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  • Central Banks Buying Stocks - The Beginning Of A Major Trend? [View article]
    Banksters, insiders, front runners, TBTF's and elites of every bent are proving there is no step they won't take or manipulation they won't make to insure the continuation of the Great Ponzi and that they continue to perch at the top of the economic and political ladder.

    There really will be no limit to worldwide National Socialism, it appears since 2008, and with the proliferation of surveillance technology and hair-triggers for the imposition of martial law, we had better all line up and salute the incumbent kleptocrats because otherwise eventually many more may be lined up for something else.
    Jun 27 05:25 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • eBay: Bargain Or Bust? [View article]
    "Current users of eBay and Amazon won't make a shift unless they have a significant incentive to do so, and both companies are innovative enough to grasp on to their customers."

    Well actually, with on their doorsteps courtesy of Alibaba, the fast-rising gorilla in the space, Ebay and Amazon will soon need to reduce their exorbitant double-digit fees on sales to something far closer to Alibaba's 3-4%. That is an incentive Ebay's long-abused small sellers and Amazon's similarly-gouged sellers won't have the smallest problem grasping.

    Ebay was once far larger than any of it's competitors; it was, in effect, e-commerce for the public. It has a vision-afflicted management that gropes incessantly for revenues for it's quarterly bonuses while stepping on it's formerly most viral supporters, small sellers via excessive costs and rule changes that have alienated this massive advantage and base and kept it's growth rate below e-commerce generally for years. Under this benighted, greedy management the young have moved elsewhere as other sites surpass Ebay both for e- commerce and no doubt soon, for online payments
    Jun 25 01:56 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street Breakfast: Google's Nest Apps, Argentine Court Stay, E-cigarette Craze [View article]
    "The old saying used to be, 'As General Motors goes, so goes the Nation.'"

    JC - Actually, that remains quite true, sad to say, at least for too much of the privileged elite that can and does politically shift losses from themselves while reaping any and all gains, manipulated and otherwise. No more leading by example or by being first in the line of fire; the US is "led" by self-serving clowns all-too-similar to those running GM from debacle to debacle.
    Jun 24 08:40 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Game We Know Is Over - A New Game About To Begin? [View article]
    Clearly even massaged GDP numbers have not responded close to the results our delusional policymakers intended when they started throwing printed and taxpayer financed $trillions at the US economy without fixing any of the problems. Namely, bloated and ever-expanding parasitical interests on Wall Street and in government which tax, regulate and otherwise burden actual producers.

    These have managed quite well via politics to remain in place while sustainable recovery that could survive absent ongoing extraordinary policies has failed to materialize this time. This article is actually conservatively presenting the impossible government budgetary problems that will ensue when interest rates rise since we will find that during this era of endless no-fault taxpayer backing for the privileged they have leveraged more than ever with ZIRP financing, and the ridiculousness of the government budgetary situation will become so apparent that neither interest rates, government deficits nor the value of the dollar will remain under control.

    Since the Great Ponzi that has kept delusional financing and parasitism intact and growing in the US no longer allows for sufficient organic, value-added economic expansion to pay for the wanton excesses of the something-for-nothing crowd that has run the show for generations, adjustments postponed are only growing in their implications and danger while farcical statistical "recovery" continues to sputter.
    Jun 24 06:38 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Europe's Panicky Mode And The Odor Of War [View article]
    Yes, the article makes the useful point that Norway's standing at the top of global quality of life surveys so cited by socialists because of it's lavish welfare system has had a huge tailwind; it's oil revenue which is now fast-receding.

    The article rests on the truths about the obscenely debt-financed joke of "recovery" from the initial implosion that was brought about by excessive leveraged debt in the first place, and the ever-adapting elitist nonsense that is intended to camouflage the constant divergences from results intended by their idiotic policies: "But then the numbers come in and crush their persuasive talk, although we're relegated to the moronic band because the numbers have a deeper, extremely difficult to comprehend meaning, and only the A-list is educated enough to decipher them."

    BS financial paper with no dependable income stream or assets other than CB-induced bubble "valuations" has never been in greater supply nor at a higher price in history. This will radically change when reality is finally forced upon the system, sending vast legions who have proliferated for generations in unproductive, counterproductive or parasitical pursuits based on this system derived from endless leveraged fraudulent paper, to perform work that is actually needed at market rates. It is to avoid this future that the wonks, educated fools, political charlatans and other career beneficiaries will ceaselessly lead us as far as possible deeper into the swamps of debt servitude and the disaster that can only be the greater the longer their self-serving farce continues.
    Jun 17 09:47 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Revisiting The Jobs Cycle And The Comparison To Prior Deficiencies [View article]
    Amazing that the same statist playbook that touts "recovery" today was in such full use during the long 1930's depression. Apparently where there are incumbent vested interests to protect, the science of Orwellian propaganda, false statistics and valid statistics falsely interpreted and labeled has been well-developed for a very long time.

    Long forgotten by mainstream "house" economists is the very sharp downturn of the early 1920's that quickly reversed into a true and strong recovery. This occurred while Washington DC was sharply downsizing it's budget. It seems more than coincidental that getting government out of the way while it remains solely to perform it's legitimate functions of safeguarding society so as to allow maximum freedom short of harming others and protecting against foreign attacks, is the one that succeeded in reversing a deep economic downturn quickly yet receives no mention in today's media or academia.

    Cutting government overhead, deadweight and the uncertainty and the danger that corrupt government planning, meddling and overreach bring to the plans of true entrepreneurs and producers is the key to true economic growth but this is exactly the prescription that the vast parasitical political, legal, professional, academic and financial industry classes will not permit as a "respectable" argument and alternative to their fraudulent enterprises.
    Jun 12 10:28 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News [View article]
    Ebay trying to sell full-price designer fashions at it's online flea market is another of their long line of efforts to negate it's true constituency and roots of small sellers and online auctions since John Donahoe took over as CEO.

    Milking their Marketplace cash cow with excessive fees on small sellers to subsidize already-established large merchants, missing the most profitable opportunity to sell Paypal before looming online payments competition heated up, missing opportunities to innovate such as possibly introducing a digital currency, while crushing the small sellers who once provided viral support in exchange for the opportunity to make needed cash or careers, has consistently yielded slower growth for Ebay than the growth of e-commerce generally, for years. The Ebay BOD still makes fat quarterly bonuses for their weak or misguided efforts, but time is running out as Alibaba, Google Shopping and always, Amazon, loom ever larger.
    Jun 11 08:42 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • EBay turns from auctions with new designer shop [View news story]
    Ebay focusing on a "designer shop" to sell fashion labels at full price is another of their clueless efforts to negate their identity, which has it's roots as an online flea market. The rich and famous are not any more likely to pay full price for fashions on Ebay than they are to shop for them at Sears Roebuck and KMart.

    CEO John Donahoe never had the feel of the site and with his fu-fu background and attitude, has tirelessly worked against the natural strengths of Ebay, which had been mostly the legions of small sellers he has abused and eliminated who once provided viral support in exchange for the opportunity to obtain needed extra income, and careers selling online. Instead he overcharges the remaining small sellers at every opportunity while throwing subsidies every large, already established business he thinks he can attract to the site, focuses on fixed-price listings in a comic effort to ape Amazon and imposed Paypal as the default payment method for millions of captive Ebay users.

    Ebay didn't need to become an also-ran in fast-growing online commerce. It had, and may still have a chance to recapture real growth and an exciting future despite the damage that has been done by the management of the company if they can hire leadership that understands respectful business relationships with Ebay's true constituency of small sellers instead of using the marketplace cash cow to fund foolish or barely renumerative pursuits while missing real opportunities such as the chance to sell Paypal before competition heated up too much, or innovating a digital currency that could give their business a real edge.

    Time is running out for Ebay with the looming specter of Alibaba and possibly Google Shopping as well as Amazon which has constantly far outgrown Ebay since John Donahoe became CEO but their BOD needs to think lean and mean for a change rather than fat and lazy just because their excessive quarterly bonuses have remained intact despite their long history of missed opportunities.
    Jun 11 08:16 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Government Debt Ponzi [View article]
    Such an accurate picture of our present government and financial sector finances and their eventual outcome seems to fall mainly on deaf ears or is as welcome as a brown slimy object in a punch bowl.

