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  • TruffelPig
    A little Russian invasion can't stop the US stock market....$UVXY gonna end up red today.
    Thu, 12:43 PM
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    • joe kelly: Putin's still pissed off about Kruschev backing missiles out of Cuba. Dude just can't let things go. To ignore him would be greatest insult
      Thu, 1:55 PM
    • debunn: I would love for you to be correct. Still long $SVXY.
      Thu, 3:27 PM
      • TruffelPig
        >50% in cash. Not going to wait for the final 5% incline in market really. Still holding divi payers and $GILD, $BIIB, $CELG
        Aug 15, 6:40 PM
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        • lexoo: $GILD a great return for those who saw the potential. Seems like not a bad time to be scaling out all positions and moving to cash.
          Aug 18, 12:52 AM
        • Lossesrtiny: I wish. I entered to lateI wish I had entered around the 45 level but I got 81. Its not at my level yet
          Aug 20, 12:34 AM
          • TruffelPig
            Bought some of my $ICPT shares back that I sold at 350. Doing it again :) - round 4. 200 range - 300 range
            Aug 13, 7:08 AM
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            • Perkins Cove: Just the messenger...."$ICPT, initiated with Underperform @ FBR Capital, tgt $172. Thought you should know T-Pig. Cheers.
              Aug 15, 7:37 AM
            • TruffelPig: I know. They are the only ones. All others upgraded. No clue why FBR capital sets itself apart from all others with such a low PT.
              Aug 15, 7:43 AM
              • TruffelPig
                What is the best gold miner to buy? $AUY, $GG, something else? $PPP?
                Aug 11, 9:22 PM
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                • TruffelPig: By now I own some $AUY. Have to look into $RIOM :).
                  Aug 13, 12:49 PM
                • fazsha: Let me just say I bought $SEMFF at 1.50 and rode it to 4.50 this past 12 months, but bailed out so I could hop on to $SAND this week.
                  Aug 14, 1:12 AM
                  • TruffelPig
                    Futures just turned green after being seriously down AH and PM.
                    Aug 8, 7:22 AM
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                    • neobliviscar: Truffel- sorry, shitsureishimasu, entshuldigung, si prego scusare and all for the thread hijack.
                      Aug 8, 10:17 AM
                    • TruffelPig: No problem - lol. I do vacations in North Germany, it was beautiful, and they have the best Pilsener in the World there - Jever!
                      Aug 8, 1:39 PM
                      • TruffelPig
                        I liked the old breaking news format better. All blue now, boring....
                        Jul 31, 7:03 AM
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                        • oneotherfool: LOL, u r right....They are following you wheelz!!
                          Jul 31, 2:41 PM
                        • wheelz23: they probably had a flood of complaints on that one
                          Jul 31, 2:43 PM
                          • TruffelPig
                            The slaughter of $UVXY continues. Broke through support now.
                            Jun 18, 3:35 PM
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                            • TruffelPig: Very short-term and chart oriented. You are right, it is a loser and one should only short it :)
                              Jun 18, 11:56 PM
                            • debunn: In the long term, agreed! Short term, not so sure. Bought at market close today, intending to sell within a day or two and make a profit.
                              Jun 19, 12:31 AM
                              • TruffelPig
                                I just bought a ton of $GILD here.
                                Jun 9, 9:56 AM
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                                • michigan dogs: Large insider sale reported in WSJ
                                  Jun 9, 10:47 AM
                                • derrickthms182: It's called the stock market, news rules, no facts needed. Quick dip, great buying opportunity. Remember $GILD invented a CURE for HepC.
                                  Jun 9, 11:19 AM
                                  • TruffelPig
                                    Bought $XONE @25.66 AH
                                    May 14, 5:04 PM
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                                    • Perkins Cove: (please notice I spelled truffles correctly for truffles, not for TruffelPig, the bio Guru....grin)
                                      May 14, 6:08 PM
                                    • TruffelPig: I just like the stock price on $XONE here. But 3D is growing in general. No real new Truffles I found recently, not much time.
