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  • Lululemon Athletica Doesn't Look Like A Rewarding Bet At Current Prices  [View article]
    Sold out too early on LULU because of the market in general. Expected figures to be good. The risk for me is not LULU but Wall St buckling. LULU will only start losing share when newcomers are sizeable enough, which is years away. Nike, Adidas, UA, have huge brands but their image is so watered down. UA has not changed anything. Step outside of Nike and Adidas at the limited smarter end, and it gets tacky.

    I just don't see competition from Nike etc....huge money on signing up sports stars and 50% coming from trainer sales. Even on the men's side the advertising is different to Nike. Most runners and gym goers don't follow sport religiously but are part of the fitness industry.
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  • Fabletics - The Economic Alternative To Lululemon  [View article]
    Cala - I checked the website and found it so much hassle. Instead of being able to just look at a product, you get asked marketing questions, then as you say there is this monthly points thing.

    Have bought some men's stuff from LULU and it is like normal retailers, hassle free. Bit patronising that Fabletics when a stylist chooses stuff for you. Maybe the girls like that bit, but as for competition, no way.
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  • Fabletics - The Economic Alternative To Lululemon  [View article]
    A label that has a famous person as a part-owner.....chuckle chuckle. Is she doing the pattern cutting, or still doing films! You can't be cheap and quality. You can be affordable and quality. Might have seen this label before, but if you seriously think it is a match for lululemon then you're in the UA crowd.

    It looks cheaper and the photos are not that slick. The reason for LULU's success is the lack of similar competition. Don't forget that women, and men, will pay these prices if sport is a large part of their life. Compare LULU to designer labels and there is a big gap, so are LULU really expensive or have we been served cheap crap for too long in the sportswear sector.

    Far too many famous people sitting behind a clothing company to launch a brand. Behind the scenes it is a hard industry that requires sweat and talent. Just because they have got large sales it does not mean that it is to the detriment of LULU.

    After you look at Kate's site, go to LULU, the difference is massive. Look at Ivivva, a cracking website for the kids. There will be competition for LULU, but it ain't arrived yet. It certainly won't be from Beyonce an the like who will just get plain bored.
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  • Lululemon Not As Strong In Social Responsibility As You Might Expect  [View article]
    Agree here with scottinno. It is impossible to run a private, let alone a public company that is profitable and protects the environment. I worked with carbon credits for a US investment bank and the EU set up was abused and not workable. The desk was shut down later. If you ever visit a clothing factory then you realise that there is incredible amounts of energy, chemicals, and cheap labour.

    Where are all the people running organic labels. If you do then your first note in the risk manual is assuring supply of cotton year on year. Whilst LULU may try harder than others it is still going to pump out an incredible carbon footprint. If you use factories in Europe then you have much better labour standards. Once you go public Wall St expects you to go offshore. As for diversity, does it really matter. It is a point scoring game with quoted companies. The very same US investment bank I worked for spent the first 20 minutes of internal quarterly meetings talking about diversity. Believe it or not diversity was never an issue with privately owned companies. If you had a talent or hard work you were recruited. And that is going back to the mid 80's.
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  • Raising Concerns About The Positive Results Of Lululemon  [View article]
    Yes price is actually not expensive as I compare really to the higher end market. Someone made a decent comment a while back about women turning up for lunch in LULU gear with them never doing that in Nike etc..... Historically the sportswear market has gotten away with being cheap which has damaged alot of brands.
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  • Raising Concerns About The Positive Results Of Lululemon  [View article]
    The past issues certainly slowed down store opening in Europe. Posely mentioned on the call about concentrating the next year on pants and tanks, the core product, as opposed to driving more seasonal and capsule collections. The supply chain capacity just got too big and needed a bit of focus.

    If you start as a retail site business then online sales follow. New sites are added marketing tools. In a global recession their cashflow is still strong, hence the old crowd reappearing to push International expansion. Lulu's main advantage is that there is no direct competitor to actually reference against. This is why it is a difficult group to analyse. As Posely stated....they own the top end. All competition has so many price points, whereas Lulu stick to their price banding. Pricey, but not too much to cut out the customers.
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  • Lululemon Athletica's Q3 Earnings Have Sent Shares Lower, Should You Buy On The Dip?  [View article]
    Hi Tap,

    I sold out before around $45 and back in now at $48. Expected it to fall a bit today after recent rise. Caught end of the analyst call. Women's gear still looks strong and can't see them losing share on that side. Men's looks better as initially it was difficult to get a grasp of the look with not so much online and will try out fit wise this winter to see how it compares. Difference going forward is that the competition has a mixture of quality based on their sheer size.

    I did fire a mail off to Posely previously when all the backroom squabbles were ongoing. Fingers crossed that little old Greece doesn't mess up on us over in Europe.

    Best of luck!
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  • Lululemon Athletica's Q3 Earnings Have Sent Shares Lower, Should You Buy On The Dip?  [View article]
    Bought back in on LULU the other day. It may fall a little as it moved up pretty quick off the back of the Wells Fargo rating. Am more bullish on the menswear side than before as the range has grown quite a good look. Need to keep an eye on the falling margins. Always difficult to compare against the competition as the others have wide price bands. Global stock exchanges still top heavy. I see they did actually do a share buy back in the quarter.
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  • Is Lululemon Still A Good Investment?  [View article]
    Check out the Nike Run with Me ads. Evan Jager! Nike are on a real push with running gear. Allyson Felix on the women's side. Lulu is very strong on womenswear but mens is a bit of an inbetween label. I'm sure NYC likes it along with Vancouver. London it will catch a few metro guys. It isn't a track and field label or even a gym label in Europe for men. Lulu will grow as a fashion label, not a sports label. In a way they are right to claim the style game as others got lazy. If you watch the men's designer he really is doing a fashion label that is safe for men. Ivviva is a great product.

    As advisor says, the others have footwear which keeps them ahead along with football. Adizero is far from being tired.
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  • Lululemon Not So Much Of A Lemon Anymore  [View article]
    I took profits this morning but will follow the stock for any dip. Potdevin was more clear on his answers to analysts so looks like he knows the numbers. Womenswear they are clearly ahead on the look side. Can see the lulu / nike mix as you say. I would buy the menswear if it were a little more fitted but maybe you see more range than us online in UK. I wish they wouldn't go down the London mark 2 shop road. A common theme for foreign brands to get a number of London shops. Smarter would be to go straight to Manchester for shop 2. Many cities over here that can sell your brand quicker to the masses than playing London only.
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  • Lululemon: Looking For A Reason To Get Excited Again  [View article]
    Rate Potdevin and not Poseley? Should be the other way around. The CEO is being rated on his CV at present. Far too weak when talking to analysts. I see it more that he was the rush appointment. Hopefully Advent will pick up on this. Cash looks ok today but still a flat operation. It will take Poseley to push this group forward. In need of a woman at the top for this brand. Of course Wilson has not helped with his boardroom squabbles.
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  • Lululemon Not So Much Of A Lemon Anymore  [View article]

    They really need to show a united front on that call tomorrow. These problems are all down to the image they give off to Wall St. They over reacted on the product recall which led to the sp being hammered. Whilst the womenswear is strong they will have to work hard to crack Europe. In the UK Sweatty Betty, a still privately run company, knows its market and will not just rollover. They have 30 or 40 shops at present and entered the US last year. UA with this Giselle campaign will win share. Whilst I don't think UA is as good as Nike or Adizero on the menswear side, they all give off a more sporty image than Lulu. Never seen a more unprofessional board than Lulu. Advent need to stamp all over this board. Don't want to a hear a fluffy feeling speech from Potvedin. They know that the sp is wobbling, hence the no show on share buyback at present. Still think Poseley will be CEO within 6 months.
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  • Can Lululemon Redeem Itself?  [View article]

    It is funny with Plank as he is a hit em type of guy. I know what you mean. The UA american footballer image can get away with alot. I am not keen on the CEO but do believe that Poseley is a a real tough nut who knows how to push Lulu forward.

    The women's product side is still very strong. My comment was meant as keep delivering but cut the squabbles out. The board has given so much ammo to the shorters. A product recall happens to all companies but Lulu needs to stop apologising. This Deanne on the design side I like. I think that the womenswear alone can drive the company forward similar to menswear driving UA. Chip certainly started the show. He just needs to realise that once you IPO you do lose control. For once I am happy to see a PE firm take a shareholding.

    Was at an athletics meeting today with the likes of Allyson Felix and the crowd showed the fine line between technical and casual wear. Plenty of customers on show for a Lulu European rollout.
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  • Can Lululemon Redeem Itself?  [View article]
    Never looked at this before but the comments make an interesting read. I know that the Lulu look is a bit more style orientated than the competition but I do worry about them losing out going forward. There is a lack of urgency at the top. I bought back in recently and the next set of figures will determine this new CEO for me. I find him too fluffy. Sometimes rather than waffle on about brand awareness/demographics, it is better to just deliver on product. UA is a different look but Kevin Plank knows how to win the market analysts back on his side. I can see Lulu growing on the women's/ivviva side but the jury is out for me on the menswear side. Style orientated but not always a sporty look.
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  • Can Lululemon Redeem Itself?  [View article]
    Advent should bang a few heads together on the board. These analysts are not sharp when it comes to fashion or clothing in general. The danger of not staying private is that you bend over for Wall St. The company needs to stop apologising and toughen up. The share buy backs needs to be put in play at this price.
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