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  • Eastman Kodak's (KODK) CEO Jeff Clarke Discusses Q2 2015 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  [View article]
    Kodak vs Agfa vs CTP plate price increase will stick. The packaging market is growing but not in population only in lbs of production. Production increases have opened up windows of press time that, unless the worldwide economy significantly improves, will continue to keep unit prices of the "box" flat thus re-enforcing the non-inflationary ink/plate/paper side of the business. The real cherry here is Kodak Park. Land lords tend to make money. Will it drive the stock over $30/share? depends on the Occupant(s). this is a buy & hold.
    Aug 5, 2015. 12:39 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kodak and Lenders Close Financing Agreement 
    Kodak stock will be at $1.50 per share by this time next year...
    Mar 23, 2013. 08:29 AM | Likes Like
  • Two weeks after signing off on Eastman Kodak's (EKDKQ.PK) patent sale, a bankruptcy judge has approved $830M in financing that was contingent on the deal. The approval takes Kodak a step closer to coming out of Chap. 11, though the company still has to consummate a reorganization plan by Sep. 30, resolve its U.K. pension obligations, and sell all or part of its Document Imaging (scanners) and Personalized Imaging (photo kiosks, film, and paper) businesses.  [View news story]
    FujiFilm to buy Eastman Kodak...just watch.
    Jan 23, 2013. 09:50 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • More on Kodak: The Next Web claims the consortium organized by RPX and Intellectual Ventures includes Apple and Google, as well as Samsung, Facebook, HTC, Fuji, Microsoft, Amazon, RIM, Adobe, Huawei, and Shutterfly. It looks as if the companies decided to join forces so as to keep Kodak's IP from further enriching patent lawyers. Apple, RIM, and HTC have been involved in legal disputes with Kodak over the patents.  [View news story]
    Too bad. EK had a treasure of patents. Now they have to take what's being offered. Could be a classic 'waited too long before cashing in their chips" story...too bad...and they spun off so many good business entities.
    Dec 19, 2012. 10:54 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Frenemies: Apple And Google Reportedly Join Forces For Kodak's 1,100 Patents  [View article]
    Frenemies...that's one I never thought of ever happening. Oh well...
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  • Kodak's CEO Prioritizes His Compensation Even Amid Bankruptcy  [View article]
    This will be his last year. Too much pressure..the next shareholders meeting will call for his head. I think it's in February or March. Absolute power...we're paying for vision. He's killed this once proud or no film. Sad...
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  • Two days after securing $793M in financing, Eastman Kodak (EKDKQ.PK) received court approval to maintain control of its bankruptcy proceedings through Feb. 28. Also, Kodak says it's still in talks with Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) regarding its delayed patent sale, and is confident the sale with produce the $500M+ in proceeds needed for its financing deal to go through. Kodak chose to delay its patent sale after initial bids during an August auction came in well below $500M.  [View news story]
    The stone that the builders rejected was the corner stone.
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  • Eastman Kodak (EKDKQ.PK) struck a deal with bondholders over $793M in loans that could lift the company out of bankruptcy, according to a WSJ report. If the report pans out, it most likely means a buyer for the company's interesting group of patents has been found.  [View news story]
    Just like after the Civil War: "The South {EK} is gonna rise again!" Who will be Kodak's White Knight? After the sale of its patents...what's next??? Will FujiFilm buy its once main competitor? Or will it be Agfa? Who will rule the industrial graphics market? These are exciting times in the graphics industry.
    Nov 12, 2012. 11:17 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Eastman Kodak (EKDKQ.PK) will stop selling consumer inkjet printers in 2013 as part of its efforts to focus on commercial solutions. Kodak's move comes shortly after Lexmark announced plans to abandon the inkjet market, which has been hit hard by the adoption of online/mobile photo viewing. H-P (HPQ), whose printing division is posting revenue declines, stands to benefit from Kodak and Lexmark's moves. Separately, Kodak is asking a bankruptcy court to give it until Feb. 28 to file a restructuring plan.  [View news story]
    The cards have been more major consolidation is due in the commercial printing & packaging field....EK: division of Agfa? or FujiFilm?
    Sep 28, 2012. 12:57 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • American Airlines (AAMRQ.PK) is laying off more than 1,400 jobs, most of them in Miami, in the run up to Christmas season. While the airline's post-bankruptcy strategy focuses on increasing traffic at key hubs like MIA, the cuts will hit mainly fleet service clerks, crew chiefs and mechanics.  [View news story]
    AA is a great airlines! I love AA!
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  • BofA (BAC) is speeding up its staff-reduction program and plans to slash 16,000 jobs by the year-end to leave it with 260,000 workers, the WSJ reports. The cuts are part of "Project BAC," which aims to bring savings of $8B a year by 2015. Most of the layoffs will probably come in BofA's consumer ops, with the bank intending to close 200 branches on top of the 178 it shut in 2011.  [View news story]
    I love B of A!!!
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  • Shares of Kodak (EKDKQ.PK) roar to a 12.2% gain on word that the company plans to sell its document imaging business and iconic print film business to raise cash. The company sees completing the sales during the first half of 2013.  [View news story]
    EK division of FujiFilm...just watch!
    Aug 24, 2012. 03:20 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Hedge fund and Eastman Kodak (EKDKQ.PK) noteholder Esopus asks the trustee overseeing Kodak's bankruptcy to investigate its IP auction, saying the "unusually secretive" bidding process is unlikely to benefit creditors. Esopus is concerned about "the integrity of the bidding process" following press reports that two leading suitors, Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG), have joined forces.  [View news story]
    Mr. Perez continues to push the "ethical business envelope". Quite frankly, I'm surprised a third party isn't managing this auction. If the entities interested in buying the patent portfolios don't meet the minimum cash reserves asked by the seller by a stated date then there is only one option: stop the auction and re-introduce the portfolios with different (much lower, obviously) cash expectations at a later date. EK, at this stage, may be delaying the inevitable...liquidation. Too bad...I love this company. I love what it did for Rochester. I love what it did for the USA. Shame on this Board of Mis Directors!
    Aug 21, 2012. 10:08 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Eastman Kodak (EKDKQ.PK -9.8%) is thinking twice about selling its patent portfolio, after initial bids came in well below expectations. The bankrupt former camera giant now says it "may retain all or parts of it as a source of creditor recoveries." On Monday, Kodak extended the deadline for patent bids. Is the patent bubble bursting[View news story]
    Apple is not stupid...I bet they end up w/ EK lock, stock & barrel...keep what they need/want and sell the rest it to the open Graphic market_ _ _ EK div Of Fuji Graphics...yesterday's enemies are today's best friends!!!
    Aug 17, 2012. 09:16 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The auction of Eastman Kodak's (EKDKQ.PK) 1,100 digital-camera patents has become increasingly complex but the bids so far are well below $500M, the WSJ reports. The lack of premium offers could put in doubt Kodak's ability to emerge from bankruptcy protection. The participating consortia include one that involves Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT), and another Google (GOOG) and Samsung.  [View news story]
    EK division of FujiFilm...they should be so lucky. Sickening...You would think they have one patent that an electronics/cell phone consortium would NEED...Oh's a new day! And Mr. Perez...get out of town by sundown...
    Aug 12, 2012. 02:41 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment