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  • The Web Services Problem [View article]
    @Santos: Thank you for this article ... it makes the KEY point that Amazon has a lack-of-profit problem and perhaps identifies Amazon's very Achilles heel. As I see it, Amazon has been running a "non-profit" business that has been a huge benefit to consumers, but it leaves them little margin for error. Their big ERROR could be the one you identify: they may not have the underlying profitability to carry through with the required roll out of their cloud services business in the face of their highly profitable competitors. Amazon is a bubble we should expect to burst (at least in terms of their stock price valuation). What is a company actually worth that makes no money? $0.00 (or thereabouts ... whatever its current stock price). I have not looked at Amazon closely, but it is listed as having a PE of over 500?!? That means it is earning 1/5 of a percent on ones investment: that is 0.2% before they hit the expenses you suggest are coming. And oh, they have little or no assets to create any shareholder value should the company go bankrupt. A untried business model for sure. I will be watching this one from a safe distance.
    Jul 8, 2014. 10:23 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Avoid Dell, VFC's 100% Upside, And Weekly Outlook [View article]
    The Dell deal is solid?!? As solid as me offering you 1/3 of what your car or house is worth.... Its solid for M. Dell, highway robbery for shareholders forced to sell. THAT is Icahn's effort is about: Stopping the robbery of shareholders by offering them a VERY profitable alternative. His is the only smart choice.
    Jul 7, 2013. 11:21 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why I'm Selling Microsoft [View article]
    @transcript and 10s & @Craig

    May 28, 2013. 02:28 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft Short Sellers Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet [View article]
    Lets hope this is a "coke classic" moment for Microsoft and they move to touch tablets while keeping, respecting the windows interface that we all know and love. Embrace windows 7 as it is and extend it to be a Tablet... Windows 8 is close: Bring back start button and "boot to desktop" and they are there! It's that easy! Will Windows Blue get us there?!?
    May 12, 2013. 12:21 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft's Conquest Of The Tablets World Is Well Under Way [View article]
    Thank you for all those comments re IE.. Very helpful since I recently considered resorted to using Crome because I was having trouble running Adobe flash stuff with IE 10 on Windows 7. But have now solved the problem (reboot:-)). Still have some problem with legacy websites from time to time ... so thanks rjgood for that explanation.

    Who to tell when IE 10 has problems?!? I would like help Microsoft get it right!
    Apr 25, 2013. 07:09 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft's Conquest Of The Tablets World Is Well Under Way [View article]
    Question: Who still uses Internet Explorer (now version 10)? Since Windows 8 launch it seems IE has been giving me more and more problems. Is it just me? I hate to go to Google Chrome browser, because I view Google's business as basically that of a pimp: They don't make anything to sell, just collect and sell access to other people's private's (info) for profits (from advertisers)!:-). Am I wrong?
    Apr 25, 2013. 04:02 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft's Conquest Of The Tablets World Is Well Under Way [View article]
    How far it can go is anyone's guess short term but thanks for this data and the excerpt on valuation (and previous article). If Microsoft overtakes Android tablets in market share, then I would suggest there is huge upside on this stock ... because Windows division will be a growth story again and PE expansion will happen. Just doubling your cash adjusted PC from 7 to 14 would double the value of the stock WITHOUT ANY EARINGS GROWTH. That gets us to at least $56 per share. But Tablet market share gains along with the continued growth of other Microsoft divisions could reasonably double earnings from here over 6 years to close to $6.00. With a PE of 14, that makes $84 per share. Whether it gets there will depend on how bright Microsoft's prospects continue to look at that point.

    p.s. I just read recently that Google's chrome book accounts for .25% of web access platforms after two years on the market. It is (so far) judged a flop. I think that's important because both iPad and Windows 8 tablets have the advantage over Android of a broad base of Mac/PC microcomputers. If that PCs continue to be important, we would expect Microsoft Windows 8/RT tablets to take Google's place marketshare wise. Would anyone dare to predict Microsoft with some 50% worldwide marketshare in Tablets and Touch Tablet PCs within a year or two?!?
    Apr 25, 2013. 03:55 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft: Back With A Bang [View article]
    Good point. Software should allow people to continue their existing work with existing skills unless they WANT to learn new ways to do old things (e.g., they have time to waste on this). Microsoft used to build this in. Today their designers seem to assume we care about their "bright" (re) design ideas. For professionals especially, Microsoft is mostly wrong since we all have more than enough work to do as is.
    Apr 20, 2013. 01:20 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel And Microsoft: Leading The PC Industry To The Next Stage [View article]
    And how are sales? too new to tell ...but will be interesting new category to watch. Somehow I can't imagine people shifting off macintoshes and PCs to go with chromebooks .... that would be like everyone leaving Google to use Bing, would it not?
    Apr 8, 2013. 02:02 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel And Microsoft: Leading The PC Industry To The Next Stage [View article]
    I agree on shift to new form factors. I have been using laptops as my core device since the Apple Powerbook in early 1990s. I now am completely off Apple and on windows laptops, netbooks and, most recently, Microsoft Surface RT (actually my wife's ... she is a writer)
    Apr 8, 2013. 02:00 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel And Microsoft: Leading The PC Industry To The Next Stage [View article]
    I think you have said the rational thing that should be the obvious starting point in thinking about Microsoft and Intel. How is it that so many people just don't want to allow that the future of computing will be move evolutionary (e.g., Windows morphying into Touch Tablet PCs) then revolutionary (e.g., Google's web based service and Android and Chrome replacing everything Microsoft). The latter is likely only a threat if most every person and soon business is able to run all their computing as web based services. AND if no one is concerned about keeping their data with a company that pimps that information to advertisers.

