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  • It's Official: Mr. Market Believes Apple's Growth Story Is Over  [View article]
    Stick with what works until it doesn't, Even Microsoft stockholders can't complain that much, a couple 1000% and alot of dividend later they are still way ahead of the Netscape guys.
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  • Today In Commodities: Tortoise Or Hare?  [View article]
    3Cheese, do you think the growth in developing countries or the supply of dollars has been the bigger influence on industrial metals in the last 5 years?
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  • Today In Commodities: Tortoise Or Hare?  [View article]
    I agree and based on that rational you should be buying. I can't imagine the stress of trying to guess bottoms and tops, it must be unrelenting.
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  • Today In Commodities: Tortoise Or Hare?  [View article]
    buy long. 10 years from now nat gass will be $15 a mcf, well unless 330 million americans discover that one little secert i always see advertised in the penny stock section. If you want a short term bump you should be playing oil, if your looking for long term gains it has to be interesting seeing nat gas almost down to 2 when 5 years ago it was 14. I have heard that fraccturing has changed everything. Coming from a guy who works in the oil fields, ill tell you, it is not as good as it sounds, and a heck of a lot more expensive then 2.40 a mcf.
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  • Today In Commodities: Tortoise Or Hare?  [View article]
    Roll over for good? how about we just have 100 years of devaluation like we have had for the last 100. The only answer to the US debt problem is expanded money supply. I have invested for inflation for the next 50 years, and i will be right, just like my father was over the last 50. What is happening now will not even show up on the chart in 50 years.
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  • European Bond Supply And Greece's Trojan Horse  [View article]
    That's the problem the entire world is dealing with LK: Who else can we blame for our own mistakes? THe world started down this path in the late 1800's, made huge improvements on it in the 1930's, transformed it again in the 1960's and put the final touches on it in the late 1990's. So here we are, trying to blame instead of fix, a lot of good that will do us.
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  • Housing Will Rebound Stronger Than Expected  [View article]
    Was it home prices or lending standards that were/are at the root of the problem? Did someone who bought in 1991 with 5% down have the same result as someone in 2006? There is 100 things that went wrong over the last 100 years that led to this, pointing at one is dishonest. Also, i think saying there would have not been an assest value correction of 20% is denying 3000 years of economics, cycles are unaviodable, the only mistake was taxpayers thinking the cost of guarantees would be less than what it is. THe act that this hasn't been as bad as it could have been leads me to think it is not over.
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  • The five-year slide in U.S. home prices will end this year, according to a Reuters poll, followed by the start of a weak recovery in 2013. However, a stagnant 2012 and the meager 1.5% gain expected in 2013 will offer little comfort to the millions of Americans trapped in negative equity — owing more to their mortgage lender, in some cases much more, than their houses are worth.   [View news story]
    THis is now the Third year in a row this same article has been run. Next year, next year, next year. I have $10 that says in Jan 2013 we will be right back to saying next year will be different. I have no idea when home prices will go up, in some places thye are alredy going up, but i do know that i have to pay every month whether i own or rent and that will not change regardless of the national avg price of a new or used house. However, the price of oil is looking very bullish given the current supply/demand/geopolit... i would worrry more about your next car than your next house.
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  • The risk-on trade is back, says BlackRock's Bob Doll. "Valuations are very cheap," and investors should capitalize on the situation by adding a mix of defensive and and cyclical plays. Healthcare shares are a favorite defensive pick, due to their high free cash flows and growth exposure, while energy stocks remain favored cyclical plays.   [View news story]
    HOPE!??! Chuck. I got a pretty good idea how your investment career is going to end, hopeless. If I had lost it on the chin today with coal miners(really? coal miners, do better research) i would have sold, ate my loses and bought VCIT. YOu are thinking about this all wrong. I don't know when you got lucky but luck only carries you so far, you need to constantly be reminded, you can not make money if you have no principal, STOP BETTING and start investing. There is a point in every persons investing timeline when 1% annual returns become the best possible investment, there are also times when 40% annual losses are acceptable, you better figure out where you are on the scale before you have a break down. I'd wish you good luck, but I am not going to be an enabler.
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  • Are Dividend Stocks A Substitute For Bonds?  [View article]
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  • Moody's Expects Strong 14% Rebound In U.S. Housing Prices By 2015  [View article]
    I am not sure what you mean when you say this is going to be around for a decade. Are you forcasting 45% lower home values in 10 years? that is about 3.5% annuall deflation? I am also getting curious where the 10's of millions of people are going to live in 10 years, i hope not on the streets, Houston is going to be the new Sao Paulo
    Jan 13, 2012. 08:50 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Most Profitable Bank In The World  [View article]
    RRH2O, What if the Fed Res Bank holds the $3T to maturity? I think we need to seriously consider, permanet QE on the QE lite basis (intrest made, used to repurchase the targeted yield of the month/year) we are currently seeing, forever! I am starting to believe Jim Rogers and Bill Gross when they say, the FED is here to stay and overnight rates will be 0 to 0.25 for the next 3-5 years. Until the Bond markets slash private markets slash minority stands up to the government and demands real returns, why would it stop? The Treasury and Reserve have everything to gain by perpetuating and everything to loss by returning the power to private markets. And so continues the morphing of capitialism into, well into something different. All I need to know is: where is my government issued life jacket?
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  • Why Investors Should Appreciate Frontier Communications' 15% Dividend Yield  [View article]
    THis is the same discussion i read right before they cut the dividend by 25% last time.
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  • Why Bonds Are No Longer Sound Investments  [View article]
    It will be interesting when the the Fed and the Bond Market start to go in different directions. We will see who is bigger, I can tell you, politically: the Rich control the Fed, and the rich are not sending rates to 0. The inflation that would be created by the Fed if it truely got into a fight with the bond market would force the politicians to disolve the Fed, I mean have we already forgotten the late 70's and early 80's so soon? Everything the Fed does is temporary, everything the bond markets does is permanent, it is not a fair fight. Of course I don't think it will come to this, in 2013 the fed will stick it's toe in the water and raise the short term funds rate by 13bps to 0.25 and we will be having this same discussion again. My advice, go in the right direction until it changes and becomes the wrong direction, don't try to guess and pre-empt the move, just wait for the board to change its tone and change your allocation with it. guessing bottoms and tops is for guys and gals who invest other peoples money.
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  • Why Bonds Are No Longer Sound Investments  [View article]
    I also own this in admiral shares. has beeen fantastic over the three years post easy credit correction. I have made more money with Vanguard long term, than any other veichle.
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