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  • IBM Is Playing A Game Of Hot Potato With Goodwill [View article]
    djmand1 - Actually it is refreshing and necessary for descriptions to reach the layman level, or "feet on the ground" as the author might say, since leaving accounting to the accountants has not benefitted the US economy any more than leaving war to the generals would be.

    Actually, since generals err on the side of achieving their goal winning a conflict regardless of collateral damage whereas accountants, like all professionals, err on the side of dissembling to achieve an unwarranted sense of mystery and hence, higher fees for themselves while escaping blame via opaque concepts and words, generals might be more trustworthy. Accounting shenanigans have aided the financialism that is wrecking great corporations and a once-great country with hardly a peep from the profession, and an explanation of it's alleged shortcomings rather than a blanket condemnation of the article might be a good place to start.
    Dec 9, 2014. 10:31 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Rising┬áDollar: Good News, Bad News [View article]
    A very useful overview of the larger picture which involves the benefits of a strong dollar and that watching policymakers for signs of whether the dollar will be allowed to appreciate or whether the short term pain and major adjustments involved for many people and players will cause more beggar-thy-neighbor policies of currency depreciation to ensue, is crucial to perceiving the future of the US economy.

    Given the levels of sovereign debt that have accumulated to back status-quo interests and the benefits to them of inflating bad, i.e. useless and nonperforming debts away that our governments have and are continuing to build by the $trillions, a positive outcome for the US seems a very long shot. Still, the long history of prosperity and progress in the US through extreme travails yet gives reason to watch and hope.
    Dec 8, 2014. 09:11 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Oil And The Global Slowdown [View article]
    As always, an informative and possibly prophetic read. Meanwhile buying the dips on Wall Street continues unabated, as "that's how it's always been done" has worked as well for owners of financial paper for as many decades as has the mantra of ever-increasing debt-financed "growth."

    Of course, timing is everything as the article mentions, but when this next Wall Street bear trap springs, it has the potential to be the Mother of All Bear Traps, encompassing the very way of life in the West.
    Dec 4, 2014. 10:20 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • B-Dud Explains The Fed's Economic Coup- Or Why Every Asset Price Influencing Monetary Policy Transmission Is Now Manipulated [View article]
    To add to the points of the article, the chart showing the still-high household debt/income ratio, which has declined slightly over the last several years since it's stratospheric peak during the last bubble, is augmented by the fact that median US family income has declined in those years from roughly $58,000 to $52,000 while expenses have marched inexorably higher.

    Main Street Americans are feeling an enormous squeeze between relentless cost increases baked in by Washington/Federal Reserve policies to maintain the unsustainable status quo and their own absurdly shrinking breadwinner jobs prospects. Taken in total and in context, it is not the American consumer that will ever bail out the bubblicious "values" financial assets have risen to, but rather only ever more epic policy distortions dreamed up by the toxic combination of academics, Wall Street banksters and hucksters, and government apparatchiks who apparently plan to carry out their dream of "markets" that never reach true price discovery which would force them to seek real work, forever.
    Dec 4, 2014. 09:55 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Black Friday Much Worse Than Last Year, So Economy Must Be Much Better? [View article]
    Apparently the fools-in-charge and their cronies prefer any conceivable "support" for their narrative no matter how stretched, to wish away the simple direct evidence that the policy of abusing the public balance sheet and monetizing to keep entrenched value-subtracting interests including themselves, supported and well-compensated, is clearly failing globally. And, why aren't falling oil prices translating into increased Black Friday sales?

    The principle of Occam's Razor is clearly not well-known or regarded in the more rarified altitudes in the hierarchy of the "science" of economics as it is currently practiced.
    Dec 2, 2014. 10:33 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • CBO: QE Failed As It Has Shown Nothing For The Economy [View article]
    Not sure when the policy and financial goalposts have been moved more to satisfy the needs and desires of the ruling nomenklatura and other elites who have succeeded in imposing ever more ludicrous spin to "cover" the shortfall of results for everyone else in our society but themselves and other grifters.

    An America that wasn't a police state running worldwide empire and elevating crony capitalism and MSM/academic spin but in fact stood however flawed, for individual freedom, truth and individual opportunity, is being currently flushed down the Memory Hole. This threatens to be permanent but for voices who elevate reason and truth over we win/you lose personal gain and succeed in reaching enough who can hear.
    Nov 26, 2014. 10:14 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Tale Of 2 Pizza Turnarounds - Pizza Hut Vs. Domino's [View article]
    When a campaign comes out from a major corporation that can be so justifiably criticized as this article does the new Pizza Hut effort, one wonders, who are these people who attained control and one assumes, lush compensation, and from what planet have they dropped in?

