wait a very long time before market forces finally turn back the tides of these Canutes in emperor's new clothing.
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  • eBay: The Original Sharing Economy Business Is A Great Value After PayPal Spinoff  [View article]
    "Sell it now," or rather, Buy It Now listings become ironic in the face of the preponderance, always growing, of items that sit there eternally unsold because they are overpriced or otherwise unsalable but there they stay because they are listed for free. Stocking the shelves with clutter and dreck that will NEVER be sold can hardly be the policy of a good or even a competent retailer.

    But, this is Ebay, so their management gets an automatic Wall Street pass on stupidity while they have milked their best users for short-term bonuses via one boneheaded policy after another and now their growth in highflying ecommerce is finally going from subpar to zero or worse.

    No, some unknown cosmic force is not destroying their unique auction business, and writers and readers with business acumen should be able to understand how the marketplace and policy drivers emanating from recent CEO John Donahoe are responsible for the shameful results.
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  • eBay: The Original Sharing Economy Business Is A Great Value After PayPal Spinoff  [View article]
    It has been common for small sellers to sell $50k - $100k annually and plow a very substantial percentage of that right back into buying on Ebay whereas the typical Ebay buyer statistically makes purchases totaling $500/year. I believe that figure comes from Channel Advisor. And the typical Ebay buyer will go over to any other site such as Amazon if they can save 12 cents.

    Every site besides Ebay is looking to cater to customers who will find their sites "sticky," and no other site has ever had the natural advantages of the easily monetized free-market auction platform of first-mover Ebay or customers equaling Ebay small sellers in time and money spent on a site. Yet virtually every mainstream business article considers this information and the insanity of abusing these customers too somehow granular or requiring too many extra steps of thought process outside of company and Wall Street propaganda to include.
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  • eBay: The Original Sharing Economy Business Is A Great Value After PayPal Spinoff  [View article]
    That Ebay has been trashing it's best customers - small sellers - and the incomparable viral support they would have provided (this is the internet after all, doesn't Ebay management ever get it?), for a very long time, is news to very few who are reading about this company but it certainly has not appeared in this article.

    Too bad it falls to the abused users on the ground doing business with this errantly mismanaged company to shed light on their travails rather than business articles such as this which somehow manage to pay no heed to it's best customers who are clearly unhappy, while dispensing buy-side "investment advice."
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  • Smith & Wesson on watch after Wedbush recommends  [View news story]
    If you mean the zombies who expect government checks from cradle to grave just for breathing, I agree. They will be dangerous when they have to actually find work for a living.
    Oct 13, 2015. 08:01 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Junk Bond Issuance Collapses, 'Distress Ratio' Spikes  [View article]
    There you have it: Junk bond issuance to fund share buybacks and M&A, the main pillar supporting inflated stock prices is starting to plunge. That key ingredient in the financial engineering that has propelled the equities bubble is deflating.

    As the supply of debt-financed OPM the C-suites shower themselves with subsides, and the eroded balance sheets of everything they leverage to obtain their unprecedented easy rewards can no longer support the customary ZIRP-enabled fiction of solvency if there is any downturn, these folks will have to once again make their money and bonuses the old-fashioned way: Via taxpayer bailouts.
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  • QE Doesn't Work, But It Will Work  [View article]
    "The last thing the economy needs is 2% inflation unless there's a way to get 2% wage inflation with no price inflation."

    Unfortunately if that happens (it won't), Wall Street interests such as the Federal Reserve will suddenly discover the "dangers" of too much inflation because they are only on guard against wage inflation.

    Right now the elites and their stooges have never had it better as inflation in the tulip mania of financial instrument inflation ("good" inflation) reaches to the sky and makes the onerous cost of living that is crippling Main Street during this nearly jobless "recovery" a mere pinprick for them. Wage inflation would set them off in a panic.
    Sep 22, 2015. 11:01 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Greek Crisis: Structural And Institutional Drivers  [View article]
    "And it does call for the Greek people to engage in some serious soul-searching as to the nature and quality of the political leadership they elect. Especially, given the fact that they are about to go to the polls on September 20th."

    Not unlike voters in the US or anywhere in the West who are not entirely different from Greece. Greece is a few steps ahead but corruption and peak debt are well on their way to overtaking the ponzi finance worldwide that has led to countless looters and low information voters vying for an angle and for their piece of the public pie.
    Sep 17, 2015. 08:30 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street Breakfast: Fed Decision Day Finally Arrives  [View article]
    "The deal means GM (NYSE:GM) will be charged criminally with hiding the defect from regulators and defrauding consumers."

    Now we see the purpose of granting corporations personhood. GM can be deemed a criminal while the actual individuals who made the decisions that led to deaths escape sanctions.

    The government gets it's piece of the action, in this case, $900B. Everyone who actually counts winds up pleased with the outcome.
    Sep 17, 2015. 07:57 AM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Meg Whitman As Shiva, The Destroyer  [View article]
    Meg Whitman's only career plus is her tenure at Ebay during it's growth heyday when she accurately stated, "A monkey could drive this train." And she was followed by the disastrous John Donahoe who proved himself a loser in that comparison via policies so bad that the company today has the growth rate of a public utility.

    American corporate CEO's, C-suites and B'sOD are so lavishly privileged in the rewards they bestow upon themselves that they feel free to deem knowledge and true understanding of their business, workers and customers, beneath them and their manipulation of spreadsheets and financial engineering and they perfectly demonstrate the futility of throwing money at people or problems, beyond insider enrichment.
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Global Markets Mixed As Fed Approaches Center Stage  [View article]
    deercreekvols - One of the toughest and most admirable callings and contributions to any society is that from great teachers. Unfortunately the system in the US is bloated with growing bureaucracies, including at the national level which never should have happened. And too many laws are constantly passed that have everything to do with phony "equality" and other politically correct nostrums at the expense of education.

    But bad educational policies date back at least to the substitution of "look say" reading methods rather than phonics, and "new math" in the 1960's. If the good teachers and the genuinely concerned public rather than the interest groups who want to sell bad textbooks, promote gay and every other form of special rights or push bad policies from on high from distant bureaucracies, can ever gain control of the public school system, it would gain far, far more support from critics many of whom very genuinely fear the skyrocketing expense, questionable results and political agendas of the present system.
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  • This Is Actually Going To Happen Next Year  [View article]
    "The bottom line is that a growing GDP covers all sins. Our dynamic economy is our salvation, as long as it lasts."

    That the day of reckoning with economic sins is held off only by ever-more aggressive and garish government and CB policies is actually the point of the article: "Their argument, as far back as the 1990s if not the 1970s, has been that it makes no sense for the government to allow markets to clear the detritus of bad decisions. Instead, we should just borrow what it takes to satisfy all "needs" and print what it takes to pay the resulting interest. People will buy lots of stuff, "growth" will eliminate all imbalances, both moral and financial, and the system will chug along in equilibrium."

    The economic dynamism required to rescue the debts incurred for our latest crises is simply not there any more at this level of grifting and malinvestment at all levels of society. Genuine widespread economic recovery seems set to continue to take even more of a back seat to the status quo regardless the Orwellian police state required until or unless there is a catalyst that wakes up the public before it is too late, if it isn't already.
    Sep 13, 2015. 01:59 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Chinese Boom And Bust  [View article]
    "China has massive reserves and a enormous trade surplus."

    But like the elusive purported gold at Fort Knox and the leveraged financial paper of Wall Street, have these reserves been leased out, leveraged and simply stolen by elites on a massive enough scale to negate the security China's foreign currency accumulation supposedly represents? Even as the trade surplus dwindles?
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  • Why China Will Never Drive Commodity Demand As It Did In The Past  [View article]
    China intended to support the shift to consumer spending by following it's customary route, a bubble, in this case, via the stock market. This has failed.

    The good times for the 1% in China and everywhere else and for everyone who rode along for a wealth effect was accomplished the old-fashioned way, by tapping into cash flow. This was provided in by far the most gargantuan quantities in history, via worldwide CB debt market falsification and stupendous public and multinational corporate debt issuance.

    The lack of sustainable profits are a problem for the little people to worry about later, after the elites clean up. This has not been confined to China by any means, but now China, the first of the worst, is leading the breakdown of the worldwide debt ponzi despite making every effort to prop it up, which is ominous.
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