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  • Why The U.S. Housing Market Recovery Will Falter This Year [View article]
    With the Fed tapering and testing its reverse repos, the trend for interest rates will be down. As they drop, the drop should pull in some of the marginal buyers. Add to this reduced inventories for houses, and we should see some strength for housing this year.
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  • Political QuickChat 6: Jan. 30, 2013 [View instapost]
    "the dems and reps at least still understand that the side with the elected majority passes laws subject to the checks and balances of our constitution"

    Wow, I would say that's about as far from reality as you can get. Just about all the Dems and lesser so for the Reps, both are working towards a dictarorial, slave state, with a rich ruling elite and a wide peasant class. All the rhetoric about order and compassion is no different than all the same arguments used in the centuries past to achieve the same end.

    If you exam the arguments for slavery, they were based on compassion and the benefits to the society from an improved economy by impossing a maximum wage regulation on slaves.

    Oppression can be voted on in the democratic process just the same as freedom. All you need is 51% figuring out they can enslave the other 49%, and even though the vote was held and the majority won, the result was tyranny.
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  • Stability Of The European Union (21) August 28, 2013 To November 8, 2013 [View instapost]
    Well, there is this to consider.

    "Everybody who's not paying taxes or is not paying their fair share of taxes and is being asked to pay more or start paying taxes -- 'it's devastating, it's ruinous, everybody's going to leave the state,'" Dayton said. "I've heard this for 30 years. You've got to tax somebody. So are we going to tax just the few, the middle-income taxpayer and families, or are we going to ask everybody -- businesses and high-income earners as well as everyone else -- to pay a fair share?"

    Let's take a look at Minnesota and see if people are leaving.

    Makes you wonder what sort of economic impact this means.

    There's probably no relation to business friendliess either...

    There not as bad as some of the others, but they are definitely not in the green. There is a reason slaves have to be chained down. Otherwise, they run away.
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  • Surviving And Prospering Over The Next 4 Years Of Economic Darkness [View article]
    And then they will blame everyone else for the disastrous results. They will steal all your wealth from you and then blame you for being poor. They are today's modern slave owners.

    A slave is a slave because the freedom to associate has been denied via force. Once a person is held by coercion, then you can tax 100% of their income, like a slave, regulate 100% of their lives, like a slave, mandate guaranteed but hated employment, like a slave, mandate the type of room and board, like a slave, mandate family planning, like a slave, and mandate the type and level of health care, like a slave.

    And everyone slave owner will tell you that their actions are compassionate because the slave is just not the sort of consumer that can regulate their own lives and they should be grateful for the security provided for them by their ruling elite. Oh, and the slave owner will tell you that a maximum wage limit on slaves is good for the economy because it keeps costs down (like keeping costs down in health care - sound familiar) and that benefits everyone.
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  • Surviving And Prospering Over The Next 4 Years Of Economic Darkness [View article]
    "I'm not in the party that's been trying to take health insurance away from these people. "

    No, you are in the party that is actually taking it away, and you are in the party that claims to care, but clearly doesn't, because if you did, then all this suffering you claim to care about wouldn't exist.

    If not providing health insurance for people is cruel, then clearly you and your ilk are cruel because the fact that these people don't have health insurance is evidence that you won't provide it.

    Instead, you are here claiming how superior you are because of your compassion instead of actually out there showing your compassion by redistributing your wealth and buying health insurance for these people.

    Your hypocrisy destroys any hint of credibility that you wish. Put your money where your mouth is, and then I will take you seriously.
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  • Is Inflation Of 2% Enough For You? [View article]
    "wage increases do not lead inflation"

    Have they ever. The claims I hear is that they did in the 70s & 80s?
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  • Private payroll growth in clear downtrend [View news story]
    Thanks Tack. It seems you want to back away from "always", and it seems you have only anecdotal evidence for your other claims. Which is fine, anecdotes are a way to get clues to patterns, but until anecdotes are studied, they can be exceptions to the rule. So what you think might be a good foundation for decision making, can actually hurt you in some situations. I was hoping you could refer to some actual studies, as I was curious about your claims, but seeing as you can't, I will consider your anecdotes with some skepticism.

    Here's what you need to be careful of...

    "Fed will soon find itself playing catch-up to quell the economy and contain inflation"


    "Then, after they do get a grasp of it,"

    The only thing the Fed can do is dry up the supply of Fed notes. So they will never get a grasp of anything. All they will do is succeed in is removing the notes that are being used to bid up asset prices combined with lowering inflation expectations. That will result in a drop in asset prices (as it always has done ie 1929 & 2006). That combined with growing gov regulations (which are also Fed note destroyers) will result in deflated asset prices and even higher unemployment. The trick then is to look for signals that the Fed will reverse itself from yet another mistake it has made due to its ignorance, and then get back in on the bottom as they start to reinflate asset prices. The asset inflation will typically find its way into equity prices (an equity index can be a sort of aristocracy index, in that it can measure the wealth transfer from the general populace to concentrated interests in financial markets).
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  • Private payroll growth in clear downtrend [View news story]
    That's fine. But you said, "always".

    I'd be interested in seeing what studies you have that show "always" or at least the 70s and 80s.

    I will also grant you that this is the Fed, and they will also say things that you can't trust like they saved us from an "economic collapse" or their actions "keep rates lower than they otherwise would have been" (as if there is some way to prove such a statement).
    Oct 31 04:30 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Private payroll growth in clear downtrend [View news story]
    "And, no euphoric runaway hiring, which always spurs inflation "


    "It turns out that the vast majority of the published evidence suggests that there is little reason to believe that wage inflation causes price inflation. In fact, it is more often found that price inflation causes wage inflation. Our recent research, which updates and expands on the current literature, also provides little support for the view that wage gains cause inflation. Moreover, wage inflation does a very poor job of predicting price inflation throughout the 1990s, while money growth and productivity growth sometimes do a better job. The policy conclusion to be drawn is that wage inflation, whether measured using labor compensation, wages, or unit-labor-costs growth, is not a reliable predictor of inflationary pressures. Inflation can strike unexpectedly without any evidence from the labor market."
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  • Is Inflation Of 2% Enough For You? [View article]
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  • Is Inflation Of 2% Enough For You? [View article]
    Do you have anything you have specifically written on this you could point to? (An article, book, etc.) I would love to add it to my bookmarks.
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  • Is Inflation Of 2% Enough For You? [View article]

    I saw this comment on another thread, and would be curious how you would respond to it.

    "And, no euphoric runaway hiring, which always spurs inflation and almost invariably marks the beginning of euphoric tops."
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  • Surviving And Prospering Over The Next 4 Years Of Economic Darkness [View article]
    "They're not going to vote for the party that wants us to leave people to die rather than treat them,"

    This demagoguery gets trotted out about every 10 seconds. The implication here is that the demagoguer would not let people die rather than treat them. Well, if that's the case, then how can the demagoguer claim there are people dying without treatment? Doesn't that mean the demagoguer is also letting people die without treatment?

    If all of these people that claim to believe in "family" and the "collective" and the "common good", really believe what they claimed, then there would be no people without treatment or shelter or food. These so called compassionate ones would already be practicing what they preached, and as such, they would have no reason to complain about all the suffering they see.

    They are like the person standing on the pier watching a person drown and exclaiming, "someone should save that person. Hey, you there jump in and save that person. Show some compassion." Then the other person responds, "Why don't you jump in and save them." Then the compassionate one exclaims back, "I'm not going to do it until everyone else is doing it, or rather I would prefer someone else do it and then I will show up at the photo-op and take credit once that is done."
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  • S&P 500 - Target 2000: The Wheels Are About To Come Off [View article]
    From what I have read about Yellen, she seems to want to print. She and her husband have done studies trying to link printing to employment, so that seems to be where her head is.
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  • An Audacious Plan To Fix The QE Non-Taper And Fiscal Non-Action In One Swift Move [View article]
    Learning from mistakes? I thought the whole point of putting the "experts in charge" was to eliminate the "chaos" of "unregulated" markets and put an end to the need to learn from mistakes. The vaunted academics would take over and through the combination of their superior intellects and compassion put an end to all of the damage done to the economy by lesser beings with undeserved freedom.

    Now, they are claiming to learn from the mistakes they originally claimed would not occur once they were regulating instead of letting market, price sensitive regulations do the regulating.

    Let's not forget that Lyman Gage asserted that once we had a central bank, all market downturns would come to an end. Indeed, Hoover recalled all of these arguments in a speech he gave. Don't forget, Hoover was there when all of these promises were made. You know, the promises about all the mistakes going away. Which is amazing when you consider Hoover was no free market, laissez faire guy.
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