    Everything about it, from the label, "Flavor of Now" which has no resonance with good eating whatsoever, to the logistical disaster of excessive and confusing choices it creates and it's failure to address weak store traffic, shows such breathtaking incompetence and cluelessness it welcomes an attempt to short the stock.
    Nov 25, 2014. 07:20 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street Breakfast: European Stocks Rise As Draghi Readies QE [View article]
    BlueOkie - "Think of the people waiting in line legally. A real slap in the face. Or what about the H-1b's who don't get to stay."

    I know a highly educated couple from Ukraine, both of whom teach college and speak fluent English, and the wife has not been able to get through the utterly insane system to receive citizenship and remove the constant threat of deportation which exists only because of the foot dragging and new requirements that constantly pop up from the bureaucrats.

    Recently they had to start the paperwork all over again because their lawyer screwed up. Apparently skilled and educated immigrants are unwelcome in the US if they aren't in an important potential voting bloc or won't supply cheap unskilled labor.
    Nov 21, 2014. 10:12 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Deformations On The Dealer Lots: How The Fed's ZIRP Is Fueling The Next Subprime Bust [View article]
    Yet another chapter in the reality tale of Mr. Stockman's journey through the looking glass of Washington DC and Fed policy which portends a very messy ending. This is made quite clear in articles such as this which are duly pooh-poohed by the revelers made so drunk on ZIRP-fueled paper portfolio gains that they cannot imagine anything wrong with the most obscured true price discovery possible coinciding with the highest debt in history and the highest prices ever paid for this vast debt.

    Such is the mentality of lemmings.
    Nov 20, 2014. 02:33 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Tesla Is Just Another PayPal [View article]
    "It is creating an ecosystem, and then thriving in it."

    The "thriving on it" is the part that will not happen given the looming deep-pocketed competition, lack of focus by Musk and, yes, the open-sourcing strategy which either shows that the patents are no big deal or is simply an admission that Tesla cannot build out and capitalize on their potential.

    A buyout when the stock price hits reality is probably the best and only long term future for Tesla.
    Nov 19, 2014. 07:47 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Deflation? [View article]
    Now, JC, let's not contradict the point you make repeatedly elsewhere, that the lower 50% of American Main Street is in fact, irrelevant because it is, in fact broke.

    The top 5% hold about 80% of the nation's wealth, the bottom 80% of Americans, about 10%. It would be more honest if you wouldn't exclude portions of your arguments selectively depending on the point you are trying to make.
    Nov 17, 2014. 10:29 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Not Just The Franc Showing Euro Concerns [View article]
    The big picture is bigger than even the King Canutes of Western central banks who are, along with Western elites, so proud they believe they can hold back the tides of market forces and true price discovery. These articles are an invaluable source of professional guidance into the arcana of fund flows and bond and currency trends as well as the lack of credibility of Western government economic statistical data and policies for those who are unaware and/or less able to delve into it.

    The picture Joseph Calhoun's articles present are as damning to incumbent Western policy elites and academic (especially, economics) stooges as history has shown the absurd excesses of the Church to be during it's complete supremacy over European societies before the Renaissance. Sadly, it appears personal economic hardship will hit the parties most responsible for shaping clearly errant policies last as they continue to reap massive personal rewards for serving incumbent interests while creating ever-greater imbalances that their societies will suffer when reconciliation with market forces can no longer be averted.
    Nov 17, 2014. 10:22 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Bank Of America: Is A Return To Glory In 2015 In The Cards? [View article]
    Seanebr - Not sure what deadbeat you are referring to, but I was looking to PURCHASE an attempted short sale.

    Anyway, strategic defaults and other avoidable means of shifting liability and responsibility are a normal part of the working arsenal of too many of the well-heeled in our society, not just the poor fools who should never qualified for a mortgage from the "professionals" who made off with their bonuses for originating and packaging the fraudulent garbage "product" thanks to the taxpayers.
    Nov 16, 2014. 08:07 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Deflation? [View article]
    "First, finance doesn't employ anything like 40% of the workforce. The true figure there is more like 4%."

    40% of US corporate profits are in the financial sector, however. No doubt this is largely due to speculative excesses for which the taxpayer will be expected to provide relief once imploding leveraged counterparty risk and the "mismatching of maturities and liabilities" as mentioned in the article, threaten to topple the status quo once again.
    Nov 16, 2014. 07:58 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Bank Of America: Is A Return To Glory In 2015 In The Cards? [View article]
    In my experience with BAC regarding a short sale and a refinance and as corroborated by a good number of realtors, BAC has proven as deceitful and obtuse as it gets.

    Information is provided as requested to the friendly company representative, time elapses, the business is switched to other representatives, more requirements are added, the earlier paperwork becomes out-of-date etc. etc. Clearly delaying tactics are used to postpone any change and to keep higher present payments flowing for as long as possible to BAC until the victim, I mean, customer finally switches to alternatives, but the style of doing "business," couldn't be much worse.

    Such policies are reflective of a grabby, hardball-playing customer-alienating lowest-common-denominator mode of business ethics that will likely, and should, prove limiting to this bloated company's future results.
    Nov 16, 2014. 09:17 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment