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  • Ron Paul's Long-Term Holdings Outperform The Market And Most Pros [View article]
    I am follower of Ron Paul politics and the writings of Prof. Antal Fekete but I do not subscribe to the same investments as he does though I do collect their produce and have for some time. Gold and silver in the hand is as far as I can see worth more than any paper products available and should be even more so after September.
    Aug 28 10:15 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Maybe Crime Does Pay: How To Play Corrections Corporation of America [View article]
    Michael you've obviously done your home work on this article which is good and by doing so you have also shone a light on the justice system as it exists today in the USA and elsewhere where private jails have made a foothold. Fortunately the coming GFC2 will be a game changer.

    In my view most jails will eventually be turned into hospices for the criminally insane with a reduction of over 95% of inmates over the next 5 years. Once big government goes there should be no need for so many prisons. Also if the military takes over the running of government then summary executions could be the main order of the day until a Capitalist Democracy is implemented as opposed to the Socialist Democracy system in power now.
    Aug 27 11:02 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Maybe Crime Does Pay: How To Play Corrections Corporation of America [View article]
    Great disclosure, so much information. Brilliant.

    In this one comment you have disclosed the hidden cost behind private jails, identified some of the collection of parasites who feed off the convicted, mainly those in the medical profession of which you were hopefully a hostile part, and suggest the bankers be jailed as if, while foreseeing the incoming food riots. Fantastic. Well done.

    What you have described here for me is the benefits of rampant Socialism which is already waving bye bye.
    Aug 27 10:22 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ireland's Prospects Still as Bleak as the Potato Famine [View article]
    Interesting article, very interesting comments.

    Personally I don't think anything can be done to fix the world economy until the US federal and state governments declare themselves bankrupt and everything they own is sold for gold and silver and the proceeds paid to their major creditors, the US people.

    All government assets I think amount to about T$300. If these assets could sold for about T$30 then each citizen could be paid the gold/silver equivalent of about $100,000.
    Plus as the banking system would fail then whatever house you live in should become your own property even if you were a renter.

    Excerpt from 'What is the Primary Fundamental RIght?'
    "The sale of all roads owned by the various US governments could be very profitable to the US citizens as roads are really hidden assets of immense value especially if the lanes were sold separately to the highest bidder and paid for in gold. There is no way of knowing their true worth without selling them but most toll ways cost roughly $50 million per 3 lane mile to build.

    As there is about 40,000 miles of government owned freeways in the US then their value should be more than that cost, which is about $2 trillion. If they were now worth $3 trillion and there are 300 million American citizens (2008) then each citizen could receive about $10,000 in gold from their sale.

    Also there is about 3.7 million miles of ordinary roads which could be sold for maybe $5 million per mile giving every American citizen another $60,000 worth of gold. So a family of four could possibly receive about $250,000 of gold from the sale of all the roads in the USA, more than enough to pay for any toll charges over their life time. Also there are all the harbors and railways and various buildings such as schools and offices, plus all the land, the motor vehicles, the planes, all owned by governments that would need to be sold for gold and the money given to the US citizens."
    Feb 26 10:31 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment