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  • Is Apple Going To $700, Or Maybe $260? [View article]
    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for your reply. I'll tell you why I think the stock is so cheap, simply because it is fully owned by everyone. 77% of Apple stock is held by financial institutions. They have to respect their portfolio percentage pie, diversified sectors as well as growth, value, and dividend stocks,etc.If the hedgies are maxed out on Apple,who is left to buy? Also, for some reason, Apple is being perceived and trading like value stock, not as a growth stock which is what it truly is. It's cash holding of close to 1/5 of the stock price is also not taken into consideration. I believe there are three solutions to it's undervalued stock price; 1: use part of the 80+ billion in cash to buy back stock 2: split the stock 5 to 1 (to attract retail investors) 3: introduce a dividend. The later being the best solution by far, simply because it will attract extra money from the hedge funds, freeing up their dividend stock investment money, reaching for the other pocket. This substantial increase in available money would help reach analyst price targets, and mine.Regards,Bruno P.
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  • Is Apple Going To $700, Or Maybe $260? [View article]
    I don't understand the many articles I read that discuss Apple's stock price with no reference to it's fundamentals, PE, PEG, etc.., or the fact that 1/4 it's share price is CASH. If the company continues to grow at the amazing rate it has been, why would the stock not follow? Saying that Apple is too big to move is based on historical comparisons to Cisco, etc.. Apple is an elephant that is running like a cheetah, just because no one has ever seen that happen, doesn't mean it can't. It's doing it right in front of our eyes. Apple is a new tech beast, with many legs, carving new ground, blowing away previous boundaries. Until it's growth substantially slows down, and there is no signal of this, there is just no stopping it. Just remember, any one who has beat against Apple in the last 10 years has lost big. It's easy to say it's going to rain in the dessert, there will be a day you will be right, but in the mean time you may just get burnt waiting. Position Long, actively buying from 83.00 to 395.00, averaging, 200.00/share.
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  • Apple: The Time to Buy Has Passed [View article]
    Your long position in INTC, CSCO, MSFT, says it all! Sour grapes? You may not make a 500% gain at these levels, but you wouldn't like to make 20-50%?
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  • Apple Bears Come Out of the Woodwork [View article]
    You are always bang on Zaky, let them have it when there deserve to be called out on their reckless actions!
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  • Is Apple the 'Short of the Century'? [View article]
    APPLE is a growth company at a size no one has seen before. That may scare al lot of people away, but not me. Apple is breaking new ground, just like it is with all it's products. When you are big and on top, many jealous people will want to bring you down. There is one undeniable fact I have for those people. He who has bet against Apple in the last 10 years has lost, and he who bets against them now, will have the same fate. Apple's stock price is cheap cheap cheap, facts prove this not fluff. Do your homework, look at the balance sheets and growth and you will see. It's not an illusion it's reality. I'm glad guys like Andy Zaky lay down the facts in article like this.
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  • Is Apple the 'Short of the Century'? [View article]
    It blows my mind every time people say Apple is overvalued based purely on it's market cap. They can't seem to get passed it. Yes Apple's market cap is huge, but so is it's growth. It's growth is that of many small caps! Based on it's growth, Apple is still very very cheap! You are an amateur if you can't see that. I can't believe they have people speaking on CNBC with this level of ignorance. Apple will become the biggest company in the world, it's a no brainer. I've know this since 85.00/share, and I've made a lot of money and will continue to make some more. The simple fact is, anyone who has bet against Apple in the last 10 years has LOST big time! One day these guys will be right, but not for a long time. It's like standing in a desert and saying it will rain one day, chances are it will, but you'll die from waiting!
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