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  • Gold Has Found Its Bottom, Is $2000 Possible This Year? [View article]
    Dave suggests using GLD for short term trading while many other analysts say stay away from GLD becasue it does not have full gold backing and the prospectus says your holdings can be hypothicated;
    my own thoughts are it is safe for holding for 1 to 6 months, or longer as long as big bank stocks are not going down ;
    JPM ,GS; etc; if they start down strongly you more risk in GLD;
    does any one else have thoughts about this ?
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  • 4 Predictions For Gold In 2014: Don't Expect A Long Consolidation [View article]
    question for Hebba and others with a meaning thought about this

    i hold physical metals; but also want to be in PHYS,PSLV
    when they emerge into a bull;

    this what i have done in the past has seem to work;
    i would enter GLD on breakouts and upon entry place a real close protect stop
    basically at the break out point ( say < 1% of B.O) )so if i wrong i have only small loss and it allows to make a bigger bet than i would normal maket; if am right i win big ; i lose i lose little

    if the trade shows a profit of say 6 or 7 % i then move the position into Phys or Pslv and then place a protect stop 6% below that entry so at worse i am at break-even for the strategy ; i would rather be in PHYS and SLV on the longer ride because i think they safer becasue they are backed by more metal

    i enter gld instead of entering Phys,cef or pslv initially because those etf's (phys,pslv,cef) stock prices are so low that it is impossible to enter them with initial very small protect stop of 1% or less

    this probably seems to be an odd or wierd startegy; but that what i like to do; becaseue i like only real small losses and like outsized gains

    i am wondering,( now days) if it is even safe to to be in gld even for a short trading time until show a profit of 6 or 7%??
    becaseu isense there is just not gold there to support it

    i wonder if it would be better to make the initial entry into SGOL ;
    it might be safer, instead of GLD?

    any meaning thousghts appreciated
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  • Why A Gold Standard Is A Bad Idea (Government Interfering In Free Market Edition) [View article]
    good points ; it seems to me a good system is yes letting market decide the prices of gold and silver;
    but letting compete with fiat in a free market by

    lallowing them to be legal tender;

    example; say a company selling something would have the freedom to say 1) here what what is the price if you are paying in gold;
    2) here is the price if paying silver
    3) and here is the price if paying in dollar

    governments would hate this system because it would force them to be more prudent about about maintaining the value of the dollar;
    but it bring freedom,liberty and freedom to people and the markets
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  • Silver Outlook For 2013 [View article]
    article say Switzerland remains the safest place in the world to store bullion.;

    do you have to report to the U.S. government that you are storing silver there?
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  • The Price Of Gold Is Headed Much Higher - Here's Why [View article]
    great article;
    wonder how this The Basel III Accord will effect the
    shorting of gold in the futures market?
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