• John Motyka
    MAKO beats but gets caught in market down draft. As usual, perversity trumps the rational outcome and expectations of MAKO fans...jdm
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    • FortSumter: Starting to think maybe there is an efficacy issue. Seems no real incentive to use. http://t.co/lZhSmE2N
    • John Motyka: Fort: Turns mediocre ortho surgeon into SuperStar for hip socket replacement. 1tallrn cares for MAKO patients post op; no recent updates...
    • John Motyka: 1tallrn: We await your comment about MAKO efficacy. Now is no time to by shy...jdm
    • FortSumter: Ouch. Down 10% on a stock offering after hours. Staying away from this name. Mgmt has issues, I think.
    • John Motyka: Fort: You are correct to stay away. Too late for me. I might as well take capital loss next year...jdm (sigh)