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  • Energy Recovery: The Pressure Builds [View article]
    Depends on the type of contract, will the customer buy, rent/lease, or get it for free and do some deal on the energy savings split with ERII. Who knows. doubt even management knows which way this goes.

    Which route will have a big impact on the 2014 revenues and whether ERII need to raise some finance to support the roll-out over next couple of years.
    Jun 23 06:59 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Big gains for QuickLogic after Android sensor hub announcement [View news story]
    You make it sound like QUIK is first to bring a sensor hub to Android market, yet sensors hubs have been around longer on Android than iOS.

    Just about everyone and his dog has or will be touting a hub solution before long, whether its the SoC suppliers, sensors guys, or the existing microcontroller gang. What's the betting QUIK get little or no traction?
    Mar 18 06:42 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Like Android Or iOS, Buy InvenSense [View article]
    A number of errors, the most important being
    * - The Apple 5S problem was fixed with software update
    * - The GS4 uses, or used when it launched, a STM gyro/accel set, this is not a negative ;)

    When you say 'Via this acquisition, InvenSense has opened a way to offer microphone and motion sensor solutions in one package', do you mean a single physical package, if so what's your source for this fact? Or are you talking from a sales package perspective?

    On cash balance side, worth noting that ADI will be owed money depending on first year sales of microphones.

    No mention of pressure sensors, mid to low-end and China market smartphones adopting more sensors, etc..
    Jan 3 11:32 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Imagination Will Benefit From Intel, Broadcom Share Gains [View article]
    Even though Broadcom has its own GPU, you are likely right that the M320(+) and even the future M340 continue to use Imagination IP as the designs are essentially EOS2 and EOS2B from Renesas.

    However, will be interesting whether later designs continue, or switch over to VideoCore. My guess is the later.
    Dec 31 09:33 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Qualcomm May Follow Apple South As iPhone Volumes Decline In 2014 And Beyond [View article]
    Rapidly gaining share in the low-end? You need to check your facts again as they have many competitors in the 3G segment and it's largely a pricing game. Go check on the latest HTC handsets announced a week or so back. HTC until recently were a Qualcomm stronghold, now HTC are using just about every other chipset supplier going. Plenty of other OEMs are doing the same and will force just about everyone else to do the same.
    Dec 8 09:25 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Qualcomm May Follow Apple South As iPhone Volumes Decline In 2014 And Beyond [View article]
    1) I agree, however large majority of the growth will be in the middle to low-end of the market. Checkout what is occurring in 3G market, pricing of 3G chipsets is damn right nasty, and could occur if the LTE market has the same number of competitors in a year or two. Qualcomm has very juicy ASPs and GMs currently, waiting on the day when others have a solution, lets see what happens to their ASPs, sure some smart people will be shorting if Intel, Broadcom, MediaTek, Marvell and the Spreadtrum/RDA entity all have a LTE offering!

    Qualcomm will go on about how they are moving the performance/feature envelope forward with 300Mbit speeds etc and how they will continue to dominate, just like what Intel told us all many years ago with PC performance, yet many customers have stuck with 5+ year old PCs cause the old specs are more than enough to run all the current software. The same will happen in Smartphones, the low-end will have 100mbit LTE connections, more than enough for 99% of the market.

    3) 800 SoC is now in all the main volume tablets sold in the western world, outside of Apple and Samsung which they are unlikely to ever get with those two OEMs desire to design and supply their own AP. If anything Qualcomm is likely to lose slots if others execute next time around.

    4) IOT is generally very low powered solution needing little in the way of computational capabilities, not convinced Qualcomm is well positioned at all. What leverage do they have there over other suppliers, little or none. The connectivity solution will be Bluetooth or WiFi paired with a very low end MCU, like a Cortex-M0.
    Dec 8 09:08 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Should Buy Broadcom [View article]
    The Renesas SoC that Broadcom bought and plan to offer in early 2014 is a dual A9, while the SoC update planned for mid 2014 is a quad A7. Neither of those SoC is high-end, and will likely go into mid-range smartphones. The Renesas SoC is in the Galaxy Ace 3 as confirmation on its target segment.

    Carrier aggregation will be a high-end device feature for 2014+. While network operators are starting to push for carrier aggregation in handsets it does cost more in extra chips and design resource to implement.
    Oct 30 02:50 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Peregrine dives on RBC downgrade [View news story]
    For those still following the Peregrine Semi story something to be very aware of:

    IMHO dollar content to PSMI is up in 5c/s from iPhone 5, not down like certain analysts state.
    Oct 22 12:07 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Concerned About Earnings: Broadcom, Panera, RF Micro, Nabors [View article]
    If you want to be taken seriously, get your basic facts right. Making stuff up like Broadcom said they would no longer be supplying Samsung for S4 is clearly wrong.
    Oct 18 02:35 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Trusting InvenSense Management [View article]
    That's one view of the world, the other is that the chip industry is a hugely competitive field with a number of other vendors actively working towards taking share in the sensor space, keep an eye on others not just STM.

    Most of the recently publicized design wins are mere replacements, ie MPU6050 was in Nexus 4 and 2012 Kindle Fire HD, and now MPU6515 is in the Nexus 5 and 2013 Fire HD. The Galaxy Gear like the Google Glass wins are good PR, however I doubt they will add much to the bottom line, give wearables another year at least.

    A company like Skyworks' trades at a low PE due to their lower GMs, and the looming threat of a technology transition from GaAs PAs to CMOS PAs.
    Oct 9 04:45 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel: Qualcomm Makes Life Tough, Samsung Makes It Tougher [View article]
    Does your $120 ASP cover CPU, WiFi, GPU, and everything else that Intel supplies into a low to mid-range desktop/notebook PC at $400 to $500? Seems little low to me.

    So leave margins to one side and assume they remain equal, which I doubt as PC market has next to no competition, while ARM smartphone/tablet market will have at least half a dozen competitors able to offer the same complete SoC solution, and bunch of bit players who can offer application processors and other components.

    So for every PC customer switching away from a PC, Intel will lose $120, they need to get 6 smartphones sales at $20 and 4 at $30 just to stand still!

    Break that 2B units down into price points, how many of those will be in the <$150, $151-250, $251-400, and >$400 range? The high segments are dominated by vertically integrated suppliers, granted one of them is using external SoCs, while the lower end range won't generate $30 content for an integrated SoC, heck even $20 is too high. Say more like $15. Intel better aim high or they will find it hard just to stand still!
    Oct 2 02:14 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel: Qualcomm Makes Life Tough, Samsung Makes It Tougher [View article]
    Ashraf you should address how the race to improve smartphone performance is going to reduce Intel's revenues and margins, in particular how Intel improving their offerings in the mobile space will hasten customers switch away from a higher revenue/margin per PC to a lower revenue/margins per smartphone.

    Intel gets what, say $150 to $200 for a chipset on a PC at 60% margins, and maybe $20 to $30 for a smartphone/tablet SoC with 50% margin. Discuss.
    Oct 2 01:06 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel: Apple's A7 Chip Reveals Dangerous Trend [View article]
    ARM IP is designed for low powered small form factor world, while Intel has historically been about performance regardless of power within PC field, and for last 5 years continues to struggle to adapt x86 to fit the mobile world. Intel has tried and failed, and before long its main profit area, ie data center, will come under attack from ARM hordes and then what? More pain.

    As time passes Windows and x86 continues to fade and becomes less important, heck some will say already irrelevant for certain segments of the market, ie many consumers. The writing is on the wall!
    Sep 27 08:21 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel: Apple's A7 Chip Reveals Dangerous Trend [View article]
    Better IP? Think you mean different IP, clearly ARM is the winner in mobile with their IP. Intel is one formidable company, however they have struggled for many a year to position x86 as a worthy competitor in mobile.
    Sep 25 04:00 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Peregrine dives on RBC downgrade [View news story]
    Let me add some other information to try and be clearer. LTE being a MIMO setup has two cellular antennas, the main one and the diversity antenna. Both require antenna switch modules(ASM) which Murata supplied in the 5 and SG4 for example. Murata do the module packaging their own filters along with the Peregrine RF switch. Peregrine have a licensing agreement with Murata whereby Peregrine supply the majority of the RF switches for inclusion in Murata's ASMs.

    Also just to potentially confuse some more, most high-end smartphones are adopting cellular antenna tuning which depending on the solution used can also be identified as a single pole single throw (SPST) RF switch.

    Any questions, fire away.
    Sep 22 06:20 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment