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Candyce Edelen brings more than twenty-two years of experience in launching and managing technology companies and founded four companies prior to PropelGrowth.

She has a background in product and company launches, developing successful go-to-market strategies and building sales, marketing, and delivery teams.

Candyce focuses on best practices for complex sales processes and integrating sales and marketing. With extensive experience in lead generation and lead nurturing for complex sales, Candyce is highly effective at building sales pipelines.

She also has expertise in aligning marketing and sales with customer buying cycles to maximize close rates for complex sales.

For the past ten ...More
  • Description: Company executive.
  • Interests: Commodities, ETFs, Forex, Options
PropelGrowth PropelGrowth specializes in the financial services industry, specifically capital markets and wealth management. We understand what motivates your customers to buy and give you insight into business drivers, industry and regulatory trends, and competitive pressures that compel your targets to make changes, ...More
PropelGrowth Blog Industry topics of interest for capital markets professionals such as Market Access Rule, OMS/EMS convergence and B2B lead conversion rates. Trends as well as tips for improving marketing and sales effectiveness. Also includes TrendSpotters, conversations with industry thought leaders.
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