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  • Something At GameStop Doesn't Add Up  [View article]
    Hi short...

    Thanks for your answer!

    Different because renting and buying are two financially and experientially different vehicles in terms of both buying experience and the resulting impression of equity (And actual equity). Consumer psychology is certainly a factor. It's a different ecosystem.

    You wouldn't call a skateboard a car "in practice" just because it has four wheels and rolls you from one place to another.



    I doubt GS hasn't considered the impact on it own ecosystem. They are still a powerful marketing ally.

    [edit] Oh - I should add that probably the biggest threat to GS will be when developers/distributors figure out how to standardize and lock / unlock digital copies, making them re-sellable. To me, that's far more threatening than anything else on the horizon.

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  • Something At GameStop Doesn't Add Up  [View article]
    "Buying a new game, selling it back to GameStop for credit, and using some of that credit to get a new game is the same thing as renting a movie. "

    Well, this board may not be that different than Yahoo after all...
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  • Something At GameStop Doesn't Add Up  [View article]
    "Tablets and phones are the future of gaming."

    They're already here, have been for years, and are not really replacing PCs or consoles.
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  • Something At GameStop Doesn't Add Up  [View article]

    This board is way better than Yahoo. I think I'll learn a lot here. Seems a bit more civil as well.

    Anyway: I've been long GME for a long time... a couple of quick notes:

    1) One factor in closings that I recently saw at our nearby mall was the GameStop simply closing its doors. There's another one 3 minutes away, still sort of within the mall property; also, another, closer to my house. That's 4 minutes from me. The mall is about 7.

    Anyway, firsthand from the people transferred from the one in the store: rent pushed them out. This mall is being "fancied up" really quickly - high end restaurants, high end stores, and now maybe about 60% occupied. While this might be fine for the mall, and I'm sorry to see it go, I think maybe this is good planning in terms of both casual "mall rat" clientele as well as a willingness to preserve margins.

    2) Comparisons to Blockbuster.... sheesh. I've said it elsewhere: Blockbuster was a rental company. People didn't care whether they owned the movies they'd watch once, and certainly didn't care about the equity. Regarding GameStop, people like owning what they buy. They like equity, they like trading, and a lot of gamers don't like waiting for mail order. My son and I have turned over so many games we've lost count. There's something tangibly different (literally) about going into a store, finding a great deal on a game you've always wanted to try, and leaving with it. I believe GS gets this.

    3) Console gamers like a gaming environment. To be a little sexist, I've noticed girls - knowledgable ones - working in almost every store. I don't think this is an accident. (Not sure I'm actually even being sexist here?) But the fact is that PC gamers have been able to download their games for years and years. Many console players were also PC gamers and know this... yet choose to visit a store. People LIKE going to physical stores. If it were simply the case that people preferred online vs. in -person, I believe many more stores would be shuttering.

    4) Last - I think a big factor in the sales slack is that there aren't many killer apps for the consoles - it still feels "thin". I can only assume there will be a bulking up of really good next-gen games as we move along, as gaming isn't ending. The new hardware is REALLY good. Console sales, I believe, have slacked because of both the lacking killer apps as well as saturation for what could still viewed as high rate early adoption.

    Ok, that's it for now... thanks for "listening".

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  • Not Buying The GameStop Turnaround Story Yet  [View article]
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  • Not Buying The GameStop Turnaround Story Yet  [View article]
    Remember August 2012?
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  • GameStop: The Industry Is Leaving It In The Rear View Mirror  [View article]
    "Flight to Mobile" ??

    I challenge you to find a dedicated console gamer - or any console gamer - giving up their controllers for iPhones and iPads, or otherwise, the mobile device of your choice - including mobile dedicated gaming devices.

    Rather, mobile gaming enrichens the ecosystem.

    Then, yesterday and today, in light of GME's 6% gain and good news, I'm seeing lots of gloom-and-doom articles. Feels a bit transparent.
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  • Steve Ballmer (MSFT +0.3%) has been working with only "a small group" of direct reports and board members on his restructuring plan, Kara Swisher reports. That naturally has many senior execs left out of the process on edge. Many expect Ballmer to start revealing his plans internally by month's end. One source: "It feels like it is going to be titanic — that Steve is doing this change for his legacy ... And it’s the first time in a long time that it feels like that there will be some major shifts, including some departures."  [View news story]
    I don't have much faith in Steve Ballmer. In my opinion, he's restructuring to cover his inadequacies in terms management. I can't think of much Microsoft has done right under Ballmer in the public sector as it applies to innovation, product development, or leadership.
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