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  • The Steady-Savings Retirement Plan  [View article]
    Hungry, Chowder, Robin, Twotraps.
    Thank you for you comments.
    Hungry - I have some gas wells in PA avg 8% return before the tax advantage, if the politics were different I would be building Natural Gas stations. But for some reason the people we hired in DC would rather fund people to burn our food sources in cars and look elsewhere for fuel.
    Robin when you mentioned 2yr munis I laughed a bit because of all I have read about the doom and gloom about them. But I have em and they are short term. I also have large cap, quality exposure 25%.
    Chowder, I am taking 13 months to get it all in and of course it is subject to change. Back in 99 and 2000 I Dumped and Slept and I see the results - just getting back to even or a little above. In 08 I had a large sum of cash I couldn't part with - still got it but it should be a lot larger ( no guts ). But now I have to set it loose and you people have helped me ! Thank You
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  • The Steady-Savings Retirement Plan  [View article]
    OK - This is great, I am Boring too!
    Maybe you Boring people (I mean it in the best poss way) can help me figure out the best thing to do with 950k cash that needs to work for me. I am headed to a 25% eq 75% income portfolio. House and cars are paid off. Sold my comp and need some income.
    The more I read the more I think I should sit for a while longer..
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