    p.s. If I didn't check myself, I might go as far as to say that Google's business model is that of the brothel in that they sell access to people's private info to "Johns" ... the only difference is that Google, in contrast to a brothel operator, keeps ALL the money (not just most of it).
    Apr 8, 2013. 12:10 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel And Microsoft: Leading The PC Industry To The Next Stage [View article]
    What you wish for has happened. Its called Windows 8 on a 1.5 lb 3 mm thick Samsung Ativ tablet (touch screen) that docks on a nice keyboard or Microsoft Surface Pro or, or other Windows 8 Tablet PCs. The great thing about Windows 8 is it integrates the touch tablet with the PC's standard mouse interface. You have a two in one device for as little as 1/4 the cost of a two device iPad/MacBook solution. Check it out and, if all you want is office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote and a tablet, buy the delightful 1.5 lb Microsoft Surface RT with a TYPING keyboard cover. I have one works great and you get some 14 hours of battery life.

    AND if you need a phone, buy Windows 8 based smartphone and it will work just like the Windows 8 tablets. .... your wish is here. You just have to go and get it and thank Microsoft for shipping these products before you went and bought all the other low function and/or overpriced stuff. The analysts will again be wrong. Smart people like you will prove them wrong by making smart purchase decisions.
    Apr 7, 2013. 11:55 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel And Microsoft: Leading The PC Industry To The Next Stage [View article]
    Android is seeing massive sales? Really?!? I guess you are talking phones. China making Linux their official OS? Really? What are you talking about now, phones again? If phones Android is huge but Apple is the status phone of choice. Or PCs? If so, where did you get info. Does Lenovo, China's biggest PC vendor, even make Linux based machines? Last time I checked CHina was mainly still Windows XP ... pirated versions. Friends there tell me they avoid Windows 7 because they fear they will need to use licenced versions or the Windows will not function properly (which, you might argue, is what everyone should expect:-))

    Russia? Really?!? I don't think Russia knows what is is doing. Even so, I doubt they are doing Linux any more than they are "doing" everyone else who does business with them.
    Apr 7, 2013. 11:43 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel And Microsoft: Leading The PC Industry To The Next Stage [View article]
    Good points, I know many people, professionals who would agree with you. Yet some of these and many other people are running out to buy tablets like the iPad that still require a MacBook or PC behind the scenes. more recently, more and more people are considering (and starting to buy) android tablets. So what is Microsoft to do? Sit back while some 100 million tablets sell annually? or "embrace and extend" into the tablet space while preserving the PC? I think they had to do the latter. From my experience, Windows 8 on Tablets (like Microsoft Surface RT, Pro, other Tablets) or on touch enabled PCs is a joy to use -- for those who want to experience Tablet type computing.

    P.S. Personally, I think that should have marketed Windows 8 for touch screen devices only (I..e, Tablets, Tablet PCs) and kept shipping WIndows 7 with standard PCs. For people happy with the status quo, WIndows 8 is clearly annoying.
    Apr 7, 2013. 11:36 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft Positioned For Unrivaled Enterprise Ecosystem [View article]
    Balmer is why Microsoft is ready with all this today. Give the man a break. Under his tenure, he has increased revenue and earnings by 3x and now has all the right consumer products in place to compete going forward. I agree, Bill Gates had a certain "guru" quality that even perhaps rivaled Steve Jobs at points and Balmer does not. But Microsoft is now an IT powerhouse with a strong leadership and direction not dependent on one man. We have yet to see if Apple won't implode because of its great dependence on Jobs.
    Mar 11, 2013. 02:11 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment