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  • Going over the fiscal cliff "looks like where we're headed," says Senate Majority Leader Reid. S&P 500 losses accelerate, -0.7%[View news story]
    This is sad. The poor and Middle class will suffer. The rich can afford to go over the cliff which includes all the politicians and President. If the house agrees must past senate then president can sign or veto's.In case you have not noticed the president threatens with a veto on discussions, have not got to even pass them. When the budget was not passed way back it was because the president would not sign even though the house and senate agreed he did not want. Yet all the news said was could not come to ageement, but they actually did. He says he is for the people and he listens but he does not. He is spoiled with power and is his way or no way. By the way if you do research you will find that the democrats and president want to raise taxes on everyone and they do so by calling them penalty's. WOW. Also the president will lower the poverty level so you can not get help. Poverty level for 4 is about 24,000.I would like to see these politicians live on that for minimum of 3 years and see how they would react. I would even stretch it to 50,000 and they would not be able to handle it. Remember the programs they talk about the most to cut is social security and Medicare the 2 that all Americans pay into separate from taxes. They need to talk about those that are spent with our taxes to cut and money going to foreign country's and special groups and the list goes on but the 2 they mention most are ones we pay into separate from taxes., and last the employer matches that social security so figure that out for 30 years with 5 % compounded it will amaze you.
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  • “All eyes are on the Senate in the next 48 hours,” says Guggenheim’s senior policy analyst Chris Krueger. President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are putting together a scaled-down deal to blunt the fiscal drag scheduled after December 31, and it's going to take 60 votes - including at least seven Republicans - to clear a filibuster. Republican House Speaker Boehner says the House will consider whatever legislation the Senate passes.  [View news story]
    have you looked at what the President wants to do . He is taxing the middle class and poor to death and you people are blind to it. eventually he wants to lower the poverty level so less people can get care. The poverty level is below 25,000 now. maybe the president and all the politicians should live on 30,000 a year for 3 years and then see how they feel. I would give them a shot at 50,000 and they could not do it. Both parties are terrible but the democrats are blind siding you and you do not see. do more research and you will see.
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