    Central to the situation is the fact that, "Apart from the astonishing extent of this debt bubble, it must be kept in mind that the most recent expansion spurt consisted mainly of additions to government debt – these funds have been consumed, but the debt remains on the books."

    When this bubble of all debt bubbles turns south, the stampede will be away from leveraged paper with only a printing press and/or no economically viable investment and income stream backing it, for a very long time.
    Jun 10 03:24 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Netflix: A Temporarily Overvalued Company With Real Potential [View article]
    Upon trying Netflix for a month it was apparent that the movie selection was overwhelmingly the same old, tired titles one finds at pawn shop DVD shelves. Older, really, since most of the 1970's and 1980's titles on NFLX are no longer found in pawn shops. The look on the NFLX pages I saw is that of a store on the way out of business that is spreading thin, tired stock over the shelves in a vain attempt to appear normal.

    Perhaps Netflix's original programming will continue to outperform, but if Apple has a mid single-digit EPS multiple based on the difficulty of accomplishing this in a crowded consumer sector with well-funded competitors, Netflix does not deserve anything remotely close to it's present EPS of 158.

    Really, NFLX has prospered from a favored algo- and momo-gamed valuation that can only exist as long as the Bernanke equities and debt bubble continues to bestow it's "wealth effect" on favored financial paper while driving investors into these dangerous waters searching for returns.
    Jun 10 11:12 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Bring Back The V; The Economy Took The Worst Case Anyway [View article]
    To the points of the article it can be emphasized that the "monetarist experiment" that now brings us deep, dangerous downturns and prolonged "upswings" is heavily aided by statistical porcine lipstick and ignores the unparalleled levels of sovereign debt that prop up the whole insider-serving enterprise.

    Which is, bottom line, to serve the very entities that bring us endless new normal torpor on Main Street: Vast rent-seeking Wall Street and government overhead that feeds on the economic misinformation, printed fiat scrip and a tulip mania in debt paper that features the highest supply ever in tandem with some of the highest prices ever seen.

    Even proponents of this fraud might have difficulty explaining this latest chapter in "market" manipulation that features Spain now receiving better rates for it's debt than the US.
    Jun 10 09:47 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amazon expands into the online payments market [View news story]
    Looks like Icahn was right: Ebay should have sold Paypal while it had a virtual monopoly on online payments. Looming competition in the near future would have been apparent to any corporate management, but apparently it wasn't to John Donahoe and the Ebay BOD.
    Jun 9 07:29 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold Manipulation: What Investors Should Do Now [View article]
    "Thanks for your comments. Lots of speculation. Zero evidence. Which sort of furthers my point."

    Which leaves mostly speculation, yes, on whether the markets walk and quack like a duck, in this case, like manipulated markets. And how tightly the nomenklatura are able to control truly key and essential information to their continued and ascending prosperity and control.
    Jun 6 12:35 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold Manipulation: What Investors Should Do Now [View article]
    Advising against the manipulations in markets, both equities and PM's, is not lacking in intelligence to the extent that true price discovery is being thwarted and will eventually prevail, especially if timing is successful.

    And there may well be market operations of bets backed by central banks which are thus virtually unlimited quite aside from the Barclay's case. Fort Knox gold is likely leased out, perhaps multiple times, to keep the game going as is indicated by actual physical gold settlement proving quite difficult to obtain in the case of Germany.

    As the US and the West descend into their twilight zones of domination by incumbent rentiers, their control of wealth and the levers of power is such that it's concentration allows them increasingly unfettered control of information while there has been no opposing force sufficient to stop the process as their societies sink into debt servitude and kleptocratic control. The more unsavory the extra-market operations our owners are now free to engage in, the less we will directly hear of it.
    Jun 6 11:19 AM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Worst Bear Market Is Yet To Come [View article]
    Besides the reasons mentioned in the article for the Fed's likely unwillingness and inability to print money as profligately in the future as in the recent past in response to stock market declines is the looming demise of the dollar as the world reserve currency. This is another major reason that limits future options for them.

    Meanwhile, we can look forward to finding out that, like margin debt, financial engineering and leverage has been building to another extreme that will have a severe impact on the downside when it finally gathers force.
    Jun 5 10:16 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment