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  • Can Apple's Garage Band For Textbooks Boost Earnings? [View article]
    Yeah, I was thinking about that after I wrote my comment. It could be the text book people do it for them, since this is already their area of expertise. The hurdle may be the short sightedness of gov, and gov's access to force removes gov from nature's pricing mechanisms which is what is needed to discover what is beneficial and what is not. If the text book manufacturers can overcome this hurdle, then they may indeed be off to the races.
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  • Can Apple's Garage Band For Textbooks Boost Earnings? [View article]
    You would need a more nontyrannical education system than what we have in the US for this to take off really fast. Unless, of course, Apple can find a way to lobby better at the Fed and state levels. They need to find a way to knock out competition the same way the text book manufacturers have, then they could be guaranteed decades of sales and only need to make second rate products, just like the text book folks. Thus if they could get some decent long term contracts that guarantees the purchase of their products, whether it works or not, then they could really rake in some sales.
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  • Apple: How The iTV Will Revolutionize The Television Industry [View article]
    Or the iTV will become a big ipad of sorts, perhaps the ipad and the iphone are the remotes. Content is based on "Apps" you download, and you pick just the content you want. Thus, like the ipad you download an "ABC", "CBS", "ESPN", "Cartoon Network" app, and you watch just the shows you want. Advertising runs as a banner somewhere (perhaps before the show, or scrolling along the bottom), and you can even connect to the add, order the product, and then return to the show where you left off. Evenutally content will be pulled instead of pushed.
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