                                      May 14, 7:09 PM
                                      • TruffelPig
                                        $PSEC had a pretty interesting day after morning dip.
                                        May 13, 1:37 PM
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                                        • jthegolfer: So when can I buy and hold without losing my a$$ ?
                                          May 13, 1:39 PM
                                        • Overanalytical: What. A. Day.
                                          May 13, 1:49 PM
                                          • TruffelPig
                                            Wild west in Puerto Rico: $DRL versus Hacienda (10x market cap issue):
                                            May 12, 5:52 PM
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                                            • Hillbilly Stock Star: The Singapore of the Caribbean?
                                              May 12, 7:40 PM
                                            • TruffelPig: Eher Pollo Loco Fight Club
                                              May 12, 8:22 PM
                                              • TruffelPig
                                                Back into $BIND @ 9.2
                                                May 9, 4:25 PM
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                                                • Perkins Cove: TA = Technical Analysis. Of course you would be FA, Good luck with $BIND.
                                                  May 10, 7:40 AM
                                                • TruffelPig: Big time FA, I only look at technicals to confirm ok entry points.
                                                  May 10, 8:10 AM
                                                  • TruffelPig
                                                    Admittedly I got it handed to me today on $ECYT. Luckily not a giant position like I used to have....
                                                    May 2, 11:49 AM
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                                                    • Perkins Cove: Thanks for your openness T-Pig. Interesting it's not bouncing. New lower tgt is $8. (Baird)
                                                      May 2, 12:30 PM
                                                    • TruffelPig: My target is even lower. I sold every single share as fast as I could.
                                                      May 2, 12:40 PM
                                                      • TruffelPig
                                                        $MACK positive phase III. Should be good for small biotechs today like $EXEL!
                                                        May 1, 8:29 AM
                                                          • TruffelPig
                                                            $GILD is lifting off after the super quarter results. Forward P/E of 10....
                                                            Apr 30, 3:31 PM
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                                                            • synchrogeddon: You wanted to write 190$ :)
                                                              Apr 30, 11:37 PM
                                                            • D-struction: I hope.
                                                              May 1, 7:22 AM
                                                              • TruffelPig
                                                                For speculators only: $EXEL opportunity here for run up into data!
                                                                Apr 30, 11:06 AM
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                                                                • Granters: What makes you say August time frame for when it becomes exciting? Probably when data is finally ready?
                                                                  Jun 5, 6:41 PM
                                                                • TruffelPig: Maybe even later.
                                                                  Jun 5, 6:58 PM
                                                                  • TruffelPig
                                                                    Synthetic long on $GILD, $CELG. Were too cheap. Also $MDVN.
                                                                    Apr 30, 11:05 AM
                                                                      • TruffelPig
                                                                        O baby, $XONE rocket since $25.
                                                                        Apr 30, 11:04 AM
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                                                                        • Perkins Cove: Nah, I just believe in The Pig...but with a stop. hehe
                                                                          Apr 30, 12:10 PM
                                                                        • Perkins Cove: If it goes below my entry I'm jumpin' off the train.....
                                                                          Apr 30, 12:11 PM
                                                                          • TruffelPig
                                                                            Made a good amount on my $YNDX short. Look at that Oxen
                                                                            Apr 25, 10:14 AM
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                                                                            • TruffelPig: Russians can use GOOG or whatever too. Long term probably ok when Putin calms down
                                                                              Apr 25, 11:33 AM
                                                                            • Mongoose7916: I can see myself buying $YNDX but not at this price still way too expensive considering all the turmoil. If it hits 15-17 then we'll see.
                                                                              Apr 25, 3:21 PM
                                                                              • TruffelPig
                                                                                Bought some May 2 $63 $FB calls. Bring it on Zuck.
                                                                                Apr 23, 1:36 PM
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                                                                                • bdy: I sold an ATM strangle on it right before the close for 6.25.
                                                                                  Apr 23, 4:04 PM
                                                                                • bdy: I guess you can call it a straddle lol
                                                                                  Apr 23, 4:08 PM